» Jackson Pollock of ambient post-rock: Dan Caine
11/03/17 07:03
Dan Caine is ambient/post rock musician from Merseyside, England. A pioneer in the movement, Caine uses powerful, layered guitar melodies to create an atmosphere of an intense range of thought and emotion as he explores the depths of the...

» Seasons with OP3 & Runes
11/03/17 06:51
‘AWSS’ (Autumn.Winter.Spring.Summer) is a collaboration between OP3 & Runes(Manchester, UK) that features vocals for the very first time. Minimalistic piano themes, a beautifully haunting string quartet and some well structured elect...

» Close your eyes and dream away: Smile by We Deserve This
01/03/17 13:15
We Deserve This is a one man project formed in the year 2010 by Jan-Dirk Platek. The music can find itself a place in the post-rock, post-metal area in the genres palette. He was born in 1976 in Germany and … Continue reading →

» Subject of existence: Encounters by Katre
18/02/17 15:07
Katre is a Turkish band which explores the areas of post-rock / post-metal synthesized with classic eastern tunes and experiments on the sustain of the sound. However, the distinguishing aspect of their musical approach lies in the subtl...

» Pandora’s box opens: Miscellany by Sky Flying By
29/01/17 09:14
Sky Flying Bird is a post-rock project by David Palmer, who is based in Boston, US. He, as Sky Flying By, builds worlds out of music. His music career began with a cardboard box drum set, and he hasn’t lost … Continue reading →

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