» AFP 'mistakenly' accessed journalist call records, breaching metadata laws
04/28/17 01:50
The Australian Federal Police accessed a journalist's call records in breach of the data retention legislation, it has been revealed.

» Nintendo unveils 2DS XL, a $150 portable game system - CNET
04/28/17 01:21
The new handheld will play all Nintendo 3DS, new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games, but in 2D.

» Facebook targets coordinated campaigns spreading fake news - CNET
04/28/17 01:15
The social media giant outlines the steps it's taking against organizations using fake news to distort political sentiment.

» Surgeon claims first human head transplant a year away - CNET
04/28/17 01:05
Sergio Canavero has revealed that the world's first human head transplant will take place within 10 months -- and he's already planning his next project.

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