» Heavy Romans
12/12/19 03:01 from Rabbits In My Basement
Another batch of A&A Middle Empire Romans done. 12 heavy infantry and 6 more archers plus a couple of commanders....

» Abuela Oretga
11/12/19 12:14 from The Wargaming Bear
The Granny is back and is certainly not a ghost…. Ok maybe she is close to the land of the dead than some of he...

» Sisters of the Order of the Holy Light
10/12/19 11:55 from The Wargaming Bear
Test scheme for sisters that I am currently having a look at. In no way is this the night lord scheme. No matter how ...

» M4A3 Sherman 105mm howitzer
09/12/19 16:40 from Demi Morgana's hobby log
Heyah, Not much motivates stronger to get the job done than painting contest.  Huzzah! \o/ In the previous post ...

» Yadu
09/12/19 12:15 from The Wargaming Bear
The white army continues, one day I may regret this choice…..think it was 3 weeks ago last Tuesday…

» Warzone Atlanta Pictures
06/12/19 22:47 from Sepulchre of Heroes

» Vorax
04/12/19 12:22 from The Wargaming Bear
Say hello to my take on the Vorax.. Yes it is a little mental, but double rotor cannons, lightning gun and some flail...

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