» ED-based geriatrics transition care nurse helps avoid hospital admissions
13/01/18 04:46 from Medical Research News Feed
When older adults arrive at a hospital's emergency department (ED), they may face unexpected challenges. For example, they may become less able to function independently.

» Synergy between two neurotrophic factors exerts beneficial effect in early phase of Parkinson’s disease
13/01/18 04:38 from Medical Research News Feed
Parkinson's disease is currently the second most widespread neurogenerative pathology. Current therapies are mainly of a replacement type and pose problems in the long term, so the challenge is to establish an early diagnosis and develop...

» Past exposures influence immune response in children with acute respiratory tract infections
13/01/18 04:31 from Medical Research News Feed
Acute respiratory tract infections (ARTI) are the leading global cause of death in early childhood, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

» Transcendental Meditation technique offers relief for veterans suffering from PTSD
13/01/18 04:23 from Medical Research News Feed
Veterans of the war in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder found significant relief from their symptoms as a result of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, ac...

» Stem cell transplant can effectively treat patients with rare autoimmune disease, study shows
13/01/18 04:19 from Medical Research News Feed
An unusual autoimmune disease that causes skin and lung damage can be treated effectively by stem cell transplant, a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine has found.

» Study identifies mechanisms underlying glucose-induced peripheral neuropathy
13/01/18 04:16 from Medical Research News Feed
New research by MDI Biological Laboratory scientist Sandra Rieger, Ph.D., and her team has demonstrated that an enzyme she had previously identified as playing a role in peripheral neuropathy induced by cancer chemotherapy also plays a r...

» Scarring of fat tissue in obese people can make weight loss more difficult
13/01/18 04:06 from Medical Research News Feed
The fat of obese people becomes distressed, scarred and inflamed, which can make weight loss more difficult, research at the University of Exeter has found.

» Study demonstrates best path to accurately diagnose hypertension in children or teens
13/01/18 03:59 from Medical Research News Feed
Nearly one-quarter of children and teens who had their blood pressure screened at a primary care appointment showed a reading in the hypertensive range, but less than half of those readings could be confirmed after the blood pressure was...

» Cardiologists succeed in localized cooling of the heart to limit damage from heart attack
13/01/18 03:21 from Medical Research News Feed
Cardiologists at the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven have succeeded in the localized cooling of the heart during a heart attack, a world first. By cooling part of the heart prior to and following angioplasty, the cardiologists believe th...

» Researchers discover new warning system in the immune defense
13/01/18 03:02 from Medical Research News Feed
Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden have discovered a previously unknown warning system that contributes to the body's immune system. Mitochondria in the white blood cells secrete a web of DNA fibers that raises the alarm.

» Asthma costs the US economy more than $80 billion per year
12/01/18 14:12 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Asthma costs the US economy more than $80 billion annually in medical expenses, missed work and school days and deaths, according to new research.

» Pregnant women in NC exposed to less secondhand nicotine after ‘smoking ban’
11/01/18 03:35 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
A new study has found pregnant women experienced less secondhand smoke exposure since the 2009 passage of the ‘smoking ban’ in North Carolina, which outlawed smoking inside public places such as bars and restaurants.

» Mexican migrant health access much lower after US border crossing
10/01/18 21:35 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Immigrants and migrants from Mexico had worse access to health care and insurance after they crossed the border into the US -- and it remained bad when they returned to Mexico again.

» Stigma continues to hamper response to opioid epidemic
10/01/18 17:02 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Efforts to reverse the nation's opioid epidemic remain beset by the stigma associated with drug use, a group of researchers write in a year-end review. The researchers emphasize the need for the American health care system to embrace med...

» Health Department IDs 10 outbreaks of foodborne illness using Yelp reviews since 2012
10/01/18 15:07 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
The NYC Health Department announced that since 2012, 10 outbreaks of foodborne illness were identified through a new computer system. Launched in 2012, the computer system tracks foodborne illnesses based on certain keywords that appear ...

» US childhood mortality rates have lagged behind other wealthy nations for the past 50 years
09/01/18 00:19 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
In a new study of childhood mortality rates between 1961 and 2010 in the United States and 19 economically similar countries, researchers report that while there's been overall improvement among all the countries, the U.S. has been slowe...

» Growing opioid epidemic forcing more children into foster care
08/01/18 21:12 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
The opioid crisis is causing serious consequences across the country. One of the biggest, illicit opioid abusers are neglecting their children, resulting in more kids being removed from their homes. A new study finds a direct correlation...

» Higher stress among minority and low-income populations can lead to health disparities, says report
08/01/18 15:13 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
People with low incomes and racial/ethnic minority populations experience greater levels of stress than their more affluent, white counterparts, which can lead to significant disparities in both mental and physical health that ultimately...

» Tobacco shops associated with crime in urban communities of color
06/01/18 15:34 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Tobacco shops, also known as smoke shops, may represent potential 'nuisance properties' in urban communities of color, a study has found. Nuisance properties are properties where unsafe activities affecting public health and safety occur...

» Working group proposes new regulations for stool transfers
05/01/18 19:25 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
A working group of human microbiome researchers and legal experts developed what they say is an improved regulatory process for fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) which will result in better outcomes for patients and could serve as a...

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