» Nedlands Croquet Club hosts the Covid19 Cup and Isolation Shield!
07/14/20 12:00 from Nedlands Croquet Club
After a break of four months from competitive play, 32 tournament-starved croquet players from Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury, Narrogin, York and five Perth clubs, graced Nedlands’ four lawns to battle it out in WA’s new sin...

» AC Events’ Secretary
06/21/20 02:10 from Croquetwest
After many years of service as the AC Events’ Secretary, Keith Shiers is standing down and Croquetwest is seeking nominations from members to fill the position.  For more information please click here. Croquetwest would like to tha...

» Updated Croquetwest Calendar
06/07/20 05:55 from Croquetwest
The Croquetwest Events Calendar has been updated following the resumption of competition play post-COVID-19. Click here for the all the event dates for the remaining tournaments. Event details in the Calendar link on the top right hand c...

» Post COVID-19 Competition Resumption
05/30/20 08:40 from Croquetwest
Croquetwest has agreed that club and State competitions can now resume. Match Committee is reviewing the Calendar of Events with notifications to be issued shortly on the new event dates. Click here for more information.

» COVID-19 Situation Improvement
05/11/20 10:36 from Croquetwest
With the lifting of some restrictions Clubs will soon be able to restart local play. Click here for an interesting article from The Spectator on Croquet being the perfect sport for social distancing.

» COVID-19 Update from Croquetwest 5th May 2020
05/07/20 07:51 from Croquetwest
Click here for the updates from Croquetwest on the status of the restrictions in place due to COVID-19.

» COVID-19 Information Update 21st April 2020
03/27/20 09:39 from Croquetwest
The Croquetwest Match Committee have decided to cancel all Croquetwest, and Croquetwest approved, events until the 29th May 2020. This be be reviewed closer to the time, and if the situation has not improved to the Committee’s sati...

» Gosnells 80th Birthday Dinner Dance
02/29/20 04:14 from Croquetwest
Tickets are available for Dinner and Dance being held at the Gosnells Croquet Club to celebrate their 80th birthday. Click here for all the details.

» AC State Doubles Results
02/23/20 10:25 from Croquetwest
Congratulations to Martin Clarke and Ross Marshall on winning the AC State Doubles played at Como. Runners-up were Sandy Boon and Eric Ayling.

» ACA Under 21’s in Geraldton Video
02/17/20 08:59 from Croquetwest
Click here to see a video of some of the National Under 21’s Singles and Doubles held in Geraldton recently.

» AC State Open Singles Results
02/09/20 14:08 from Croquetwest
Congratulations to Jeff Newcombe (Como) on winning the AC State Open Singles at Forrest Park Croquet Club. Alan Sands (Como) was the the runner-up. Click here for all the results.

» Historic win for Wagga Wagga CC
05/06/18 09:07 from Wagga Wagga Croquet Club
HISTORIC WIN FOR WAGGA WAGGA CROQUET CLUB Croquet clubs from Wodonga Walla Walla, Wagga Wagga, Albury and Young competed for the 3WAY TROPHY on Sunday 6 May. This is an annual competition played as a team event with four representatives ...

» 2018 Caloundra RSL Classic and Doubles Event.
05/03/18 03:46 from Croquet Queensland
Caloundra Mallet Sports Club is pleased to announce the 2018 RSL Classic and Doubles Event. This is an Association Croquet event. Play is at the beautiful Caloundra Mallet Sports Club. We are proud to advise we now have 6 great … C...

03/21/18 07:17 from Croquet Queensland
Best wishes LTroy McCallum, Les Watson, Greg Whymark, Nick Smith, Willy Silk, Kathleeen Colclough, Deidre Hardy, Rosemary Newsham and manager Cynthia Tacey!

03/04/18 23:51 from Croquet Queensland
The CAQ Selection Sub-Committee have selected the following players to compete in the CAQ Golf Croquet Division 1 and 2 Medals.   Golf Croquet Division 1 Medal Geoffrey Jamieson Lawrie Simpson Peter Nicholson Gordon Giles Ross Rillie Geo...

03/04/18 23:36 from Croquet Queensland
The CAQ Selection Sub-Committee have selected the following players to form the Golf Croquet State Team Squad.  It is a Selection Policy requirement that players need to accept selection in the State Team Squad to be eligible for State T...

» CAQ Medal Player Acceptance Form
02/25/18 23:19 from Croquet Queensland
CAQ Medal Acceptance Form

» 2017 Festivus
12/23/17 07:43 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
WAGGA WAGGA AIRING OF GRIEVANCES This year’s Airing of Grievances tries to stimulate greater appreciation for the work the local council does and encourage tourism. #visitwagga The post 2017 Festivus appeared first on Jim Nicholls .

» Croquet Pro #03
02/01/17 03:04 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Getting around Jacksonville After a few weeks on the road and generally I am ok with ‘keeping to the right’. Having spent 20 years driving in Adelaide has definitely helped, drivers there are always going slow in the left lane! … C...

» Croquet Pro #02
01/09/17 17:11 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Getting to know Jacksonville The first 10 days has been all about getting to know my way around Jacksonville and gaining an understanding of how things tick. During this time I was staying at John’s place in Ponte Vedra. Topics … C...

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