» Forward Base: Habitat 5 WiP part 3
22/01/21 20:06 from Mini Swelter
  A quickie today as the resin/MDF hybrid vents get installed en masse. Lots of clamps! I think there were 9 sma...

» Discordian's 2021 Hobby Plans
22/01/21 12:00 from Sepulchre of Heroes

» A Hobbit Returns From War
22/01/21 01:46 from Rabbits In My Basement
  A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and a Great War  by Joseph Loconte 2015. I was delighted to receive this book for C...

» Mixed Stone Ruin Process
21/01/21 17:37 from Mini Swelter
 After working for a long time in the Greystone Village format I started thinking that I needed some other compl...

» Nurgle Knight
18/01/21 21:46 from The Wargaming Bear
Been ages since I have done such a big project but I loved it and lets be honest there is only one chaos god to worsh...

» Wargames To Go 21.1 - Vietnam War (part 1)
17/01/21 19:24 from Wargames To Go
Episode geeklist My next exploration through smaller wargames is about the Vietnam War. This is something that was al...

» Dive Bombers Get Targets
17/01/21 03:18 from Rabbits In My Basement
A happy package arrived on Friday to cheer me up after a frustrating work day.  These Tamiya 1/700 scale waterli...

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