TVR Speed Championship Northern Area 2017 Results
Friday, October 13, 2017
In 1st Place Bill Campion In 2nd Place Steve Dennis In 3rd Place Dave Wilkins ​Well done boys and well driven​ [...] .. read more..

October Club Meeting
Thursday, October 12, 2017
​R.O. positionHeath has now agreed to become the Regions R.O. so that he can be the focal point for e mails and phone calls related to Blackpool Region. The position of Deputy R.O. will now become vacant, any volunteers?. I have informed the club and they will replace Shirley’s name w... .. read more..

TVR Tuscan race at Oulton Park 9th Sept 2017
Friday, August 11, 2017
There will be two races of the TVR Championship on the 9th Sept Don't yet know what time qualification and racing starts. Tickets on Line are £10 for adults and £15 on the gate, OAP's get in for £10 on the gate [...] .. read more..

July monthly meeting Thursday 13th
Saturday, July 8, 2017
This month's meeting will be another run out - meet at the Kingfisher as usual at 7pm with a view to setting off by 7.15pm for a run up to the Stork at Condor Green just for a drink. Not many of us chose to eat at the last run out and we sort of ended up in two groups in the pub.&n... .. read more..

Monthly meeting 8th June 2017
Monday, May 29, 2017
​Hi everyone,The next monthly meeting takes place on Thursday 8th June and the plan is to have another run out with a slightly earlier start.  Can we please meet at 6.30pm at The Kingfisher with a view to setting off at 6.45pm - hopefully you will all have had chance to cast your elect... .. read more..

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