» Motor skill training may contribute to reading skills in obese children
20/03/18 14:50 from Medical Research News Feed
Excess body weight has been linked to poor academic performance in children in several previous studies. A new Finnish study now shows that a high body fat percentage is associated with poor reading skills in 6-8-year-old boys. However, ...

» Scientists uncover new answers to cell aging in children with rare, fatal disease
20/03/18 14:44 from Medical Research News Feed
In a recent paper published in Cell Reports, Saint Louis University researchers have uncovered new answers about why cells rapidly age in children with a rare and fatal disease.

» Researchers show how two cancer genes work together to trigger leukemia
20/03/18 14:06 from Medical Research News Feed
An international group of researchers led by Prof. Jan Cools of the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology have made a breakthrough in understanding the development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, an aggressive cancer of the blood.

» Study shows clear connection between cardiovascular fitness in middle age and dementia risk
20/03/18 14:03 from Medical Research News Feed
Women who have a high cardiovascular fitness in middle age have a risk of developing dementia when older that is almost 90 percent lower than among women in average physical condition, according to a study published in the journal Neurol...

» Adjuvant AC chemotherapy found to be effective in treating HRD-positive breast cancer patients
20/03/18 13:43 from Medical Research News Feed
People with tough-to-treat triple negative breast cancer, whose tumors also don't allow for double-strand DNA repair, fare better when treated with a common adjuvant breast cancer chemotherapy combination, according to results from a SWO...

» Weight loss surgery widely underutilized among young patients with severe obesity
20/03/18 13:35 from Medical Research News Feed
Among U.S. teenagers and young adults with severe obesity, a new study finds that only a small percentage undergo weight loss surgery, even though it is broadly considered the most effective long-term weight loss therapy.

» Study shows benefits of hair loss drug in improving cognitive function and vascular health
20/03/18 13:31 from Medical Research News Feed
Minoxidil, a popular drug used on the scalp to treat hair loss, might improve blood flow to the brain, lower blood pressure and increase elasticity in the blood vessels if taken in an oral form, according to a new study in mice.

» Music therapy helps treat combat-related psychological injuries in military personnel
20/03/18 13:12 from Medical Research News Feed
A new paper published in Music Therapy Perspectives examines the importance of music therapy in military healthcare.

» HORIBA's Microsemi CRP analyzer improves quality of care in emergency pediatric units, study shows
20/03/18 11:22 from Medical Research News Feed
HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical announces that in a study recently undertaken and published as a case study by the Oxford Academic Health Science Network, its Microsemi CRP point-of-care (POC) analyzer was found to enable more rapid clinical deci...

» Robocall increases diabetic retinopathy screening rates among poor minorities
20/03/18 05:22 from Medical Research News Feed
Automated reminder calls may be an effective tool to improve screening for diabetic eye disease among low-income minority patients, especially African Americans, a new study finds. The study results will be presented Monday at ENDO 2018,...

» Severe war injuries and PTSD can impact hypertension risk
19/03/18 13:07 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
US service members severely injured in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars or diagnosed with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) face a greater risk of high blood pressure. Injury severity and PTSD were each independently associated with an in...

» New report examines scientific evidence on safety and quality of abortion care in US
16/03/18 19:38 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
While legal abortions in the US are safe, the likelihood that women will receive the type of abortion services that best meet their needs varies considerably depending on where they live, says a new report from the National Academies of ...

» E-cigarettes may be more harmful than beneficial, according to evidence-based research
14/03/18 18:50 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
A new study finds that e-cigarette use could do more harm than good by substantially increasing the number of adolescents and young adults who eventually become cigarette smokers and marginally decreasing the number of adult cigarette sm...

» Key drivers of high US healthcare spending identified
13/03/18 15:35 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
The major drivers of high healthcare costs in the US appear to be higher prices for nearly everything -- from physician and hospital services to diagnostic tests to pharmaceuticals -- and administrative complexity.

» How common is food insecurity among older adults?
08/03/18 19:32 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Food insecurity occurs when people lack access to food or go hungry due to poverty or other challenges. It remains a serious problem for many older adults. Recently, a research team from the Institute for Health Research, Kaiser Permanen...

» Big tobacco is targeting the world's most vulnerable to increase profits, report finds
08/03/18 13:55 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
A new report says the tobacco industry is increasingly targeting vulnerable populations in emerging markets, such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

» Estimating lives saved by England's NHS Health Check program
06/03/18 19:16 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
The NHS Health Check program is estimated to prevent around 300 premature deaths and results in more people living free of cardiovascular disease in England each year, according to a new study. Feasible changes in the delivery of the pro...

» Strong relationships in midlife may offset health risks for victims of childhood abuse
05/03/18 18:06 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
Research has linked childhood abuse to many adverse health outcomes in adulthood, including premature mortality, but according to new research, supportive relationships in midlife can partly compensate for the mortality risks linked to c...

» New national guideline sets out best practices for treating opioid addiction
05/03/18 14:30 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
A new guideline for managing opioid use disorders lays out the optimal strategies for the treatment of opioid addiction, including recommending opioid agonist treatment with buprenorphine-naloxone as the preferred first-line treatment. T...

» Planning for smallpox outbreak must consider immunosuppression
03/03/18 14:03 from Public Health News -- ScienceDaily
New research reveals that the number of people living with weakened immune systems must be examined when planning for the real risk of smallpox re-emerging in the world. The research poses a warning after Canadian scientists last year cr...

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