» Open source viewer sharing all city's geospatial data can run on Raspberry Pi
19/03/18 18:27 from Between the Poles
Locations of Cross Section surveyors' notebooks At GITA 2018 in Phoenix, Bob Basques, GIS Systems Developer at the City of St Paul, described a system called COMPASS he and his team have developed that provides a shared, easy to use...

» 5...4...3...2...1 Ignition - Launch SpaceX in 3D
17/03/18 17:50 from Google Maps Mania

» The Hate Crime Map of India
17/03/18 10:34 from Google Maps Mania

» Free Map Backgrounds for Your Phone
16/03/18 19:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Deindustrialization & Population Decline
16/03/18 17:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Wandering greenhouse gas
16/03/18 16:11 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
On the seafloor of the shallow coastal regions north of Siberia, microorganisms produce methane when they break down plant remains. If this greenhouse gas finds its way into the water, it can also become trapped in the sea ice that forms...

» The Sounds of Istanbul & London
16/03/18 14:54 from Google Maps Mania

» Reefs help protect vulnerable Caribbean fish from climate change
16/03/18 14:03 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
New research suggests that larger reef areas may help protect the Caribbean's coral reef fish communities from the impacts of ocean warming.

» Ending overfishing would stop the population declines of endangered bycatch species about half the time
15/03/18 19:54 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A study finds that ending overfishing would stop the population declines of endangered bycatch species about half the time.

» America's Quietest & Most Scenic Roads
15/03/18 19:30 from Google Maps Mania

» The Secrets of the Sea Revealed
15/03/18 17:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Microplastics in rivers
15/03/18 17:08 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
To what extent are Germany's rivers contaminated by microplastics? A new study provides some specific clues for the first time. Between 2014 and 2017, a research group gathered and analyzed water samples from 22 rivers, mainly in the cat...

» Synchronized Street Views of the World
15/03/18 15:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Half a degree more global warming could flood out 5 million more people
15/03/18 15:06 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A new study finds that by 2150, the seemingly small difference between a global temperature increase of 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius would mean the permanent inundation of lands currently home to about 5 million people, including 60,000 w...

» Pi Day on Planet Earth
14/03/18 21:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Mapping the Last Ice Age
14/03/18 19:30 from Google Maps Mania

» 'Active protection' needed to help Angola's threatened elephants
14/03/18 18:50 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A new study of African savannah elephant populations in Angola by wildlife ecologists reports today that though the population seemed to be recovering after the war ended there, that trend has now reversed, underlining 'the need to be vi...

» Coral reef experiment shows: Acidification from carbon dioxide slows growth
14/03/18 18:50 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Ocean acidification will severely impair coral reef growth before the end of the century if carbon dioxide emissions continue unchecked. The paper represents the first ocean acidification experiment in which seawater was made artificiall...

» Marine ecologists study the effects of giant kelp on groups of organisms in the underwater forest ecosystem
14/03/18 18:49 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
When British naturalist Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he took notice of the giant kelp forests ringing the islands. He believed that if those forests were destroyed, a significant number of species would be lo...

» Climatologists render skillful predictions of drought and food insecurity that help avert famine
14/03/18 18:49 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Last year, 81 million people worldwide experienced severe food insecurity. About 80 percent of them live in Africa. While much of that food insecurity relates to civil war and violence in places like South Sudan and Nigeria, a good porti...

» Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists
14/03/18 18:49 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Citizen scientists, satellites and researchers solve the mystery of new purple lights in the sky. The lights, called STEVE, provide scientists insight into Earth's magnetic field.

» Greenland glaciers' varied vulnerability to melting
14/03/18 18:49 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Using data from NASA missions observing Earth, researchers have created new maps of the bed topography beneath a score of glaciers in southeast Greenland, thereby gaining a much better understanding of why some are undergoing rapid retre...

» Hand Drawn Polygons for Leaflet
14/03/18 17:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Underwater volcano behavior captured by timely scientific expedition
14/03/18 14:20 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers got a rare opportunity to study an underwater volcano in the Caribbean when it erupted while they were surveying the area.

» Mountains become islands: Ecological dangers of increasing land use in East Africa
14/03/18 13:28 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
The mountains of East Africa are a treasure trove of biodiversity. However, their ecosystems may be at a higher risk than previously realized. Scientists have discovered that Mount Kilimanjaro is turning into an "ecological island". Agri...

» Exceptionally large amount of winter snow in Northern Hemisphere this year
14/03/18 13:27 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
The new Arctic Now product shows with one picture the extent of the area in the Northern Hemisphere currently covered by ice and snow. This kind of information, which shows the accurate state of the Arctic, becomes increasingly important...

» Chain reaction of fast-draining lakes poses new risk for Greenland ice sheet
14/03/18 13:23 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A growing network of lakes on the Greenland ice sheet has been found to drain in a chain reaction that speeds up the flow of the ice sheet, threatening its stability.

» Climate change risk for half of plant and animal species in biodiversity hotspots
14/03/18 02:55 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Up to half of plant and animal species in the world's most naturally rich areas, such as the Amazon and the Galapagos, could face local extinction by the turn of the century due to climate change if carbon emissions continue to rise unch...

» Mapping Student Debt
13/03/18 19:30 from Google Maps Mania

» A starfish cold case reopens, climate change remains suspect
13/03/18 19:21 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
As ocean temperatures rise and oceanic diseases proliferate, species like sea stars struggle to survive, and scientists are looking for underlying causes. To bring clarity to the sea star disease problem, the scientists propose a new, br...

» The Rise and Fall of American Cities
13/03/18 17:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Warm Arctic means colder, snowier winters in northeastern US, study says
13/03/18 17:06 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists have linked the frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States to Arctic temperatures.

» How much snow accumulates in North America each year? More than scientists thought
13/03/18 15:34 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists have revised an estimate of snow volume for the entire continent, and they've discovered that snow accumulation in a typical year is 50 percent higher than previously thought. Researchersplace the yearly estimate at about 1,20...

» Warm summers could weaken ocean circulation
13/03/18 15:34 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Deep convection in the North Atlantic is one of the key components of the large-scale ocean circulation. Based on long-term observations, scientists have now demonstrated the influence of increased surface freshening in summer on convect...

» European Population Density
13/03/18 15:30 from Google Maps Mania

» French national initiative to map all urban subsurface critical infrastructure by 2019
13/03/18 15:24 from Between the Poles
I have blogged previously about a French presidential decree in 2012 that mandated that all of France's critical underground utility infrastructure must be mapped in 3D to an accuracy of 40 cm (about 16 inches). Critical infrastructure a...

» Ash from dinosaur-era volcanoes linked with shale oil, gas
13/03/18 14:17 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Nutrient-rich ash from an enormous flare-up of volcanic eruptions toward the end of the dinosaurs' reign kicked off a chain of events that led to the formation of shale gas and oil fields from Texas to Montana.

» Color-changing hogfish 'sees' with its skin
13/03/18 00:16 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
The hogfish can go from white to reddish in milliseconds as it adjusts to shifting conditions in the ocean. Scientists have long suspected that animals with quick-changing colors don't just rely on their eyes to tune their appearance to ...

» First-annual sea-level report cards
12/03/18 19:54 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers are launching new web-based 'report cards' to monitor and forecast changes in sea level at 32 localities along the US coastline from Maine to Alaska. They plan to update the report cards in January of each year, with projecti...

» Mapping The Irish Famine
12/03/18 15:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Early warning system for deadly amphibian pathogen
12/03/18 14:40 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Environmental DNA is a new technology that detects telltale bits of genetic material that living creatures shed into their environment. Scientists demonstrate for the first time that it can be used to detect the presence of a deadly path...

» A Medieval Interactive Map of Britain
12/03/18 13:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Citizen science birding data passes scientific muster
12/03/18 12:51 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Biologists report that eBird observations match trends in bird species populations measured by US government surveys to within 0.4 percent.

» Japan's National Crime Map
12/03/18 09:27 from Google Maps Mania

» The Size of Australia's Land Clearing
11/03/18 22:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Anti-Muslim Activities in the USA
10/03/18 18:30 from Google Maps Mania

» The European Drug Use Map
10/03/18 14:00 from Google Maps Mania

» West Coast waters returning to normal but salmon catches lagging
09/03/18 22:06 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Ocean conditions off most of the US West Coast are returning roughly to average, after an extreme marine heat wave from about 2014 to 2016 disrupted the California Current Ecosystem and shifted many species beyond their traditional range...

» Experiment sheds new light on prehistoric ocean conditions
09/03/18 17:52 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
An international research team modeled the prehistoric ocean to study the reduction of iron. The team's findings may reinterpret the conditions under which iron-rich sedimentary rock was formed.

» The Dog Map Dot Map
09/03/18 17:14 from Google Maps Mania

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