Feb 18 Betty Ballantine, Who Helped Introduce Paperbacks, Dies at 99
As a publishing team, she and her husband, Ian, set out in 1939 “to change the reading habits of America,” and to a large extent they did.
Feb 18 Nonfiction: The Tumultuous Path From Emancipation to Segregation
“Separate: The Story of Plessy v. Ferguson, and America’s Journey From Slavery to Segregation,” by Steve Luxenberg, is an elegant history of the mostly losing battle to protect the civil rights of newly freed black citizens.
Feb 18 Nonfiction: The Case for Covering Your Ears in Noisy Times
Two new books, “How to Disappear,” by Akiko Busch, and “Silence,” by Jane Brox, explore the benefits of tuning out.
Feb 18 Andrea Levy, Author Who Spoke for a Generation of Immigrants, Dies ...
Her books were praised for their witty, honest portraits of the immigrant experience, especially of those who moved to Britain from the West Indies after World War II.
Feb 17 Books of The Times: ‘The Border’ Is a Stunning and Timely Conclusio...
The third novel in this propulsive, violent series trains a fictional lens on some of today’s most pressing issues, including the opioid crisis and political corruption.
Feb 17 The Week in Books
A novel about the George W. Bush administration, Valeria Luiselli’s “Lost Children Archive,” a sneak peek at Ta-Nehisi Coates’s upcoming novel and more.
Feb 16 Books of The Times: In ‘The Threat,’ Andrew McCabe Issues the Lates...
This memoir by the former deputy director of the F.B.I. joins a roster of recent and alarming books by high-ranking members of the United States’ justice and intelligence communities.
Feb 15 52 Books for 52 Places
Explore the cities, countries, regions and states in Travel’s “52 Places to Go in 2019” through these books.
Feb 15 ART OF THE Book: Mapping Oliver Jeffers’s World
In his studio in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, he brings together his work as a fine artist and as an illustrator.
Feb 15 The Book Review Podcast: A Class in ‘Dreyer’s English’
Benjamin Dreyer talks about his best-selling guide to writing, and Thomas Mallon discusses “Landfall,” his new novel about the presidential administration of George W. Bush.
Feb 15 Read Books by Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Other 2020 Pres...
Politicians’ memoirs can give insight into their values.
Feb 15 Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.
Feb 15 Books of The Times: In ‘The Next to Die,’ a Serial Killer Targets P...
In Hannah’s new novel, the Culver Valley police force is searching for a killer who sends homemade books to prospective victims.
Feb 15 Inside the List: ‘The Unwinding of the Miracle’ Is About How to Die...
Julie Yip-Williams, diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 37, couldn’t find a book that would help her prepare for death. So she decided to write one herself.
Feb 15 New in Paperback: ‘Directorate S,’ ‘The Friend’
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
Feb 15 The Enthusiast: In Praise of Maurice Sendak
“I’ve read the books many times to my own children, astonished at how much is in them for my grown-up self — about that growing-up process, and about the times I grew up in, too.”
Feb 15 Sketchbook: The Future of Publishing, as Imagined by R.O. Blechman
An illustrated prediction of the book world’s next big frontier.
Feb 15 Children’s Books: New Fantasy Novels for Kids (and Adults) Ready to...
A shape-shifting fox in space, a sentient island, an eerily perfect town and twins who use magic to stay together: There’s abundant life in this speculative fiction.
Feb 15 Ivory Tower: Is Blockchain Technology Overhyped?
Two books by legal scholars argue that the revolutionary promise of the new database tool has been exaggerated.
Feb 15 Fiction: A Novel About the Life and Times of the Photographer Lee M...
Whitney Scharer’s “The Age of Light” tells the story of the journalist and model who was often overshadowed by her lover and collaborator Man Ray.
Feb 15 Nonfiction: Exploring Her Own Experience of Psychosis
In “The Collected Schizophrenias,” Esmé Weijun Wang unravels a long history of coming to terms with mental illness.
Feb 15 From Our Archives: Revisiting George W. Bush’s Memoir “A Charge to ...
Our reviewer called the 1999 book “a puzzling exercise.”
Feb 15 Crime: Stalkers and Dead Wedding Guests: The Latest in Crime Novels
Marilyn Stasio’s column covers new books from established crime-writing giants, like Jonathan Kellerman, and a newcomer, Alex Michaelides.
Feb 14 By the Book: ‘Why Have a Large Library and Not Use It?’ Janet Malco...
The journalist, whose new book is “Nobody’s Looking at You: Essays,” read indiscriminately in her youth: “Bookish children are not critics. They just like to read.”
Feb 14 Editors’ Choice: 9 New Books We Recommend This Week
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.
Feb 14 Nonfiction: How Wild Was Wild Bill Hickok? A Biographer Separates L...
Tom Clavin’s “Wild Bill” details the life of a legendary gunfighter whose real name wasn’t even Bill.
Feb 14 Arundhati Roy to Headline the 2019 PEN World Voices Festival
Dave Eggers, Joyce Carol Oates and others will also take part in the festival, whose theme is the narrowing gap between public and private life.
Feb 14 Dancing to Jane Austen’s Beat
An annual celebration, this year attended by some 300 costumed revelers, is one of the regular events around the country that unite both the novelist’s hard-core fans and period dance enthusiasts.
Feb 14 Sweden Investigates Its Ambassador to China After Report of Secret ...
The daughter of Gui Minhai, a Swedish bookseller detained in China, said the ambassador arranged a meeting with men who first offered to help, then cajoled and pressured her.
Feb 14 Nonfiction: How the Parkland Shooting Led to a Generation’s Politic...
In his book “Parkland,” Dave Cullen follows the survivors of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on their quest to change gun laws and heal themselves.
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