» NATPE: BTF Media, Vince Gerardis Pact for Six Projects (EXCLUSIVE)
23/01/19 02:59 from Variety.com - Front Page
MIAMI — BTF Media, producer of breakout series “Hasta Que te Conocí” and “El Secreto de Selena,” is teaming with Vince Gerardis, a co-executive producer with George Martin on “Game of Thrones,” on a six-project co-production allian...

» Sophie Turner Says Sansa Stark's Hair Is Full of Game of Thrones Secrets
18/01/19 18:19 from Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
That's one insightful 'do

» The wall is coming: Trump becomes world's worst Game of Thrones fan
09/01/19 10:32 from Television & radio | The Guardian
The US president has taken to quoting from the biggest TV show on the planet. But he’s utterly missed the point – it’s clear he’s never watched a second Imagine for a moment that you are George RR Martin. You have spent almost three deca...

» George R.R. Martin's First Inspiration For 'Game Of Thrones' Cracks Up Stephen Colbert
22/11/18 20:06 from Books on HuffingtonPost.com
The author's childhood pet turtles battled over a toy castle.

» Hugo Nominations Open
07/02/18 19:41 from Not A Blog
Nominations for the 2018 Hugo Awards have now opened, I am informed. If you are a member of last year's worldcon in Helsinki, this year's worldcon in San Jose, or next year's worldcon in Dublin, you are eligible to nominate. You should b...

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