»Paul in the Marketplace
05/20/19 from Grace to You Blog
The apostle Paul’s missionary work was never contingent on cultural adjustments. He maintained a singular focus and consistent message throughout his missionary journeys. When provoked by the gross idolatry of Athenian culture, Pau...

»Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Sacrifice That Satisfied”
05/17/19 from Grace to You Blog
How did you come to salvation? I’ve asked that question of professing believers many times and received a variety of answers. But the responses all usually have one thing in common: They hinge on something the sinner did— I r...

»Maker of Heaven and Earth
05/15/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Below is an excerpt from my new book, The Apostles' Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits.... The post Maker of Heaven and Earth appeared first on AlbertMohler.com.

»One Man Against a City
05/15/19 from Grace to You Blog
In 1 Samuel 16:7, the Lord revealed the futility of human appraisal when compared to His divine insight. He exhorted His prophet Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; f...

»Engaging Without Imbibing
05/13/19 from Grace to You Blog
Every Christian throughout church history has been faced with the challenge of living faithfully in a sinful society—to be in the world but not of it. Scripture strongly warns against exposure to carnal, worldly culture. The apostl...

»One Race, One Remedy
05/09/19 from Grace to You Blog
Most of us have heard of Charles Darwin’s landmark work, The Origin of Species . But its full title exposes the dark philosophy and motivation behind Darwin’s theories: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, ...

»The New Thought Police? Facebook's Evicted Seven And The Future of Free Speech
05/07/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Every major news event has a shadow-and sometimes the real story is hiding in the shadow. It is elusive, it is hidden, but it must be brought to the light in order to fully understand the consequences of any newsworthy development.... Th...

»The New Segregation
05/06/19 from Grace to You Blog
Can white people be saved? That’s a ludicrous question, or so you would think. Today it’s an actual point of debate and discussion in the church. It’s also the title of a new book from InterVarsity Press. That the book ...

»Would You Trade Eternal Life For A Ferrari? The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology
05/03/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Major theological issues can sometimes show up in the most surprising places.... The post Would You Trade Eternal Life For A Ferrari? The False Gospel of Prosperity Theology appeared first on AlbertMohler.com.

»Present with the Lord
05/03/19 from Grace to You Blog
I first met Marcel Cotnoir sometime in the early 1980s. He had a powerful determination to bring the teaching of John MacArthur and the ministry of Grace to You to Canada—especially French Canada. Marcel’s original plan was n...

»Pete Buttigieg And The Quest For 'Progressive' Christianity
05/01/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
The race for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States continues to intensify as energy builds from the almost weekly announcements of a new candidate vying for the nomination. Most recently, Vice President Joe Biden o...

»Should Christians Just Admit That The Bible 'Got It Wrong' And Move On?
04/30/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Sometimes, a headline says it all. A recent article appeared in the USA Today by Oliver Thomas with such a headline. It reads, "American churches must reject literalism and admit we got it wrong on gay people."... The post Should Christi...

»Friday’s Featured Sermon: “How Christian Freedom Works”
04/26/19 from Grace to You Blog
The whole world is in love with the idea of freedom . Advertisers, songwriters, and movie producers relentlessly remind us that our lives are afflicted by too much restraint. And the remedy they peddle is always freedom: financial freedo...

»Christ Plus Nothing
04/24/19 from Grace to You Blog
Some years ago I was invited to present the gospel to a group of actors and actresses at a Hollywood hotel. That was a different environment for me, but I was thankful for the opportunity to represent Christ to them. I talked for about f...

»A Tale of Two Religions: Liberal Theology Without Illusions
04/22/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Two times a year, during Christmas and Easter, the secular media becomes a little less secular. The historic Christian dominance within the American population necessitates this pattern, even among the most liberal and mainstream news ou...

»Christ Plus Asceticism
04/22/19 from Grace to You Blog
One Sunday morning, I was about to finish preaching when suddenly a man approached the pulpit yelling at the top of his voice, “I have something to say. I have something to say!” Before the ushers could escort him out, the ta...

»Friday’s Featured Sermon: “The Danger of Being Close”
04/19/19 from Grace to You Blog
In his book Christ’s Call to Reform the Church , John MacArthur asks an important and provocative question: “Who is the hardest person to reach with the gospel?” He proceeds to discuss various possibilities—the at...

»Rebranding The Culture of Death? Planned Parenthood's Latest Strategy
04/17/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
Does Planned Parenthood just need to rebrand its image? That suggestion appeared in a recent headline from the USA Today, which read, "With abortion services in the crosshairs, Planned Parenthood is reshaping its image. Will it work?"......

»Christ Plus Mysticism
04/17/19 from Grace to You Blog
It is easy to feel inferior to someone who knows something you don’t—especially when they hold information that you earnestly desire. For centuries, religious mystics have been working overtime to insinuate that the church su...

»History Burning Before Our Eyes: The Tragedy of Notre Dame and the Soul of Modern France
04/16/19 from AlbertMohler.com – Blog
History burned before our eyes. One of the most important architectural achievements of western civilization endured catastrophic damage from a raging fire. The victim of this great tragedy was Notre Dame Cathedral-a nearly 900-year-old ...

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