» Haqqislam Phase 3 : The Nasmats
17/11/17 10:59 from TrueMiniWargamer.Com
Hi everyone, If there is one type of game profile in Haqqislam that I really have found useful are the Nasmats. ...

» The eyes!
15/11/17 22:13 from Mini Swelter
So... For several years I've been fidgeting with ways to see what I am painting better... I progressed through readin...

» State of the game - my thoughts on the factions so far...
15/11/17 19:00 from The Burning Eye
Greetings all! Back in July, I wrote a post  about my initial thoughts on 8th edition, and it was pretty well receive...

» List review - Dusk Knights 2000pts
14/11/17 19:00 from The Burning Eye
Hi guys, I thought I'd stick up a post covering the list that I took to Never Mind the BlogWars last weekend. Ove...

» Wyrd Games - Monday Preview
13/11/17 22:30 from GMorts Chaotica

» Black Library - Newsletter
13/11/17 21:30 from GMorts Chaotica

» Modiphius Entertainment - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
13/11/17 20:30 from GMorts Chaotica

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