» Low cost sensor enables citizen scientists to measure and share urban air pollution data over the web
18/05/18 16:31 from Between the Poles
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than seven million deaths every year are linked to air pollution exposure from household and ambient (outdoor) air pollution. But in spite of these statistics the average city has o...

» Virtual reference networks workshop
18/05/18 15:05 from Between the Poles
Speaker lineup Canadian Geodetic Survey Tools and Services for Accurate Positioning Brian Donahue, Geodetic Survey Division, Natural Resources Canada TopNET Live – GNSS Survey Grade Corrections Where and When You Want Jonathon Ball, Infr...

» Open developer-friendly standard for querying satellite imagery
17/05/18 16:04 from Between the Poles
One of the things that is required to make the vast quantity of satellite imagery easily searchable is a common way to query satellite data. The SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog, known as STAC, is an open specification that came about when...

» Enabling the rest of us to find actionable information in huge volumes of satellite data
16/05/18 16:43 from Between the Poles
There is a huge volume of satellite imagery that is being captured and has been captured over the past couple of decades. The challenge is to automatically find objects such as ships, trees, buildings, or containers in this vast amount...

» How much does it cost to run a FOSS4G conference ?
15/05/18 11:53 from Between the Poles
Since the formation of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGEO) in 2006, there has been an annual FOSS4G event that brings together open source geospatial developers, users and supporters from around the world. The first event in La...

» Extensive use of geospatial open source software by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
14/05/18 19:54 from Between the Poles
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGIA) is a U.S. Government intelligence agency and Department of Defence combat support agency. But it also provides support for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. At FoSS4GNA to day in St....

» Time Travel Switzerland
10/05/18 14:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Tracking Cuckoos to Africa
10/05/18 12:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Tiny fossils unlock clues to Earth's climate half a billion years ago
09/05/18 22:55 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists have quantified the temperature of Earth's oceans over half a billion years ago by combining fossil data and climate models.

» A small sea as a model region for the global coastal ocean
09/05/18 20:27 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Warming, acidification, eutrophication, the loss of oxygen -- examples of major changes being observed or expected for the future in coastal zones around the world. These processes are occurring in the Baltic Sea at a much faster pace th...

» New York - Hour by Hour
09/05/18 16:30 from Google Maps Mania

» The Dying Dead Sea
09/05/18 14:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Powerful hurricanes strengthen faster now than 30 years ago
09/05/18 12:19 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Hurricanes that intensify rapidly -- a characteristic of almost all powerful hurricanes -- do so more strongly and quickly now than they did 30 years ago, according to a new study. The phenomenon is due largely to a climate cycle known a...

» Climate change threatens Marine Protected Areas
08/05/18 21:09 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
New research found that most marine life in Marine Protected Areas will not be able to tolerate warming ocean temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The study found that with continued 'business-as-usual' emissions, the protect...

» Wikipedia's Languages Mapped
08/05/18 18:30 from Google Maps Mania

» An Interactive Map of 1.7 Billion Stars
08/05/18 16:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Bird migration strategies revealed
08/05/18 15:17 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Using weather surveillance radar and citizen-science data, researchers are learning how migratory birds return to their breeding grounds in North America each spring with near-pinpoint accuracy.

» China to London by Train
08/05/18 14:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Carbon satellite to serve as an important tool for politicians and climate change experts
08/05/18 14:21 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A new satellite that measures and provides detailed carbon balance information is one of the most important new tools in carbon measurement since infrared light. The researchers expect the satellite to be a valuable tool for the UN's wor...

» Scientists dive into museum collections to reveal the invasion route of a small crustacean
08/05/18 13:07 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
While studies on biological invasions tend to focus on new records, two researchers went on to clarify a biological invasion at the Atlantic European coast. It turned out that a non-native crustacean has established its population 24 yea...

» 'Snowball Earth' resulted from plate tectonics
07/05/18 19:31 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
About 700 million years ago, the Earth experienced unusual episodes of global cooling that geologists refer to as 'Snowball Earth.' Geologists now suggest that those major climate changes can be linked to one thing: the advent of plate t...

» Earth's orbital changes have influenced climate, life forms for at least 215 million years
07/05/18 19:31 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Every 405,000 years, gravitational tugs from Jupiter and Venus slightly elongate Earth's orbit, an amazingly consistent pattern that has influenced our planet's climate for at least 215 million years and allows scientists to more precise...

» Importing food damages domestic environment
07/05/18 19:30 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Trees falling as fragile forests become cropland is a visual shorthand for the environmental costs exporting countries pay to meet lucrative global demands for food. Yet a new study reveals a counterintuitive truth: Importing food also d...

» Alligators on the beach? Killer whales in rivers? Get used to it
07/05/18 17:46 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Sightings of alligators and other large predators in places where conventional wisdom says they 'shouldn't be' have increased in recent years, in large part because local populations, once hunted to near-extinction, are rebounding. A new...

» Maps of Loving Kindness
07/05/18 16:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Global tourism carbon footprint quantified in world first
07/05/18 15:19 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
The world's tourism footprint has been quantified across the supply chain, with the carbon-intensive industry revealed as a significant and growing contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Small islands attract a disproportionate s...

» Novel scientific method to derive water quality criteria of metals
07/05/18 15:18 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Increasing contamination of marine ecosystems by metals such as mercury, cadmium, chromium and nickel has been a global environmental concern, because elevated concentrations of metals can pose hazards to marine organisms, and humans who...

» Measuring snow persistence can help predict streamflow
07/05/18 15:18 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A team of researchers found that snow persistence can be used to map patterns of annual streamflow in dry parts of the western United States.

» People Not Borders
07/05/18 14:30 from Google Maps Mania

» New evidence that bullfrogs are to blame for deadly fungus outbreaks in western US
07/05/18 12:48 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
In the 1890s, settlers crossed the Rocky Mountains seeking new opportunities -- and bearing frogs. A new study draws a link between that introduction of American bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) to the western half of the United States with ...

» Where People Live
07/05/18 12:30 from Google Maps Mania

» The Merpeople Sightings Map
07/05/18 12:30 from Google Maps Mania

» Impacts of windfarm construction on harbor porpoises
07/05/18 11:42 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists from Germany, Denmark and the UK have built a model tool to predict what happens to marine animals when exposed to noise from the construction and operation of wind farms at sea.

» First step toward developing a national infrastructure map to enable smart investments
05/05/18 17:06 from Between the Poles
In its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) assigned an overall grade of D+ to U.S. infrastructure. Addressing the problem of bringing national infrastructure up to a standard where it becomes a...

» High Speed Rail Destinations
05/05/18 15:54 from Google Maps Mania

» Ediacara Biota flourished in bacterially rich marine habitats
04/05/18 17:36 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have used biomarkers in ancient rocks to learn more about the environmental conditions and food sources that sustained the Ediacara Biota.

» May the forest be with you: GEDI moves toward launch to space station
04/05/18 16:23 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
GEDI (pronounced like 'Jedi,' of Star Wars fame) is a first-of-its-kind laser instrument designed to map the world's forests in 3-D from space. These measurements will help fill in critical gaps in scientists' understanding of how much c...

» How Segregated is Your Town?
04/05/18 16:20 from Google Maps Mania

» Greenhouse gas 'feedback loop' discovered in freshwater lakes
04/05/18 12:24 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Latest research finds plant debris in lake sediment affects methane emissions. The flourishing reed beds created by changing climates could threaten to double the already significant methane production of the world's northern lakes.

» European Building Heights
04/05/18 08:43 from Google Maps Mania

» Environmental quality research questions identified for Latin American region
03/05/18 18:29 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Using an innovative initiative, Latin American researchers from academia, government agencies and businesses leaders identified priority research questions for the region to tackle pressing environmental quality issues.

» Temperature swings to hit poor countries hardest
03/05/18 18:27 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Temperature fluctuations that are amplified by climate change will hit the world's poorest countries hardest, new research suggests.

» Global warming: Odd microbial partnerships via electrically conductive particles
03/05/18 18:27 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Human activities have contributed to global warming subsequently leading to increasing erosion of land. This results in conductive minerals being washed increasingly into water streams. The inflow of conductive particles can enable unusu...

» Mercury rising: Are the fish we eat toxic?
03/05/18 18:26 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers say industrial sea fishing may be exposing people in coastal and island nations to excessively high levels of mercury.

» The Diverse But Segregated States of America
03/05/18 15:51 from Google Maps Mania

» Weeds will take over from kelp in high CO2 oceans
03/05/18 14:17 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Weedy plants will thrive and displace long-lived, ecologically valuable kelp forests under forecast ocean acidification, new research shows. The researchers describe how kelp forests are displaced by weedy marine plants in high carbon di...

» Greggs vs Starbucks
03/05/18 13:00 from Google Maps Mania

» Are emperor penguins eating enough?
02/05/18 17:18 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
For emperor penguins waddling around a warming Antarctic, diminishing sea ice means less fish to eat. How the diets of these tuxedoed birds will hold up in the face of climate change is a big question scientists are grappling with.

» Global warming of 1.5°C or 2°C: The lower limit would reduce flood hazards
02/05/18 16:00 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
A research group has simulated the scenarios of limiting global warming to 2°C versus 1.5°C with global hydrological models. An important result: High flows and flood hazards will increase significantly over an average of 21 percent of g...

» Climate change will boost global lake evaporation -- with 'extreme' consequences
02/05/18 15:59 from Geography News -- ScienceDaily
Global lake evaporation will increase 16 percent by the end of the century, triggering, among other outcomes, stronger precipitation events, according to a new study. But the specific mechanisms that will drive that phenomenon are not qu...

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