» Subject of existence: Encounters by Katre
18/02/17 15:07
Katre is a Turkish band which explores the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiments on the sustain of the sound. However, the distinguishing aspect of their musical approach lies in the subtl...

» Pandora’s box opens: Miscellany by Sky Flying By
29/01/17 09:14
Sky Flying Bird is a post-rock project by David Palmer, who is based in Boston, US. He, as Sky Flying By, builds worlds out of music. His music career began with a cardboard box drum set, and he hasn’t lost … Continue reading →

» Moments of Inner Peace with This Makes Us Human
21/01/17 10:52
This Makes Us Human are a band from Rome, Italy. They recorded their first self titled studio album in the summer of 2015. It was made up of six songs, which were written between 2013 and 2015. After some members … Continue reading...

» Don’t give up just yet, says Okada’s new album Division Of Self.
02/01/17 07:34
Okada is a project by Greg Pappas from Alabama, US. Initially known to the music world as ZXYZXY, Greg used it as a vehicle for experimentation and refinement of his writing technique while dabbling in electro-acoustic, ambient, post-roc...

» Frankfurt’s Glasgow Coma Scale releases Enter Oblivion
12/12/16 17:17
Glasgow Coma Scale was formed in February 2011 by Piotr and Marek Kowalski. The two brothers and trained classical musicians lived their lives between Krakow/Poland, where they were born and Barcelona/Spain, finally settling in Frankfurt...

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