» State Senate Says Yes To More Help For College Students
January 15, 2018 from Education
Some college students in the nation's third-largest state may get a big break on their tuition this year under a swee...

» Florida Senate says yes to more help for college students - Education Week
January 11, 2018 from Education Week: Florida

» Miami-Dade School Board Member Floats Tax Increase To Pay For Teacher Raises
January 11, 2018 from Education
Amid worries over stagnant state education funding, the Miami-Dade County School Board is considering a property tax ...

» Corcoran's Tax Stance Sets Up Election-Year Education Budget Battle
January 9, 2018 from Education
The legislative session just started, and House Speaker Richard Corcoran has already declared he won’t compromise on ...

» After storms and scandals, Florida legislators start session - Education Week
January 8, 2018 from Education Week: Florida

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