Couple's 'Fake' Everest Photos Investigated
(Tuesday, July 5, 2016)

Two police officers accused of superimposing themselves into images taken on top of Everest may be banned from climbing in Nepal... read more..

  Who Dunnit? Cluedo Kills Off Key Character
(Tuesday, July 5, 2016)

Five of the board game's characters keep their names but have had a style revamp - only Colonel Mustard stays the same... read more..

  Orangutan Goes On Loose In Florida Animal Park
(Saturday, July 2, 2016)

Keepers have to use a dart to tranqualise the female ape after it runs up a tree and then comes down and climbs on a sign... read more..

  Boa Constrictor Rescued From Gas Heater
(Tuesday, June 28, 2016)

A fire crew in Lincolnshire says it will "go down in hiss-tory" as the brigade's most unusual animal rescue... read more..

  Dozens Burned In Motivational Hot Coal Walk
(Friday, June 24, 2016)

Five people are taken to hospital and several others are treated at the scene for burns to their feet and lower extremities... read more..

  Eau De Comet: Space Perfume Smells Like... Cat Pee
(Thursday, June 23, 2016)

The scent might not be suitable for a big date - it smells of rotten eggs, cat urine and bitter almonds... read more..

  Burglar In A Bikini Hunted In California
(Wednesday, June 22, 2016)

Home surveillance cameras capture images of the bikini-clad woman as she allegedly carries out burglaries on two homes... read more..

  Texas Mum Has British Accent After Surgery
(Wednesday, June 22, 2016)

Lisa Alamia's family thought she was joking after her surgery, but she has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome... read more..

  Seagull Dyed Orange After Falling Into Curry Vat
(Thursday, June 9, 2016)

The bird, which has been nicknamed Gullfrazie, fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala while trying to scavenge a piece of meat... read more..

  Adidas In 'Epic' Colombia Spelling Mistake
(Wednesday, June 8, 2016)

The German sportswear giant says it is sorry after misspelling the country's name as "Columbia" in its promotional material... read more..

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