» #BLMkidnapping Muslim judge lets Chicago woman that assisted in kidnapping and torturing retarded cracker get off with community service.
10/12/17 21:06 from News Just For You

» Tumult på Medborgarplatsen - Motståndsrörelsen på Stockholms gator 2/12-17
10/12/17 20:39 from News Just For You

» These have got to be the cheapest eaters in the universe (17 photos)
10/12/17 20:32 from Dark Humor

» #QAnon Judge Alex Kozinski accused of sexual misconduct Who Struck Down Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban Just BUSTED In Sleazy Sexual Scandal
10/12/17 20:17 from News Just For You

» Jerry Brown: Trump doesn't fear 'the wrath of God'
10/12/17 20:03 from AWAKE NEWS

» 30 pets who stole their owner’s partners and regret nothing! (30 Photos)
10/12/17 20:02 from Dark Humor

» Time’s up for the Ticker? Facebook appears to axe feed for tracking your friends’ activity
10/12/17 19:36 from The Neural Network

» Teen charged in beating disabled man, broadcasting it on Facebook ... - Fox News
10/12/17 19:26 from AWAKE NEWS

» Pence responds to Abbas snub over Jerusalem decision
10/12/17 19:13 from AWAKE NEWS

» Democratic campaign flyer compares Roy Moore to George Wallace, says he supports segregation
10/12/17 19:13 from AWAKE NEWS

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