» Living With Bipolar/PTSD/Agoraphobia
02/07/20 17:37 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
I was wondering if there is an online support group for people with bipolar. On here or elsewhere. I was diagnosed with bipolar at age 19 I did not accept that diagnosis until about 6 years ago and I started medication at that time. I we...

» Call the Crazy One
02/07/20 15:12 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
I have suffer with mental illness and a learning disability as a child. In 1980s, being a child with a mental illness was impossible. I had been bullied. Later, I became one. I felt like the Stephen King character, “Carrie”. People canno...

» When Disability Leads to Addiction
02/07/20 12:49 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
My son who has myotonic dystropgy and EDS is a licensed user of medical marijuana. Over a 3 year period he upped the THC content and then had a psychotic break. He became delusional and was sent to 2 short term mental health facilities. ...

» *Trigger Warning: Trauma*
01/07/20 12:49 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
My name is Tanisha. I suffer from panic attacks.. I have been going for counselling. I have also been praying and gotten closer to God. I recall my past and that is how i start getting the attacks, i get really scared sometimes. My cousi...

» Do You Know Where Life Takes Us?
30/06/20 17:37 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
My name is Kyle and I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at 18. I was enlisted to join the army but was later medically discharged due to my illness being diagnosed just before leaving for basic training. I was devastated but understoo...

» Mr.
30/06/20 12:49 from NAMI - You are Not Alone

» An Important Milestone of Getting Over My Voices.
30/06/20 10:25 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
           I just wanted to write to say that if you have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, there is hope that you will get better because just this past week I have felt better and gotten over my voices.  I have had the voices...

» More Than a Pity Party
29/06/20 17:37 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
Good afternoon, I am in need financial help and or guidance. I continue to run in to roadblocks where I am not eligible for any known assistance programs. (Therapy, medication, housing, food) 38yo Female 1. Disability : Mental Health (de...

» *Trigger Warning: Self-Harm*
26/06/20 12:49 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
I am trying desperately to hang on !   I am an end stage renal failure patient on dialysis .   The pandemic has made my anxiety and depression so much deeper.  I cannot explain why but I see no light at the end of the darkness as it were...

» What Happened *Trigger Warning*
26/06/20 10:25 from NAMI - You are Not Alone
          At around the eighth grade of middle school, I began to feel like a nobody because people weren’t inviting me to parties and asking me to hang out. I was young and the only way I knew how to cope was to cry myself to sleep ever...

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