» GC State Team Announced
06/15/17 14:19 from Croquetwest
The GC Selection Committee have announced that the following players have accepted their place in the 2017 GC State Team. The GC Nationals will be held in Brisbane from the 6th to 10th September. Chris McWhirter (Captain) Martin Clarke (...

» 2017 Golf Croquet Representative Team Announced
06/14/17 11:10 from Croquet Queensland
Congratulations to the following players who have gained representation for the 2017 Interstate Golf Croquet WCF Shield, to be held here in Brisbane in September: Men: Geoff Jamieson (Eildon), Lawrie Simpson (Eildon, Peter Nicholson (McI...

» Kevin does it again.
06/06/17 22:54 from Croquet Queensland
Kevin Beard ( Essendon) continues his winter break in Queensland . And once again he has won a trophy to take back home. Yesterday at Stephens he and Claire Bassett played a very close two games of controlled precision croquet … Co...

» GC Doubles goes south
05/29/17 21:37 from Croquet Queensland
Congratulations to Kevin Beard ( Essendon) and John Levick (Newcastle National Park) who won the 2017 CAQ GC Doubles and were awarded the Cynthia Tacey Greg Kerswell Trophy. Gaye Pitman and Tom Knight were runners up.  

» Congratulations Deidre
05/22/17 02:38 from Croquet Queensland
Congratulations Deidre Hardy from Laurel Bank Croquet Club for your win in the CAQ Women’s Singles played at Windsor this weekend. Runner up was Willy Silk, Windsor. Barbara Northcott, Southport,  won the Consolation event . Deidre...

» Congratulations Kevin
05/22/17 01:11 from Croquet Queensland
Congratulations to Kevin Beard (Essendon) for his win in the CAQ AC Men’s Singles played at Noosa at the weekend. Troy McCallum was Runner-up and Lindsay David was third. Tournament Manager Brian Rudd reported that it was a great p...

» AC MacRobertson Winning Team
05/12/17 10:09 from Croquetwest
Here is a photo of the triumphant AC MacRobertson Shield winning team. First time Australia has won this prestigious event since 1935! Back row: Peter Landrebe (Manager), Simon Hockey, Robert, Malcolm and Greg Fletcher Front row: Stephen...

» GC Australian Doubles Results
05/09/17 00:16 from Croquetwest
Congratulations to Brett and Janine McHardy on finishing runners-up in the GC Australian Doubles held at Cairnlee in Victoria. They lost the final in three tightly-fought games against David Wise and John Arney from South Australia. All ...

» Australia Wins the AC MacRobertson Shield!
04/28/17 01:02 from Croquetwest
Congratulations to the Australian AC team, captained by WA’s Ian Dumergue, on winning the the most prestigious teams event in Association Croquet, the MacRobertson Shield. Australia beat the US in the final test last night (with on...

» AC Advanced Skills Squad Coach EOI
04/26/17 04:48 from Croquetwest
Croquetwest has issued an Expression of Interest for the position of Coach for the Association Croquet Advanced Skills Squad. The EOI closes on the 13th May. Click here for more details.

» GC State Open Singles Flyer Updated
04/24/17 05:57 from Croquetwest
The format of the State Open Singles, to be held 13th-14th May at Como, has been updated. The new flyer for the event is attached to the Croquetwest Calendar entry, click on the link, top right of the page.

» AC MacRobertson Shield 2017
04/15/17 11:16 from Croquetwest
The Australian AC team, led by WA’s Ian Dumergue as the Captain, takes on England, New Zealand and the United States in the 2017 MacRobertson Shield, the peak teams event for Association Croquet in the world. The event runs from &#...

» “Better than bowls..” “And more strategic, too!”
04/03/17 10:00 from Nedlands Croquet Club
Just some comments received from two staffers of a large corporation holding a social event at the Nedlands Croquet Club in late March 2017.  Newcomers to the game of Golf Croquet are often amazed at the skills required, and the number o...

» Golf Croquet Handicap Changes
04/02/17 11:00 from Croquetwest
New GC Handicap rules from the ACA come into effect on the 3rd April. Click here for all the details on the ACA website. The changes include the introduction of a new handicap card that have been distributed to all … Continue readi...

» ACA AC Singles and Eire Cup
03/21/17 03:23 from Croquetwest
Congratulations to Ian Dumergue who was the runner-up in the AC Australian Men’s Singles. Peter Ross and Jeff Newcombe made it through to the last 8. Jannine Hawker also played in the final 8 in the Women’s tournament. The AC...

» Calendar Link Change
03/20/17 05:44 from Croquetwest
Due to a technical issue with the Croquetwest Calendar link (top right-hand on the home page), it has been changed so it now shows the calendar in a Croquetwest website page. The Calendar link can also be found under the … Continue...

» Croquet Pro #03
02/01/17 03:04 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Getting around Jacksonville After a few weeks on the road and generally I am ok with ‘keeping to the right’. Having spent 20 years driving in Adelaide has definitely helped, drivers there are always going slow in the left lane! … C...

» Croquet Pro #02
01/09/17 17:11 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Getting to know Jacksonville The first 10 days has been all about getting to know my way around Jacksonville and gaining an understanding of how things tick. During this time I was staying at John’s place in Ponte Vedra. Topics … C...

» Croquet Pro #01
01/06/17 12:43 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Wagga Wagga to Jacksonville Florida With daytime temperatures around 38C (100F) I took the opportunity to have an early morning walk around Wagga and simply appreciate where I live. The laugh of a kookaburra, the ripple of the Murrumbidg...

» 2016 Festivus
12/23/16 05:37 from Jim Nicholls (Jimbo)
Wagga Wagga Airing of Grievances This year’s Airing of Grievances tries to cut through the red tape and asks brewers to provide greater transparency when promoting their craft beer. The post 2016 Festivus appeared first on Jim Nich...

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