»The Cultural Left Bares Its Teeth: An Open Threat to Churches and Christians Who Hold to Biblical Conviction
10/14/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
A moral, political, and cultural earthquake tremored last Thursday night as CNN's Equality Town Hall featured the leading contenders for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. The rhetoric of the candidates finally...

»Why Be So Passionate About the Sufficiency of Scripture?
10/14/19 from Grace to You Blog
Biblical sufficiency has been the heartbeat of John MacArthur’s teaching—he has continually used Scripture to interpret, defend, and illustrate itself throughout his five decades of ministry. With the conference fast approaching, we rece...

»If Scripture Is Sufficient, Why Are So Many Professing Believers Looking for Something More?
10/11/19 from Grace to You Blog
Today the shelves of Christian bookstores sag under the weight of devotionals, guidebooks, and manuals purporting to help you hear and understand what God has to say to you personally. Wildly popular books like Experiencing God and Jesus...

»If Scripture Alone Is Sufficient, Can You Be Saved Without Hearing the Word of God?
10/10/19 from Grace to You Blog
How should you evaluate claims of Christian conversion that don’t involve exposure to the Word of God? This question has taken on greater significance in recent years, as a growing number of Muslims claim to have been saved through dream...

»Is Scripture Sufficient to Meet Modern Cultural Challenges?
10/09/19 from Grace to You Blog
Twenty-first century evangelists and missionaries are confronted with a vastly different world to that of the early church. In the realms of communication and technology, the changes are immense. And in the eyes of many church growth pro...

»Is Belief in the Sufficiency of Scripture Important for Sanctification?
10/08/19 from Grace to You Blog
Our culture has a growing fixation on diet. That’s understandable considering the undeniable connection between the quality—and source—of the food we eat and the health of our bodies. But as Christians, how much attention do we pay to ou...

»Why Is It Crucial to Defend the Sufficiency of Scripture?
10/07/19 from Grace to You Blog
The sufficiency of Scripture is a doctrinal hill to die on, even if it doesn’t seem like a contested battleground today. But God’s people need to understand that while biblical sufficiency itself is not often assaulted overtly, it is oft...

»Why Read Anything Else if Scripture Is Sufficient?
10/04/19 from Grace to You Blog
Many professing believers in the church today won’t read anything other than the Bible, and refuse to listen to someone else interpret and preach the Word. Some even argue that the doctrine of biblical sufficiency vindicates their hermit...

»What Are the Chief Threats Today to the Sufficiency of Scripture?
10/03/19 from Grace to You Blog
The sufficiency of Scripture is not a doctrine that is widely despised or disputed. Most evangelicals happily affirm it. But biblical sufficiency is always under attack—both from the world’s overt assaults and through stealthier means fr...

»If It Doesn’t Speak to Every Specific Issue, Is Scripture Truly Sufficient?
09/30/19 from Grace to You Blog
What happens when you find yourself in circumstances that God’s Word doesn’t speak to? If Scripture is truly sufficient, what do you do when facing issues of modern life that the Bible does not directly address? READ MORE

»Counting Your Blessings
09/27/19 from Grace to You Blog
It’s easy to take God’s blessings for granted. It’s even easier to be unaware of many of them. But Scripture calls all believers to regularly take inventory. READ MORE

»Is It Consistent for Continuationists to Affirm the Sufficiency of Scripture?
09/25/19 from Grace to You Blog
Have you ever attended a church where public prophecies are allowed, or even encouraged, during the service? Have you heard professing believers claim to have special prophetic insights or words of knowledge directly from God? Such behav...

»The Quest for Christlikeness
09/23/19 from Grace to You Blog
No true believer is completely satisfied with his spiritual progress. Under the illuminating, sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit, all of us are aware of our need to be refined and disciplined for the sake of godliness. In fact, the...

»How Does the Sufficiency of Scripture Inform and Energize Evangelism?
09/20/19 from Grace to You Blog
Modern evangelistic strategies often stumble by emphasizing the method over the message. We hear a lot about contextualization, felt needs, and relevance. On the other hand, we steadily seem to hear less and less about the power of God&r...

»Why Do We Need a Conference on the Sufficiency of Scripture?
09/18/19 from Grace to You Blog
If God’s people affirm the inerrancy of Scripture—that the Bible is without flaw—along with the authority of Scripture—that it speaks conclusively on all matters of Christian life and practice—why do we also...

»Rejecting Sinful Desires
09/16/19 from Grace to You Blog
Hunger for God’s Word is incompatible with the desire for sin. That’s why the apostle Peter calls us to reject sinful desires—they are deadly obstructions to a healthy biblical diet. He writes, “Therefore, putting...

»The True Source of Spiritual Life
09/13/19 from Grace to You Blog
People don’t always do the things they know they should. Whether it’s eating vegetables, paying bills promptly, or getting to bed on time, some people’s everyday actions defy what they know to be best. That’s ofte...

»Craving God's Word
09/11/19 from Grace to You Blog
Babies crave milk, and only milk. Parents care about the color of the blanket, the pattern of the curtains, the decorations in and around the crib, and the way the child is dressed. The baby doesn’t care about any of that. Babies d...

»The Right Kind of Hunger
09/09/19 from Grace to You Blog
Some Christians undergo a frantic struggle every Sunday to remember where they last saw their Bibles. They know they had it with them at church last week. But they haven’t seen it since they got home and set it down. Inevitably, th...

»Honoring the Spirit by Honoring the Scriptures
09/06/19 from Grace to You Blog
In the lead-up to the Truth Matters conference in October, we will be focusing our attention on the sufficiency, authority, and clarity of Scripture. One of our previous blog series,  Looking for Truth in All the Wrong Places,&...

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