» U.S. Push for Tougher North Korea Policy Faces Resistance
29/04/17 11:19 from WSJ.com: World News
The Trump administration tried to unify world leaders behind a tougher approach toward North Korea, but risked finding itself more isolated amid stiff resistance from China and Russia. North Korea itself punctuated the debate later in th...

» By the numbers: How Trump stacks up after 100 days - CNN
29/04/17 11:16 from World - Google News
CNN By the numbers: How Trump stacks up after 100 days CNN Washington (CNN) In his first 100 days, President Donald Trump has signed more bills into law than the previous five presidents and has signed more executive orders than any pres...

» EU leaders united on Brexit demands - for now
29/04/17 11:16 from Reuters: International
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders endorsed a stiff set of divorce terms for Britain at a summit on Saturday, rejoicing in a rare show of unity in adversity but well aware that may start to fray once negotiations begin.

» Pakistan's army rejects PM Sharif's call to sack adviser - Washington Post
29/04/17 11:14 from World - Google News
Washington Post Pakistan's army rejects PM Sharif's call to sack adviser Washington Post ISLAMABAD — Pakistan's army on Saturday rejected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's decision to sack an adviser over his connections to a...

» Democrats bash Trump's first 100 days but 'pretty exciting' for GOP
29/04/17 11:12 from ABC News: ABCNews
Democratic leaders criticized President Trump's first 100 days in office.

» Knights of Malta choose new leader amid row with Vatican
29/04/17 11:11 from Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE - Europe
The Knights of Malta have elected Giacomo Dalla Torre as their new temporary leader. His predecessor, Britain's Matthew Festing, resigned in January after a quarrel with Pope Francis over distributing condoms.

» The Latest: Pope urges Egypt's clergy to remain positive
29/04/17 11:10 from AP Top Headlines At 7:05 a.m. EDT
CAIRO (AP) -- The Latest on Pope Francis' visit to Egypt (all times local):...

» Access to Wikipedia blocked in Turkey
29/04/17 11:06 from ABC News: ABCNews
Access to Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has been blocked in Turkey for content presenting the country as supporting terror.

» France election: Marine Le Pen would make Dupont-Aignan PM
29/04/17 11:06 from BBC News - World
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a mainstream nationalist defeated in round one, backs her in the run-off.

» EU Signals U.K. Trade Talks Are Still Months Away
29/04/17 11:04 from WSJ.com: World News
The European Union adopted its core negotiating positions for the coming Brexit negotiations, making it clear to Britain that talks on a future trade agreement remain months away.

» Pope tells Egypt religious to never fear or flee from the cross - Crux: Covering all things Catholic
29/04/17 11:04 from World - Google News
Crux: Covering all things Catholic Pope tells Egypt religious to never fear or flee from the cross Crux: Covering all things Catholic Pope Francis looks out on the Nile River from the Apostolic Nunciature in Cairo April 29. (Credit: L...

» Protest takes on Trump's climate policies
29/04/17 11:01 from CNN.com
Thousands of people who support action on climate change are expected to brave the sweltering heat Saturday and march through the nation's capital as part of the People's Climate March.

» The Calculated Rise of Emmanuel Macron
29/04/17 11:01 from WSJ.com: World News
The French presidential candidate skipped electoral politics, instead connecting with the elite. His contest with Marine Le Pen will determine the future of his country—and of the European project.

» French far-right candidate Le Pen eyes Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for prime minister
29/04/17 10:59 from Deutsche Welle: DW-WORLD.DE - Europe
Marine Le Pen has said she would pick a non-member of the far-right National Front party for prime minister if she wins the run-off vote for the presidency. Le Pen herself has stepped aside from the FN leadership.

» 'Phased approach': How to read EU Brexit guidelines
29/04/17 10:58 from Reuters: Top News
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders approved on Saturday guidelines for their chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, setting priorities that the Union of 27 governments staying in the bloc wants to achieve in talks on Britain's...

» An Indian woman explores the NRA convention
29/04/17 10:57 from CNN.com
Guns are not a part of the culture of my homeland, except perhaps for the occasional Bollywood movie in which the bad guy meets his demise staring down the wrong end of a barrel.

» GARDEN BRUNCH EDITION -- TRUMP’s first 100 days -- North Korea test-fires missile -- BRET STEPHENS’ NYT debut – SPOTTED on WHCD party circuit -- WEEKEND READS -- B’DAY: Hallie Jackson
29/04/17 10:54 from Top Stories

» Le Pen Lines Up Far-Right Candidate as Prime Minister
29/04/17 10:53 from WSJ.com: World News
French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said she will name the head of a separate far-right party as prime minister if she wins next weekend’s election, a move to capture more votes as she faces off with centrist front-runner Emmanue...

» Trump Marks 100th Day as President with Events in Pennsylvania
29/04/17 10:53 from Voice of America
U.S. President Donald Trump will spend part of his 100th day in office Saturday in the politically friendly state of Pennsylvania, as anti-Trump protesters actively attempt to diminish the symbolic milestone. The president will sign an e...

» Hungary's Orban Agrees to Work With EU
29/04/17 10:52 from WSJ.com: World News
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he will ‘cool down’ the anti-European rhetoric and work with the EU institutions on controversial measures against foreign-funded universities and civil rights groups.

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