DLUK - Websites Converting to Responsive Design 24 Jul 2015
Datalite UK Ltd is embarking on a major project to convert its websites to Responsive Design. What this means that websites will be tailored according to the device viewed on, whether mobile phone, tablet PC, and of course desktop computer. This is quite an extensive task and will be undertaken on a progressive basis. Work has already started on the home page of DLUK's main website.
CRAZY NEW EU VAT REGULATIONS - Supply of Digital Products 22 Jan 2015
Regret that due to crazy European Union inspired new VAT regulations effective from January 2015 that Datalite UK Ltd trading as 'DAYBORN' is no longer able to offer the 'Advance Copy' option to our customers. This is because this product is classified as a digital product, and complicated and virtually impossible (if not actually impossible) to implement EU VAT rules come into force. This bureaucractic nightmare would mean multi EU country VAT returns, privacy issues (storing customer details contrary to data protection acts), impossible customer location verification etc. It is with regret that it is simpler and more profitable simply to discontinue offering the Advance Copy product. A note has been posted on our 'Options' page:- Sorry, but our advance copy service as a digital product falls under complex and extremely bureaucratic new European Union VAT laws introduced January 2015. As a result it is no longer possible to offer this product to EU (Non UK customers). Furthermore though we are already UK VAT registered, due to EU discrimination laws, we are additionally unable to offer this product to UK, or even to Outside EU customers.
DELIVERY COURIER CITYLINK - Gone Into Administration 27 Dec 2014
On Christmas Eve we heard the sad news that the courier company CityLink had gone into administration. We at Datalite UK Ltd are a customer of CityLink and will likely need to make alternative courier arrangements. However, our thoughts are primarily with the staff of CityLink and the devastation this news would have brought to them and their families, particularly poignant as the news was announced on Christmas Eve. CityLink invariably provided us with a good service, and we wish all the best for the Isle of Wight depot staff and drivers. Regarding our customers, luckily we did not make any CityLink despatches on Christmas Eve - this has always been our company's policy to avoid packages being stored in depot for an extended period over the Christmas holiday. Therefore none of our customers parcels should be caught in limbo. Alternative couriers will be sought and used for order placed during the Christmas period.
DLUK - Christmas and New Year Arrangements 24 Dec 2014
Datalite UK Ltd will be closed over some of the Christmas and New Year Period. Namely from Christmas Eve 24th December 2014 to 28th Sunday 2014. A limited service with some postal and courier despatches will be available 29th and 30th December 2014. The company will be fully opened from Monday 5th January 2015. Datalite wishes all its valued customers and suppliers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
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