» Erdogan asks paramilitaries to 'safeguard' local elections
02/12/19 10:48 from Full Feed
As state propaganda frames Turkey's upcoming municipal elections as a matter of the president's survival, the government is welcoming paramilitary groups that declare allegiance to the state.

» Challenges in Jerusalem, Gaza threaten Palestinian legislative elections
02/12/19 10:03 from Full Feed
The Palestinian Authority must be able to hold elections in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip for the polls to be legitimate.

» Tunisians celebrate landmark ruling against president
02/12/19 08:33 from Full Feed
Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi has lost his legal case against a citizen, a decision being hailed as a first for civil rights progress there.

» Hamas, others say Israel's new border wall can't stop attacks
02/12/19 04:27 from Full Feed
Israel is spending 3 billion shekels to build a steel barrier along the Gaza border that Palestinians and even Israelis believe will not be 100% effective against Hamas-built tunnels.

» Saudi Arabia seeks to entice visitors with pre-Islamic sites
02/11/19 12:04 from Full Feed
Following last year's $20 billion French-Saudi deal to accelerate al-Ula’s development, there are more international archaeologists on the ground than ever before.

» As sanctions loom, Syria looks to retrieve funds from abroad
02/11/19 06:43 from Full Feed
Damascus wants the country's banks to develop incentives to bring Syrian funds back, especially those deposited in Lebanese banks.

» JPost.com - Homepage: Netanyahu: Lapid, Gantz will endanger security, destroy economy
21/02/19 14:33 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Likud finalizes list, bringing Haskel into Knesset but dropping Neguise. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: A Jewish guide to the 2019 Oscars
21/02/19 14:26 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The list of Oscar nominees this year lacks the epic Jewish themes and connections present in most years, but there are still interesting story lines and the show must go on. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Netanyahu, Putin meeting rescheduled for Wednesday
21/02/19 14:24 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Thursday’s meeting in Moscow was believed to have been postponed to allow Netanyahu to deal with the political situation in Israel. JPost.com - Homepage

» True stories of terror stun critics at Iranian film festival
21/02/19 14:21 from Full Feed
Movies about terrorist groups and crime won several awards and stole the spotlight in Iran's oldest film festival.

» Intel: How a center-left coalition has thrown Netanyahu’s re-election in doubt
21/02/19 14:21 from Full Feed
Former Israeli army chief Benny Gantz and centrist leader Yair Lapid have upended Israel’s upcoming elections with their decision today to join forces against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

» Turkey renews plans to drill off Cyprus
21/02/19 14:21 from Full Feed
Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey would begin exploring for hydrocarbons off the Mediterranean island in the coming days, frustrated by what it sees as Cyprus' unilateral exploitation of natural resources.

» Cyprus Mail: Head of Britain’s leading LGBT+ lobby group quits as trans debate rages
21/02/19 14:01 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The head of Britain’s leading LGBT+ rights group, Stonewall, said on Thursday that she was stepping down after a tenure marked by debates that have “not always been a comfortable conversation” as transgender rights took...

» Cyprus Mail: Nike stumbles into social media storm after star’s shoe splits
21/02/19 13:57 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
A Nike Inc sneaker worn by a college basketball superstar split in half less than a minute into a highly anticipated game between Duke University and North Carolina, prompting an outcry on social media as the company sought to figure out...

» Cyprus Mail: Suspect arrested in extortion case
21/02/19 13:49 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Larnaca police on Thursday arrested a man who had been wanted for questioning in connection with a case involving conspiracy to commit a crime and extortion. The 32-year-old had been sought for crimes that allegedly took place on January...

» JPost.com - Homepage: New polls show Gantz, Lapid to gain 36 Knesset seats, more than Netanyahu
21/02/19 13:47 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
In Channel 12's poll, Netanyahu's Likud gained 30 mandates, while on Channel 13's poll, the Likud received only 26 mandates. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Nicosia man found dead, overdose suspected
21/02/19 13:38 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Police are investigating the case of a man who was found dead on Thursday on the Anthoupolis-Ayioi Trimithias road in the Nicosia suburb of Anthoupolis. At around 2pm police received a tip from a member of the public who had spotted the ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: 'We will beat Netanyahu', 1st polls show Gantz-Lapid list defeating Likud
21/02/19 13:33 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"This is a historic day for Israel because this picture of unity has not been seen here for dozens of years," Gantz said. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Israeli and Palestinian sign ‘peace agreement’
21/02/19 13:22 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The peace talks simulation is the culmination of an intensive course and workshop in peace mediation and conflict resolution that the students have taken over the past few months. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Limassol land registry operating like a ‘free-for-all’
21/02/19 13:21 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The Limassol district land registry is operating like a free-for-all, with staff frequently covering for one another by punching in coworkers’ cards – the most glaring case occurring recently where an employee punched in for a colleague ...

» Cyprus Mail: Plan to link road tax to emissions agreed by lawmakers
21/02/19 13:11 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
A new policy on linking the road tax to emissions has been agreed by legislators, who will be tabling a bill to the House plenum on March 1. Under the new regime, the road tax payable will be as follows: vehicles with carbon dioxide emis...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Where are all the women?
21/02/19 13:10 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Lapid-Gantz merger pushes female candidates further down on the combined list. JPost.com - Homepage

» PRI.org Latest from The World and the GlobalPost: Are trans athletes ‘cheating’? Tennis legend Navritalova's controversial comments provoke debate.
21/02/19 13:00 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova first shared her opinion on transgender athletes on Twitter and followed that up with an editorial in The Sunday Times , a British newspaper. She wrote that a man can decide to be female, take hormones, ...

» Cyprus Mail: Cyprus has over 3,000 hectares of fruit trees
21/02/19 12:54 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
In Cyprus, 3,286 hectares (ha) of land is planted with fruit trees of which 377 ha contains apples, 1.109 ha oranges, 299 ha peaches, 933 ha mandarins, 71 ha pears 186 ha apricots and 312 ha lemons, according to Eurostat. Almost 1.3 mill...

» JPost.com - Homepage: The roots of Wahhabism are Jewish, linked to ISIS: Soleimani
21/02/19 12:36 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
In a speech in northern Iran, Quds Force commander threatens Saudis, Israel and the US. JPost.com - Homepage

» Catalan referendum was “political exhibition,” claims former minister
21/02/19 12:34 from In English Section | EL PAÍS
One-time regional business chief, Santi Vila, was questioned in the Supreme Court on Thursday during day six of the trial of the pro-independence leaders

» In English Section | EL PAÍS: Catalan referendum was “political exhibition,” claims former minister
21/02/19 12:34 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Day 6 of the Supreme Court trial against the Catalan independence leaders for their involvement in the secessionist drive got underway on Thursday, and saw the former regional government minister for business, Santi Vila, face questions....

» VoxEurop: Snap polls in Spain: Poll over poll
21/02/19 12:30 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Cartoon movement, Amsterdam – Cartoon. See more . VoxEurop

» JPost.com - Homepage: Nefesh B’Nefesh awards twelve projects by olim with grants and support
21/02/19 12:27 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Candidates include social, sports and religion-focused projects. JPost.com - Homepage

» Israeli scientists count down to first private moon mission
21/02/19 12:27 from Full Feed
A group of young Israeli scientists are hoping to make history by landing the first Israeli-made private spacecraft on the moon.

» History graduate shows West Bank off the beaten track
21/02/19 12:27 from Full Feed
Mohammed Abu Hashhash's trekking guide of 144 routes aims to combine information on natural and cultural landscape with local stories.

» Cyprus Mail: Manafort sentencing set for March 8
21/02/19 12:18 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, will be sentenced in U.S. District Court in Virginia on March 8, according to a court filing posted on Thursday. The filing, dated Feb. 19, said Manafort must file h...

» War reporter Gabriele Micalizzi recounts brush with death
21/02/19 12:02 from Corriere.it
Italian reporter hit by IS grenade in Barghuz, Syria: “My camera shielded me. I have put things in perspective”

» JPost.com - Homepage: PA to take Israel to intl courts over deduction of terror payments
21/02/19 12:01 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"Israeli decision will increase PA deficit from $450m. to $600m." JPost.com - Homepage

» Road disruptions as Catalan separatists strike against Madrid trial
21/02/19 11:57 from In English Section | EL PAÍS
But the walkout has had little impact on business, industry or public services due to lack of support from major unions

» JPost.com - Homepage: Fundamentally Freund: The optical illusion of Israel’s political Center
21/02/19 11:45 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The Center is a myth, an optical illusion created by power-hungry politicos with little to offer in the way of a coherent ideology or a set of polished policy prescriptions. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Putin to US: I’m ready for another Cuban Missile crisis
21/02/19 11:45 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
President Vladimir  Putin  has said that Russia is militarily ready for a Cuban Missile-style crisis if the United States is foolish enough to want one and that his country currently has the edge when it comes to a first nuclear strike. ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Speak Of The Bible: Locust Swarms Imminent In Egypt, Saudi Arabia
21/02/19 11:41 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
The desert locust, known as the world’s most dangerous migratory pest, poses a major threat to food security in the Middel East. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Linda Sarsour scheduled to speak at NYU, disregarding her antisemitic acts
21/02/19 11:33 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Sarsour defended the legality of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, as well as defend Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for supporting the BDS movement. JPost.com - Homepage

» Israeli-Jordanian joint project to save Dead Sea may be poised for approval
21/02/19 11:27 from Full Feed
The Red Sea-Dead Sea water conveyance project would pipe water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, allowing surrounding areas including Israel and Jordan to deal with severe water shortages and other environmental issues.

» JPost.com - Homepage: Iran And The Fine Art Of Evading Sanctions
21/02/19 11:18 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Islamic Republic looks to art market and other illicit sources of income in response to U.S. financial penalties. JPost.com - Homepage

» JPost.com - Homepage: Putin warns U.S. of renewed Cuban Missile crisis, says Russia has edge
21/02/19 11:16 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Putin's comments follow his warning that Moscow will match any U.S. move to deploy new missiles closer to Russia by stationing its own missiles closer to the United States. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Price of meds hiked over 26% in north
21/02/19 11:10 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
An increase of 26.4 per cent in the price of medicines in Turkey has had a knock-on effect on prices in the north, Turkish Cypriot press reported on Thursday. It was announced that Turkish authorities and pharmaceutical companies agreed ...

» JPost.com - Homepage: Netanyahu calls Gantz-Lapid merger dangerous
21/02/19 11:06 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Likud finalizes its list: Haskel back in, Netanyahu speechwriter on list. JPost.com - Homepage

» Cyprus Mail: Black actor who staged racist attack faces felony charges
21/02/19 10:39 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
Actor Jussie Smollett claimed to be the victim of a racist and homophobic attack because he was dissatisfied with his salary on the hip-hop TV drama “Empire,” Chicago’s police chief said on Thursday. Smollett, a 36-year...

» Why did Turkey deport alleged Muslim Brotherhood member?
21/02/19 10:34 from Full Feed
Is the extradition of an alleged Muslim Brotherhood member to Egypt a simple bureaucratic glitch or a sign of Erdogan’s change of heart toward the Egyptian organization?

» JPost.com - Homepage: Evangelical Christian Leader starts petition for Ilhan Omar's resignation
21/02/19 10:23 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
"Ilhan Omar recently made some antisemitic statements and has communicated her support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement." JPost.com - Homepage

» ¿Qué? podcast, episode six: Will Franco be removed from the Valley of the Fallen?
21/02/19 10:19 from In English Section | EL PAÍS
In the latest episode of our new audio series, journalists from the English Edition look at the government’s plans to exhume the remains of the Spanish dictator from the controversial monument northwest of Madrid

» Baghdad defends advantages of Iraq-Jordan agreement from critics
21/02/19 10:18 from Full Feed
Iraq's recent agreement to exchange Iraqi discounted oil with imported goods from Jordan free of customs fees has stirred the outrage of Iraqis.

» KashmirWatch: Kashmiri students in Gurdaspur faces protest from right wing outfit
21/02/19 10:06 from 1. World Press from mikenova (10 sites)
PTK reports from Indian occupied Kashmir   SRINAGAR:  Kashmiri students at the Swami Sarvanand Institute of Management Technology in Gurdaspur’s Dinanagar faced a protest from right-wing outfits over alleged disrespect shown to the natio...

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