» Ancillary marijuana business inks $2 million equity deal
17/10/17 00:00 from Marijuana Business Daily
Indoor Harvest Corp. (OTCQB:INQD), a Houston-based manufacturer of commercial aeroponic systems that can be used to grow cannabis, signed an investment deal with Tangiers Global for an equity investment of up to $2 million. Tangiers Glob...

» $20M sale of Pennsylvania MMJ grower, permit is suspended
16/10/17 23:34 from Marijuana Business Daily
A Pennsylvania marijuana cultivation business that had put itself on the block for $20 million has pulled the plug on the sale after the state’s governor threatened to revoke the company’s coveted new license . Franklin Labs,...

» Michigan university offers full-range cannabis degree
16/10/17 22:36 from Marijuana Business Daily
A university in Michigan is offering a degree in marijuana that goes beyond simply classes related to cannabis, more evidence that MJ is being recognized as a mainstream industry. Northern Michigan University in Marquette began its medic...

» Will Alberta be the first province to endorse private marijuana retail?
16/10/17 21:03 from Marijuana Business Daily
Alberta could become the first province in Canada to allow some private sector participation in the sale of recreational cannabis when it unveils its retail framework next week , a move that would make it a haven for marijuana entreprene...

» Silicon Valley gets marijuana industry trade group
16/10/17 17:16 from Marijuana Business Daily
A pair of former San Jose city employees has launched the Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance, a trade group that will serve marijuana businesses in Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Benito counties. The group also plans to have a political ac...

» Wisconsin lawmakers to vote on hemp farming bill this week
16/10/17 14:21 from Marijuana Business Daily
A Wisconsin legislative committee is set to vote on a bill this week that would allow farmers in the state to grow hemp and join surrounding states with hemp laws. The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism is schedu...

» Chart: 42% of marijuana business owners plan to expand into new markets
16/10/17 10:30 from Marijuana Business Daily
By Eli McVey Over 40% of cannabis business owners are planning to take their companies into a new market within the next year, according to a Marijuana Business Daily survey. Of the business owners intending to expand, the vast majority ...

» Virginia official signals state plans to boost hemp program
13/10/17 17:38 from Marijuana Business Daily
Virginia is looking to boost its small hemp program next year to compete with larger producers of the plant such as North Carolina and Kentucky. Virginia Agriculture Commissioner Basil I. Gooden wrote  in an op-ed in The Roanoke Times th...

» Michigan regulators release more details on MMJ licensing
13/10/17 15:39 from Marijuana Business Daily
The Michigan agency responsible for developing medical marijuana industry rules on Thursday released more information about how hopeful business licensees can obtain a state permit for the upcoming regulated MMJ market. The Michigan Depa...

» Colorado reaches $1 billion in marijuana sales in record time
13/10/17 12:00 from Marijuana Business Daily
Despite falling cannabis prices and other U.S. states legalizing recreational marijuana, it took  Colorado just eight months to reach $1 billion in retail MJ sales in 2017 – a record clip for the state. In 2016, by contrast, it too...

» Week in Review: California wildfires, Maryland medical cannabis lawsuit & Arkansas CPAs + MMJ
13/10/17 10:30 from Marijuana Business Daily
By John Schroyer, Bart Schaneman and Omar Sacirbey California’s wildfires could adversely affect marijuana crops, Maryland’s MMJ commission is taken to court, and Arkansas accountants get permission to serve cannabis firms. H...

» Cannabis consumption increases violent behavior in young people in psychiatric care
06/10/17 20:48 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
A new study on cannabis use that involved 1,136 patients (from 18 to 40 years of age) with mental illnesses who had been seen five times during the year after discharge from a psychiatric hospital demonstrates that sustained used of cann...

» Up to one-quarter of cancer patients use marijuana
25/09/17 13:54 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
A new study conducted in a cancer center in a state with legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana found that approximately one-quarter of surveyed patients used marijuana in the past year, mostly for physical and psychological symp...

» Cannabis, 'spice' – better think twice
21/09/17 13:49 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the world, and the advent of synthetic cannabinoids creates additional challenges to the society because of their higher potency and ability to escape drug detection screenings.  Scientists h...

» Medical students not trained to prescribe medical marijuana
15/09/17 18:41 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
More than half of the states in the US now allow some type of legal marijuana use, primarily medical marijuana. But, in a survey of medical residents and deans at the nation's medical schools, researchers have found that the majority of ...

» Marijuana may produce psychotic-like effects in high-risk individuals
13/09/17 23:30 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
Marijuana may bring on temporary paranoia and other psychosis-related effects in individuals at high risk of developing a psychotic disorder, finds a preliminary study.

» Reversing the negative effects of adolescent marijuana use
12/09/17 17:48 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have identified a specific mechanism in the prefrontal cortex for some of the negative mental health risks associated with adolescent marijuana use. By demonstrating that adolescent THC exposure modulates the activity of a ne...

» Do we need to reform international drug treaties as more countries legalize cannabis?
09/09/17 00:55 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
The future of international drug control treaties is in doubt because of recent treaty-violating decisions to legalize cannabis use in Canada, the United States and Uruguay. A professor, whose 2014 review of 20 years of cannabis research...

» CBD may protect against psychiatric risk from high-THC cannabis strains
06/09/17 17:55 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
A study by neuroscientists finds that a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis called cannabidiol, or CBD, appears to protect against the long-term negative psychiatric effects of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

» Marijuana use amongst youth stable, but substance abuse admissions up
15/08/17 16:05 from Marijuana News -- ScienceDaily
While marijuana use amongst youth remains stable, youth admission to substance abuse treatment facilities has increased.

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