» AKP vote share has fallen more than election results show
06/12/19 16:13 from Full Feed
The ruling Justice and Development Party is not as popular as it would like observers and voters to believe going into the rerun of elections in Istanbul.

» How Iran’s startup sector can realize its potential
06/12/19 11:26 from Full Feed
Iran’s startup scene is rapidly growing and holds great potential, but shortcomings remain and a failure to address them will undermine the sector.

» G-20 summit could be last exit before all-out US-Turkey crisis
06/12/19 10:57 from Full Feed
Turkey doesn’t know “how to reply” to US Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan’s letter, a senior security source tells Al-Monitor.

» Liberman to wage fiercely secular campaign despite deep ultra-Orthodox ties
06/12/19 09:14 from Full Feed
Despite rebranding himself as a champion against religious coercion in Israel, Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Liberman has a history of cooperation with the ultra-Orthodox.

» The Syrian funeral that divided Turkey
06/12/19 08:39 from Full Feed
A funeral ceremony for a controversial Syrian militant, known as “the singer of the revolution,” has sparked indignation in Turkey.

» Palestine, Morocco forging first bilateral economic pact
06/12/19 03:21 from Full Feed
For the first time independently of the Arab League, Palestine and Morocco have agreed to develop their trade exchange, which currently favors Morocco heavily.

» Central Bank offers mortgages to help Egypt's middle class
06/12/19 02:38 from Full Feed
The Central Bank of Egypt has an ambitious plan to provide Egypt's middle class with funding to buy properties.

» Coding academy opens new opportunities for Moroccan youth
06/11/19 13:25 from Full Feed
3W Academy Maroc aims at addressing youth unemployment in Morocco through accessible tech education.

» Israel's economy faces uncertain future
06/11/19 12:42 from Full Feed
Employment and wage figures are excellent, inflation is low and the country’s credit rating is high, but the growing deficit will require Israel’s next government to cut expenditures or raise taxes — or both.

» After 50 years, Israel opens up 'Land of the Monasteries’
06/11/19 12:15 from Full Feed
Israel was late in recognizing the potential of the Qasr al-Yahud site, but it hopes to do better now that the region is cleared of landmines and will open to the public.

» Will the AKP reinstate Kurdish peace talks to win Istanbul elections?
06/11/19 11:38 from Full Feed
Ruling party officials have adopted the Kurdish issue as a campaign strategy in the upcoming Istanbul elections.

» Egypt's parliament considering banking system draft law
06/11/19 09:41 from Full Feed
Egypt’s new Central Bank of Egypt draft law could raise the minimum capital requirement for banks tenfold.

» West Bank dash cams aim to cut accidents, improve driving
06/11/19 03:50 from Full Feed
The Palestinian Ministry of Transportation is equipping road safety patrol vehicles with cameras to monitor traffic in an attempt to reduce accidents.

» Ex-FSA fighters recruited by Damascus to fight opposition in northern Syria
06/11/19 03:23 from Full Feed
Syrian government forces are resorting to former Free Syrian Army fighters who reached reconciliation agreements with the regime, in its offensive in northern Syria.

» Egypt, Turkey a love-hate relationship
06/11/19 02:19 from Full Feed
The implementation period by Egypt of its Free Trade Agreement with Turkey ends in 2020 in light of a political apathy between the two countries.

» Egyptian-Turkish trade: A love-hate relationship
06/11/19 02:19 from Full Feed
Egypt's free trade agreement with Turkey ends in 2020, but it is unclear whether it will be renewed in light of the political antipathy between the two countries' leaders.

» Who will benefit from Qatar’s asylum law?
06/11/19 01:34 from Full Feed
Although the Qatari-Egyptian ties have been strained since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, Qatar’s asylum law was followed with a ministerial decision that would not only protect Egyptian fugitives, but also ea...

» Barzani cousins assume top posts in Iraqi Kurdistan
06/11/19 01:04 from Full Feed
The new president and prime minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region have been sworn into office.

» Egypt’s electricity deal with Cyprus, Greece brightens energy outlook
06/10/19 07:27 from Full Feed
Egypt has signed an agreement with Cyprus and Greece to build undersea electrical cables allowing it to export electricity to Europe.

» Construction sector in Gaza under pressure
06/10/19 06:09 from Full Feed
The Israeli siege and the deteriorating economic situation in the Gaza Strip have forced dozens of construction companies to shut down and relocate to the West Bank or neighboring countries.

» Spain: near the top in global brand value, but low in self-esteem
20/06/19 02:39 from In English Section | EL PAÍS
Reports consistently place the country in high spots for institutional, economic and social development, yet Spaniards tend to focus on the negative aspects of their country

» JPost.com - Homepage: Poor nations hosting most refugees worldwide, need more Western help - UN
20/06/19 02:10 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"When you say Europe has a refugee emergency, or the United States, or Australia - no." JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Boomerang: Economic pressure hits BDS campaigners
20/06/19 02:09 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
“These [BDS] organizations are obsessed with eradicating Israel as a Jewish state,” said Tzahi Gavrieli. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Divide and rule policy adopted by Anastasiades
20/06/19 02:09 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
This dinner was nothing other than Anastasiades adopting a divide and rule strategy in the Turkish Cypriot camp and generally muddy the water. The man is a complete waste of space and has absolutely no intention of seriously seeking a re...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Netflix to raise prices for Israeli subscribers
20/06/19 01:58 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Israeli subscribers will pay up to 22% more depending on their plan. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: With Morsi's Death, Muslim Brotherhood’s Future in Limbo
20/06/19 01:57 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Egypt and other countries will continue their crackdown, but younger members of the organization might not be willing to stand for this much longer. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: American tourist attacked in Berlin after saying he was Jewish
20/06/19 01:48 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The incident comes just days after an attack on a 20-year-old man who was wearing a kippah in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Iran’s Guards shoot down U.S. “spy” drone in Hormozgan province
20/06/19 01:21 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
DUBAI, June 20 (Reuters) – Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards have shot down a U.S. “spy” drone in the southern province of Hormozgan, the Guards’ news website Sepah News said on Thursday. State news agency I...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Blue and White denies Ya'alon-Lapid tension
20/06/19 00:20 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The Channel 12 report quoted Ya'alon as saying that Lapid had made a mistake by repeatedly attacking the haredim (ultra-Orthodox). JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Iran says it shot U.S. "spy" drone in Hormozgan province, U.S. denies
20/06/19 00:15 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"It was shot down when it entered Iran's airspace near the Kouhmobarak district in the south," the Guards' website added. JPost.com - Homepage

» Hürriyet Daily News: Bozcaada reunites with its millennial windmills
20/06/19 00:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The windmills of Bozcaada, which collapsed under the ravages of time, have been restored as part of a project prepared by the District Governorship of the island Hürriyet Daily News

» JPost.com - Homepage: For 50 days they questioned...,now a new investigation is needed?
19/06/19 22:49 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Brother of alleged child-rapist tells Channel 12 “politicians talk and blame, let’s wait until a judge decides.” JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: 6 Israeli universities ranked among the world’s top 1,000
19/06/19 22:37 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The top three universities on the list are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and Harvard. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Group that propelled AOC to upset victory working to unseat Eliot Engel
19/06/19 22:12 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
“It’s time to usher in a new generation of progressive leadership into the Democratic Party.” JPost.com - Homepage

» Twitter Search / yenisafakEN: Mysterious 'brain fever' killing children in India https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/mysterious-brain-fever-killing-children-in-india-3483650 …pic.twitter.com/6fefZPYfQs
19/06/19 22:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Mysterious 'brain fever' killing children in India https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/mysterious-brain-fever-killing-children-in-india-3483650 … pic.twitter.com/6fefZPYfQs Twitter Search / yenisafakEN

» JPost.com - Homepage: Immunologist saves Israeli boy from life-threatening allergy to light
19/06/19 21:48 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
It’s an extremely rare disease, accounting for only 1 percent of all urticarias, or chronic hives. In A.’s case, it began when he was 5 and eventually became life-threatening. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Gulf explosion: a real Iranian attack or a false flag?
19/06/19 21:29 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The evidence is far from conclusive, but on balance Iran probably is behind the attacks on four oil tankers in the Gulf last month and two more last Thursday. Those attacks carefully avoided human casualties, so if they were Iranian, wha...

» Cyprus Mail: Our View: We have a right to know what was discussed at the secret dinner
19/06/19 21:28 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
TURKISH Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci is perfectly justified to be cross with ‘foreign minister’ Kudret Ozersay for holding a secret meeting with President Anastasiades without informing him. Akinci, like the rest of us, found out about ...

» Cyprus Mail: Strovolos to consider new version of contested Tseri road plan
19/06/19 21:27 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The Strovolos municipal council will decide on a new study over the redevelopment of Tseri Avenue next month, mayor Andreas Papacharalambous said on Wednesday. The mayor told the Cyprus News Agency that the study, carried out by London-b...

» Twitter Search / yenisafakEN: US sanctions on Iran 'economic terrorism': Rouhani https://www.yenisafak.com/en/news/us-sanctions-on-iran-economic-terrorism-rouhani-3483658 …pic.twitter.com/MQxWaEuJz9
19/06/19 21:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
US sanctions on Iran 'economic terrorism': Rouhani https://www.yenisafak.com/en/news/us-sanctions-on-iran-economic-terrorism-rouhani-3483658 … pic.twitter.com/MQxWaEuJz9 Twitter Search / yenisafakEN

» JPost.com - Homepage: DE to probe anti-Israel bias at North Carolina conference on Gaza
19/06/19 20:54 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
“In order for the Department to learn more about this matter, I have directed the Office of Postsecondary Education to examine the use of funds under this program.” JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: How the Berlin Jewish Museum became a political lightning rod
19/06/19 20:10 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
“The Jewish Museum Berlin sees itself as a forum for discussions and conversations about socially relevant questions… And in this case, it has gone very badly wrong.” JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Buttigieg: Israel moving in wrong direction when it comes to Human rights
19/06/19 20:01 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Democratic potential 2020 Presidential candidate slammed Israel’s human rights record before expressing support of the Jewish state. JPost.com - Homepage

» Twitter Search / yenisafakEN: Egyptian authorities prevented us from receiving mourners: Mursi's son https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/egyptian-authorities-prevented-us-from-receiving-mourners-mursis-son-3483637 …pic.twitter.com/cdd1nkeb1P
19/06/19 20:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Egyptian authorities prevented us from receiving mourners: Mursi's son https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/egyptian-authorities-prevented-us-from-receiving-mourners-mursis-son-3483637 … pic.twitter.com/cdd1nkeb1P Twitter Searc...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Timeless, Vulcain to produce 100 unique watches honoring Jerusalem
19/06/19 19:16 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The limited edition watches will celebrate the Israeli capital and be available for purchase when June ends. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: The Catholic Church could teach Jewish institutions to tackle sexual abuse
19/06/19 19:06 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
There is no no centralized body that can make sweeping pronouncements about how sexual abuse and harassment should be handled, but there is work being done. JPost.com - Homepage

» Twitter Search / yenisafakEN: Erdoğan says Turkey will do 'whatever it takes' to prosecute Egypt for Mursi's death https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/erdogan-says-turkey-will-do-whatever-it-takes-to-prosecute-egypt-for-mursis-death-3483652 …pic.twitter.c
19/06/19 19:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Erdoğan says Turkey will do 'whatever it takes' to prosecute Egypt for Mursi's death https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/erdogan-says-turkey-will-do-whatever-it-takes-to-prosecute-egypt-for-mursis-death-3483652 … pic.twi...

» Abbas wins: Israeli officials won’t attend Bahrain conference
19/06/19 18:47 from Full Feed
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas managed to veto the participation of an official Israeli delegation at the upcoming Bahrain conference.

» Trumps eats up Netanyahu's cynical 'Trump Heights' ploy
19/06/19 18:47 from Full Feed
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes that naming a Golan Heights settlement after President Donald Trump will flatter the American leader into recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over parts of the West Bank as well.

» Is Iran’s Reformist-moderate coalition coming to an end?
19/06/19 18:47 from Full Feed
With Iran’s next parliamentary elections just eight months away, the moderates and Reformists are talking about ending their coalition, raising concerns that the hard-liners will return to power.

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