» Citizens Already Complaining About Heat
23/04/18 14:48 from The Sioux Falls Headliner
It’s an absolute scorcher out there, and the citizens of Sioux Falls have made their voices heard about it already. “How can it already be this hot? Where did those nice cool temps from last week go? I’m already upset at how hot it is,” ...

» Driver-testing closed April 27-28
23/04/18 14:02 from Pure Pierre Review
All South Dakota state driver exam stations will be closed for two days later this week for annual employee training, according to an announcement Monday from the state Department of Public Safety. Director Jane Schrank said the stations...

» South Dakota's GOP Hopefuls For Governor Are Missing The Obvious
23/04/18 11:28 from THE CONSTANT COMMONER

» On Dignity
23/04/18 00:26 from Pure Pierre Review
The Chamberlain rest area along Interstate 90 would gain if there were signs promoting the beautiful statue Dignity.

» Congrats to my son Michael on a successful west river hunt this year! #turkeyhunting #westriver...
22/04/18 23:57 from @martyjackley on Instagram

» God is… With Us
22/04/18 07:36 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
God “is” “With Us”. “Is” meaning ; “existing in this moment of time“, and “the substance, characteristics, and/or character of a thing”. God “is” a “right now”, “in this moment” God; alive, active and available to us. His “substance”, “c...

» I missed the track meet but a dear friend (thanks Shawn DEWITT
21/04/18 21:47 from @repkristinoem on Instagram

» Really enjoyed speaking in Deadwood yesterday at the National Guard Enlisted Convention. We had a...
21/04/18 21:39 from @repkristinoem on Instagram

» Before I get to Pactola trout, let's talk about the Republican Women's Club, warblers at McNenny and a column on internals I can't seem to write
21/04/18 17:55 from On the Other Hand
No ticket, no problem for guy with notebook at Pennington County Republican Women's Club

» Daughter Brittany will be inducted into the Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS Athletic Hall of Fame tonight....
21/04/18 17:53 from @senjohnthune on Instagram

» Sioux Empire Podcast 105 Mama and Sioux Falls Startup Podcast with Joshua Sopko
21/04/18 16:00 from South Dakota – TheSiouxEmpire.com
Recorded during the April Snowpocalypse of 2018, Robert Mehling interviews Joshua Sopko from Sioux Falls Startup Podcast.  But first, he’s joined by phone by Seth Glover and Melissa Rochelle May for a very special Seth’s Book Club featur...

» Happy 24th birthday Kassidy! Have a wonderful day today! I love you❤️
21/04/18 13:59 from @repkristinoem on Instagram

» Why I Am No Longer A Conservative Republican
21/04/18 07:56 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
Maybe it’s just me but I’m tired of the same old same old in our politics.  The big-box monopoly parties have morphed into two sides of the same coin, two heads on the same bird of prey.  Today our choice… Read more →

21/04/18 02:41 from FEC Electronic Filing RSS Feed - States: SD
The SOUTH DAKOTA DEMOCRATIC PARTY successfully filed their F3XN APRIL QUARTERLY with the coverage period of 03/01/2018 to 03/31/2018 and a confirmation ID of FEC-1226745 *********CommitteeId: C00160937 | FilingId: 1226745 | FormType: F3X...

» Daschle: Progressive issues, candidates can win in Red states
20/04/18 23:02 from Prairie Perspective

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