» Sioux Falls City Council Searching For Funding To Build Large Dome Around Falls Park To Keep Public Safe
13/12/18 16:24 from The Sioux Falls Headliner
An independent California company suggests Sioux Falls City Council funds a large dome around Falls Park to keep people from getting hurt. “We highly suggest a large, see through dome around Falls Park so that no more people have to be s...

» Hoping for the tranquilizer gun, hearing a "boom" instead
12/12/18 23:30 from On the Other Hand
Custer couple angered when GF&P officers shoot backyard deer

» Great news! The Farm Bill just passed! It’s headed to @realdonaldtrump for his signature next!
12/12/18 21:20 from @repkristinoem on Instagram

» SF Voted “Best Place To Show Pride, Strength, And Speed Off When Someone Passes You On The Road”
12/12/18 17:59 from The Sioux Falls Headliner
Sioux Falls is bringing home another prestigious award right before 2018 ends! “I seriously cannot believe we’ve won this award. I’ve been dreaming about putting it up in my office since I was elected. It’s a very special day for all of ...

» South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds Wants $25 Billion For A Border Wall Even Though Nobody Seems To Have A Clue About How Much It Will Cost. This Is Supposed To Be Responsible Leadership?
11/12/18 20:26 from THE CONSTANT COMMONER

» In Case You Thought Investigations Were Nearing An End…
11/12/18 16:18 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
Receiving almost no media attention, but seemingly more significant than most of the rampant readily available agenda-driven speculation that dominates much of the news:         *** Gary A. Howie MSc, PhD *** is  busi...

» Miss December, 2018
11/12/18 13:59 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
Each month, Longhorn News and Market features a new “Calendar Girl”. Meet “Miss December”, 2018 Miss Diamond, 87.5″ TTT DOB 4-12-2012 (measured tip to tip) She is owned by Davidson/Gravett Partnership In a world filled ...

» 11 Billion Miles
11/12/18 13:35 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft is a long way from home. It has now reached “interstellar” space, 11 Billion miles from earth.  That is a VERY long distance. I am not good at public math (or private math, for that matter),&...

» Teenager Finally Buys Long Pants After Hearing “Shorts?!” Constantly
10/12/18 17:14 from The Sioux Falls Headliner
It’s not cold enough for cool teenagers to wear long pants yet, but one teen is bucking the trend and has finally decided to buy long pants after constant criticism. “I’m honestly just tired of people looking at me like I just murdered a...

» Guest Poster David Ganje Writes About The Impact And The Maintenance Of The Lewis And Clark Water System
10/12/18 12:53 from THE CONSTANT COMMONER

» What’s Missing In Chrismas??
10/12/18 12:08 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
If you are a member of the spelling police, you noticed the “t” is missing. You could also call it a cross.  That is what’s really missing. The move to take Christ out of Christmas continues to grow.  This year… R...

» 1960s Were a Cultural Nuclear Bomb
10/12/18 01:22 from . . . . . . . . The Right Side Blog
This 1960 photo of JFK and McGovern in Sioux Falls reveals one of the last periods in political America when both parties seemed to be okay to the average citizen. Both men loomed as World War II heroes. The church… Read more →

» Words of affirmation Saturday for me. Kennedy not so much. Her fortune said “your positive attitude...
08/12/18 18:37 from @repkristinoem on Instagram

» Live Ledge #359: RIP Pete Shelley/New Releases
08/12/18 03:21 from Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson
Yesterday came the shocking news that Buzzcocks leader Pete Shelley had died from a heart attack. Obviously, this great influence on so much of my favorite music needed to be celebrated so the first hour of tonight's show is devoted to m...

07/12/18 18:43 from FEC Electronic Filing RSS Feed - States: SD
The HENDRICKSON FOR HOUSE successfully filed their F3N POST-GENERAL with the coverage period of 07/01/2017 to 11/26/2018 and a confirmation ID of FEC-1300169 *********CommitteeId: C00666057 | FilingId: 1300169 | FormType: F3N | CoverageF...

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