» Devs: This is another fine Mesh you've got us into, Microsoft
17/07/18 12:51 from The Register

» What's in a name? For Cambridge Analytica, about a quid apparently
17/07/18 12:20 from The Register

» Russia's national vulnerability database is a bit like the Soviet Union – sparse and slow
17/07/18 11:45 from The Register

» TalkTalk shrugs off moaning customers to claim 80,000 more
17/07/18 11:05 from The Register

» Microsoft overtakes Facebook as the #1 spoofed brand
17/07/18 10:54 from BetaNews

» Poor infrastructure monitoring leads to outages, slowdowns and missed targets
17/07/18 10:25 from BetaNews

» Carlsberg: AI beer taster can now tell the difference between lager and pilsner
17/07/18 10:04 from The Register

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