» WE'RE NOW BLOGGING AT justtaxesblog.org
05/22/17 10:10 from Tax Justice Blog
Thanks for visiting Tax Justice Blog, a project of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and Citizens for Tax Justice. We've made some organizational changes, but you can still find the same insightful commentary on federal and s...

» Tax Avoiding Companies Well Represented at Tax Reform Hearingg
05/19/17 15:24 from Tax Justice Blog
Today the House Ways and Means Committee will hold its first tax reform hearing of 2017, which marks the official opening of the tax reform debate in Congress. True tax reform, if the committee sought to achieve it, could create more job...

» State Rundown 5/18: Tax Debate Heat Wave Hitting States
05/18/17 12:20 from Tax Justice Blog
This week saw tax debates heat up in many states. Late-session discovered revenue shortfalls, for example, are creating friction in Delaware, New Jersey, and Oklahoma, while special sessions featuring tax debates continue in Louisiana, N...

» Investors and Corporations Would Profit from a Federal Private School Voucher Tax Credit
05/17/17 13:51 from Tax Justice Blog
Investors and Corporations Would Profit from a Federal Private School Voucher Tax Credit A new report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) and AASA, the School Superintendents Association, details how tax subsidies tha...

» South Carolina's Gas Tax Deal: Could Have Been Worse, Could Have Been Better
05/12/17 10:21 from Tax Justice Blog
South Carolina lawmakers this week raised the state's gas tax for the first time in 28 years, a time period that tied for the third-longest in the nation. While the increase was meaningful and hard-fought, the final result remains flawed...

» State Rundown 5/10: Spring Tax Debates at Different Stages in Different States
05/10/17 15:01 from Tax Justice Blog
This week saw a springtime mix of state tax debates in all stages of life. In West Virginia and Louisiana, debates over income tax reductions and comprehensive tax reform are full of vigor. Other debates that bloomed earlier are now sett...

» Gas Taxes Increases Continue to Advance in the States
05/10/17 13:32 from Tax Justice Blog
As expected, 2017 has brought a flurry of action relating to state gasoline taxes. As of this writing, four states (California, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah) have enacted gas tax increases this year, bringing the total nu...

» Representative John Delaney's Bills Take the Wrong Approach on Funding Infrastructure
05/09/17 13:41 from Tax Justice Blog
Lawmakers across the political spectrum recognize the need for additional spending to maintain and upgrade our nation's transportation infrastructure. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there is a backlog of $836 billion in...

» Key Resources for Digging into the Trump and GOP Tax Reform Agenda
05/05/17 16:26 from Tax Justice Blog
President Donald Trump's tax sketch released in late April is the starting point for federal tax reform discussions. For now, the sketch includes too few details to properly analyze its revenue and distributional impacts, but based on li...

» EITC Victories Await in Both Hawaii and Montana
05/04/17 12:15 from Tax Justice Blog
Two states are on the verge of embracing a tried and tested anti-poverty policy, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). In the past two weeks, lawmakers in both Hawaii and Montana passed EITC legislation, which governors in both states are...

» Nebraska Vote Is Latest Defeat for Tax-Cut "Trigger" Gimmick
05/04/17 10:59 from Tax Justice Blog
Nebraska lawmakers had a long and contentious tax-cut debate this session but ultimately chose the wise path and rejected attempts to give a massive tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of the state's schools, other public services, low...

» Apple: A Case Study in Why a Tax Holiday for Offshore Cash is Indefensible
05/04/17 09:13 from Tax Justice Blog
The Apple corporation made waves earlier this week with its disclosure that its worldwide cash now exceeds $250 billion. Less noticed was a separate disclosure on Wednesday that the company's offshore cash now exceeds $239 billion, meani...

» State Rundown 5/3: Lawmakers See Value in State EITCs, Danger in Tax Cut Triggers
05/03/17 12:04 from Tax Justice Blog
This week, Kansas lawmakers found that they'll have to roll back Gov. Brownback's tax cuts and then some to adequately fund state needs. Nebraska legislators took notice of their southern neighbors' predicament and rejected a major tax c...

» Critical Anti-Tax Evasion Legislation Under Attack
05/02/17 14:23 from Tax Justice Blog
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - or FATCA - is a financial disclosure and transparency law designed to crack down on international tax evasion by U.S. taxpayers who hold financial assets offshore. This law, passed in 2010 as part...

» Time to Repeal State Deductions for Federal Income Taxes
05/01/17 15:34 from Tax Justice Blog
Three of the biggest needs facing state policymakers right now are new revenues to fund their priorities in the face of budget shortfalls and federal funding cuts, ways to insulate those revenue streams from unpredictable tax changes at ...

» The Migration of U.S. Jobs Exiting the Country
10/03/16 05:00 from Economy In Crisis

» China‚Äôs Plan to Colonize Us Is Working
09/30/16 05:00 from Economy In Crisis

» 6 Reasons We No Longer Control Our Own Country
09/28/16 05:00 from Economy In Crisis
We no longer control our own country! This is not an idle statement or a joke and few people, even our legislators, are aware of it.

» 3 Economic Myths
09/28/16 05:00 from Economy In Crisis

» Attention Legislators: Why Do We Need to Be in the WTO?
09/27/16 05:00 from Economy In Crisis
Membership in the WTO is of no benefit to us and it does us great harm. It has damaged our economy and caused us to forfeit our sovereignty.

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