» Analysis: Turkish economic crisis recalls Erdogan's 2002 rise — but don't expect replay
10/12/18 11:32 from Full Feed
An economic crisis in 2001 paved the way for the political ascent of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but that doesn't mean the current crisis will now lead to his downfall, given the momentous changes that Turkey has undergone under his ...

» Exhibition at Tripoli's International Fair explores time and collapse
10/12/18 08:20 from Full Feed
The opening of the exhibition “Cycles of Collapsing Progress” at the Rachid Karami International Fair reignited interest in one of the most ambitious works by the influential Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

» Liberman halts Qatar's $60 million fuel flow to Gaza Strip
10/12/18 07:41 from Full Feed
Qatar's efforts to supply the fuel-starved Gaza Strip with diesel oil have been stymied, at least temporarily.

» Will UK under Jeremy Corbyn recognize the State of Palestine?
10/12/18 06:06 from Full Feed
Palestinians are pinning their hopes on the UK Labor Party winning general elections after the support for recognizing the State of Palestine shown by delegates and party leader Jeremy Corbyn at Labor’s annual conference.

» Syria, Turkey more than just neighbors
10/12/18 05:58 from Full Feed
A civil society platform in Erzurum in eastern Turkey has funded the renovation of a damaged school building in the Syrian city of al-Bab.

» Trade grows as Souq al-Hal market thrives in Syria
10/12/18 05:49 from Full Feed
A revived Souq al-Hal market in Syria's Aleppo seems to indicate some stability has returned to the area.

» Jewish group takes over another Jerusalem property
10/12/18 05:44 from Full Feed
The chaos surrounding the issue of properties in Jerusalem point to a larger problem, namely the absence of a unified solid political leadership that can guide the city’s 330,000 Palestinians.

» When Franco’s army built the set for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’
22/10/18 02:43 from In English Section | EL PAÍS
‘Sad Hill Unearthed,’ a new award-winning documentary, follows a quixotic quest to restore the neglected set of the iconic cemetery scene from the classic Sergio Leone western

» Israeli activists call out military academy for messianic teachings
22/10/18 02:43 from Full Feed
Human rights activist and attorney Yair Nehorai is petitioning the Supreme Court to halt the state funding of the Bnei David Military Preparatory Academy, which he claims advances a messianic worldview and is working to undermine democracy.

» Cyprus Mail: €50,000 reported stolen from parked car
22/10/18 02:01 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Police are investigating the theft of €50,000 from a car in Paphos at around 11.30pm on Sunday. The theft was reported by the 29-year-old owner of the car who said she left the money in the vehicle for a short time and when she returned ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Louis Farrakhan ‘termites’ video removed from Facebook
22/10/18 01:46 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The video remains posted on Twitter, which said last week that it does not violate company policies. JPost.com - Homepage

» Hürriyet Daily News: Turkey’s biggest advantage in Africa is its reputation
22/10/18 01:35 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Turkey’s reputation in Africa as a business partner creating a win-win habitat is its biggest advantage for doing business on the continent when compared to other investor countries, according to Nail Olpak, head of Turkey’s Foreign Econ...

» Hürriyet Daily News: Khashoggi fiancee given police protection in Turkey
22/10/18 01:31 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The fiancee of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi has been given 24-hour police protection, according to Turkey's state-run news agency. Hürriyet Daily News

» Hürriyet Daily News: Saudi official says Khashoggi's body given to 'local cooperator' inside rug
22/10/18 01:23 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Saudi Arabia on Oct. 21 called the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate a “huge and grave mistake,” but sought to shield its powerful crown prince from the widening crisis, saying Mohammed bin Salman had not be...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Woman dies in fire in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market
22/10/18 01:18 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Firefighters have gained control over the fire, on Yom Tov street, which blazed in the backyard of a one-story building next to a warehouse. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Jordan: We could have been more flexible with Israel, but chose not to
22/10/18 01:17 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
On the anniversary of the assassination of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who signed the peace treaty with King Hussein, King Abdullah announced his intention to cancel the annexes. JPost.com - Homepage

» Hürriyet Daily News: Turkey vows to reveal 'naked truth' over Khashoggi death
22/10/18 01:12 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Oct. 21 vowed to reveal within days the "naked truth" over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as Riyadh said it did not know the whereabouts of his body and that Crown Prince Mohammed bin S...

» Cyprus Mail: Raikkonen puts Hamilton’s fifth title on hold
22/10/18 01:07 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Lewis Hamilton was made to wait for his fifth Formula One world championship on Sunday after the Mercedes driver finished only third in a U.S. Grand Prix won by Ferrari veteran Kimi Raikkonen. The victory was the 21st of the 39-year-old ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Russia's support to Syria has spurred Iran to ship more weapons to Hizbullah
21/10/18 21:50 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"If Hizbullah succeeds in converting these missiles, the new situation would represent a significant risk to Israeli airports, power stations, the Dimona nuclear reactor, and more." JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Saudi Arabia: Khashoggi killing 'grave mistake,' crown prince not aware
21/10/18 19:14 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
For Saudi Arabia's allies - particularly in the West - the question will be whether they believe that the prince, who has painted himself as a reformer, has any culpability. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: The Jordanian people dislike the Jewish state
21/10/18 18:23 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
In very general terms, it’s fair to say that the 1994 peace agreement did not filter down to the Jordanian masses. JPost.com - Homepage

» Saad Hariri: loose witness in MBS prosecution
21/10/18 17:49 from Full Feed
The Lebanese prime minister now has one on the crown prince; Mohammed bin Salman goes after his inner circle; Netanyahu needs Putin for possible deal on the Golan.

» Saudi Arabia's shifting narrative on Khashoggi reveals fragility
21/10/18 17:49 from Full Feed
The Khashoggi affair is the latest example of how Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has become a liability for Saudi Arabia.

» Hunt for Khashoggi's body continues in Istanbul
21/10/18 17:49 from Full Feed
As a search continued for a dissident Saudi journalist's body in Istanbul, Turkey's president said more will be revealed Tuesday; a Saudi official tells Reuters the body was rolled up in a carpet and given to a collaborator for disposal.

» Hürriyet Daily News: History hopping
21/10/18 17:05 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Antalya is often regarded as the locomotive of tourism in Turkey, which is often translated as the ultimate destination for the iconic three S’s: Sun, sand and sea. Antalya and its environs truly have the greatest beaches, lots of sunshi...

» JPost.com - Homepage: U.S. officials turn ire on Saudi Crown Prince, Trump remains cautious
21/10/18 16:44 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Republican Senator Bob Corker made it clear that he believed the murder was directed by the prince, who has consolidated power in the world's top oil exporter and courted US President Donald Trump. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Liberman: US sanctions will reduce Iran’s terror financing
21/10/18 15:40 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Former National Security Council Chief Yaakov Amidror says Russia will be embarrassed when IDF overcomes S-300 in Syria. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Rabin progeny takes gloves off on 23rd anniversary of slain leader
21/10/18 15:19 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Grandson calls for limit to PM term, granddaughter blast leaders for not repairing rifts in society. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Reality Check: A deserved defeat for the Thought Police
21/10/18 14:40 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The judges’ verdict casts an important light on the darkness that the Netanyahu government has thrown over Israeli democracy. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Policy, not politics
21/10/18 14:32 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Letters to the Editor: October 22, 2018
21/10/18 14:25 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Battling Corbyn, Israel’s main British enemy
21/10/18 14:08 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Is there anything Israel’s allies can do to make it more difficult for a Corbyn-controlled Labour to rise to power? JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: A pluralist approach
21/10/18 14:04 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
If Israel truly is a Jewish democracy, it should honor and respect not only the haredi minority, but also the growing non-Orthodox minority who identify with progressive Judaism. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: The Hanukkah song hidden in Harry Potter - In Hebrew
21/10/18 13:47 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Though Sirius Black isn’t Jewish, the character sings a Hanukkah song in one scene. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Jordan terminating peace treaty annexes start of a process, not the end
21/10/18 13:31 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Just as the peace treaty stipulates that one side can announce that it wants to opt out of the annexes, the agreement also stipulated that when it does so, the two countries will open consultations. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Amid old Nicosia gentrification, a space to call their own
21/10/18 13:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
With fewer places for the young and the alternative to meet in Nicosia, the old market has provided a temporary reprieve Walking past the old municipal market in the heart of Nicosia’s old town, an artist called Chloe Finn saw the doors ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: A-G holds pre-indictment hearing with Haim Katz over corruption case
21/10/18 13:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Katz and other senior IAI officials are likely to be indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of trust and forceful extortion. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Berkovitch only major candidate coming to English debate
21/10/18 12:55 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Organizer: We are sorry Lion chickened out. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: World War II hero who prevented Nazis from getting nuclear bomb dies
21/10/18 12:42 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
In a movie-like operation, Joachim Roenneberg led an operation on skis to destroy a heavy-water-producing-plant. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Ruth Matar, cofounder of an enduring grass roots movement, passes away
21/10/18 11:45 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Matar and her husband gathered like-minded people around them, and in 1993, almost as an instant response to Oslo, established what was initially called “Women for Israel’s Tomorrow.’ JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Little sign of global action on climate change
21/10/18 11:45 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The world must invest $2.4 trillion in clean energy every year from now to 2035 By Charles Ellinas The UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued on October 6 a Special Report on the ‘impacts of global warming of 1.5C ab...

» JPost.com - Homepage: PA condemns arrest of senior Palestinian officials by Israel
21/10/18 11:38 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
A spokesman for the Israel Police confirmed that the two men had been arrested and said they were currently being interrogated. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Erdogan to speak on Khashoggi case on Tuesday
21/10/18 11:23 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said he would make all necessary statements about the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a meeting with members of his ruling AK Party in parliament on Tuesday. His comments are likely to ...

» Cyprus Mail: Whirlwind causes huge damage, cuts power in Ayios Trimithias
21/10/18 11:20 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Huge damage was caused in the Nicosia areas of Ayios Trimithias and Paliometocho by a whirlwind that hit homes and electricity supply on Sunday afternoon. According to reports the whirlwind was as high as 200 metres and cut through mainl...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Hate campaign against Raanana's first openly Gay mayor heats up
21/10/18 10:50 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The campaign, which he described as sophisticated, took the form of a fake Facebook page named “free Ra’anana.” JPost.com - Homepage

» Hürriyet Daily News: Foundation laid for $885 mln metro project in Turkey’s Kocaeli
21/10/18 10:43 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Turkey’s Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation of a metro project in the prominent industrial province on Oct. 20. Hürriyet Daily News

» Cyprus Mail: Buffer zone to feature in conference on seven ‘most endangered’ heritage sites’
21/10/18 10:35 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The buffer zone as a site of valuable and endangered heritage will feature prominently in a Europa Nostra conference to be hosted in Nicosia on 23-24 October. Nicosia mayors from the north and south of the divide, Constantinos Yiorkadjis...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Israel poised to take advantage of health technology ‘tsunami’
21/10/18 10:35 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
There are approximately 350 start-ups in cybersecurity and 1600 in health and life sciences in Israel today. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Music with a mission
21/10/18 10:30 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Though it lacks a conductor, the Cyprus Chamber Orchestra lacks neither spirit nor skill. Going without a conductor is a conscious decision as the bicommunal orchestra’s 20 professional musicians work as an ensemble, an effort that will ...

» Cyprus Mail: EU technical team to visit Cyprus for additional assistance on migration
21/10/18 10:23 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
A technical team from the EU Directorate General on Migration will visit Cyprus on Tuesday to meet officials and discuss additional assistance to Cyprus which is facing increased migration flows. The visit comes following the discussions...

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