09/26Bowsette and the Internet’s Obsession with Gender Swapping
09/25Girlfag movie coming up!
09/25Congratulations to Lost/Vaydra on her 1000th post to CDL!!!
09/25Autogynephilia Myths
09/25I'm Vickie, and this is my intro
09/24Dysphoria versus Euphoria
09/23New Joiner
09/23In ‘Colette,’ Keira Knightley Trades Her Corsets for a Daring Suit
09/23More thoughts on crossgender arousal among transgender women
09/22The aesthetics of gender and transgender
09/22Transgender comic
09/20Crossdreaming as a liberation from toxic masculinity
09/20Dance videos, sexuality and gender
09/19Shit People Say To Transgender People
09/19Crossdreaming and autism - personal experiences?
09/17The suffering of transgender boys
09/17sad bunny /(´ x `)\
09/16I was a Teenage Autogynephile
09/14Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Rebuttal of the Lisa Littman Study
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