'AI is very, very stupid,' says Google's AI leader, at least compared to humans - CNET (Nov 14, 2018 18:10)
Be aware of the limits of artificial intelligence, not just the hype.

Here's every Galaxy S phone since 2010 - CNET (Nov 14, 2018 18:07)
We look back on the Galaxy evolution over the last eight years.

Black Friday 2018 deals at Sam's Club: Vizio M-Series TVs, HP laptops and more - CNET (Nov 14, 2018 18:07)
The 55-inch Vizio M-Series for $450? That's among the best deals of the year.

11 female superheroes who deserve shows on Disney+ - CNET (Nov 14, 2018 18:07)
Loki getting his own show on the new streaming service is exciting, but here's a few su...

Get off social media after a half hour and you might be happier - CNET (Nov 14, 2018 17:59)
A new study recommends limiting your time on social media to around 30 minutes a day.

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