» Bitcoin whale clusters pinpoint 3 key levels for BTC price rally to continue
24/10/20 05:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
New data from Whalemap reveals three whale clusters around $12K that should act as support and resistance areas for Bitcoin price in the short term.

» The unluckiest DeFi protocol? A personal take on bZX’s tumultuous year
24/10/20 04:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The platform got hacked not once, but thrice, putting the team through a trial by fire.

» Blockchain is still far from maturity, says China’s former IT minister
23/10/20 20:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
He doesn't seem to think China is that far ahead of the USA when it comes to blockchain development — at least for now.

» IPFS lead explains how malicious files are eliminated from its network
23/10/20 19:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Decentralized ecosystems still need a way to deal with nefarious files.

» Charles Hoskinson calls for a different kind of apoliticism than Brian Armstrong
23/10/20 18:24 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
While Hoskinson is not a fan of "the Orange Goblin", he still does not appreciate unsolicited pro-Biden emails from paid service providers.

» Attack of the bots! Paxful fights off thousands of automated threats
23/10/20 18:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bad actors allegedly tried to brute force their way into accounts belonging to Paxful's users in an ongoing series of attacks.

» South Korean gov't doesn't know who will protect crypto exchanges from Kim Jong-Un’s hackers
23/10/20 17:44 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Can anyone hold North Korea responsible for its attacks on the crypto industry?

» US AML watchdog wants info on all international crypto transactions over $250
23/10/20 17:38 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The proposed change would cut down FinCEN's longstanding $3,000 threshold.

» Bitcoin price rise to $500k is inevitable, Winklevoss twins say
23/10/20 17:03 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
They said that real adoption of the asset class "hasn't even started."

» Stablecoins went wild in the days before Bitcoin’s recent surge
23/10/20 16:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Retail investors are buying into Bitcoin, says CryptoQuant CEO.

» Price analysis 10/23: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BNB, LINK, DOT, LTC, ADA, BSV
23/10/20 15:13 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin is showing signs of profit booking, resulting in a slight downturn in altcoin prices.

» Novogratz calls PayPal’s Bitcoin news 'the shot heard around the world on Wall Street’
23/10/20 15:02 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
PayPal coming to crypto is big news for adoption, says the investor.

» Law Decoded: Government sandboxes, test beds and crypto compromises, Oct. 16-23
23/10/20 14:24 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
These week's news highlighted how governments test new regimes for cryptocurrency, which can be slow but are certainly some kind of progress.

» Anonymous devs behind a DeFi yield farm could steal $1B in 12 hours
23/10/20 12:42 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A lot of trust is required to put money in Harvest Finance.

» Digital ruble must ensure privacy, not anonymity: Russia’s central bank
23/10/20 12:39 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Russia’s digital ruble will not have the same level of anonymity as cash, says official.

» Bitcoin Is A Mature Asset
23/10/20 12:29 from Bitcoin Magazine
By comparing bitcoin’s available for trade vs. traditional markets, it’s apparent that the digital asset is much more mature than many think. The post Bitcoin Is A Mature Asset appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine .

» Video: Sync Bitcoin Faster! Assume UTXO
23/10/20 11:39 from Bitcoin Magazine
The potential future upgrade “Assume UTXO” offers new Bitcoin Core users a speedy solution to get up to speed with the network. The post Video: Sync Bitcoin Faster! Assume UTXO appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine .

» Why low latency is important for cryptocurrency exchanges, explained
23/10/20 11:05 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Low latency is essential for high-end cryptocurrency traders, but not all exchanges can offer it. We’ll explore why it’s important and where to find it.

» DeFi season could be over as Bitcoin and Ether pack bags for the moon
23/10/20 10:43 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin and Ether see a strong bullish sentiment, but confidence in DeFi starts to shake.

» Binance VC arm leads $1.3M raise for decentralized streaming protocol
23/10/20 10:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Decentralized music sharing service Audius has raised nearly $10 million so far.

» Quantstamp will audit the entire blockchain of a new DeFi project on Polkadot
23/10/20 09:02 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Quantstamp's audit is crucial to ensure a smoothly operating blockchain.

» Institutional frenzy: CME becomes 2nd biggest Bitcoin futures market
23/10/20 07:43 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) just became the second-biggest Bitcoin futures exchange in open interest behind OKEx, buoyed by rising institutional demand.

» Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda launches his own crypto
23/10/20 06:36 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto and blockchain matter for the global soccer community.

» Russia doesn’t need to be first with a digital currency, says state expert
23/10/20 05:45 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Russia is purportedly taking a fast-second strategy for the digital ruble.

» Michael Saylor claims the company will hold Bitcoin for ‘100 years’
23/10/20 02:45 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor plans to hold his Bitcoin for 100 years, describing it as “the world’s best collateral.”

» Traders on Paxful sell $16.2M of Bitcoin for discounted gift cards each week
23/10/20 02:03 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A new report has found almost half of all Bitcoin traded on the P2P exchange Paxful is exchanged for gift cards.

» WordPress content can now be timestamped on Ethereum
23/10/20 00:50 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A WordPress plugin allows publishers to timestamp content on Ethereum for immutability and copyright protection

» First ransomware attack in 2020 election hits voting infrastructure in Georgia
23/10/20 00:18 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Key voting infrastructure of a county in Georgia has been impacted by a ransomware attack targeting local government networks.

» Funds locked in DeFi surge $1B as analyst tips post-election bull run
22/10/20 23:47 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto collateral locked in DeFi protocols has surged to an all-time high over $12 billion.

» Ethereum set to become first blockchain to settle $1 trillion in one year
22/10/20 23:28 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Ethereum network is processing more than double the transaction volume of Bitcoin, and is on-course to process $1 trillion this year.

» Crypto P2P adoption in Middle East stymied by politics and tech
22/10/20 22:09 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Data published by Arcane Research suggests that major P2P crypto platforms have struggled to take off in Iran and Lebanon.

» Grayscale adds a ‘cool $300M’ in a day and $1B this week
22/10/20 21:35 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
“Added a cool $300 million in AUM in one day,” boasts Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert.

» 3 key metrics and disinterest from pro traders hint at Bitcoin price sell-off
22/10/20 20:53 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin price is chasing another 2020 high but top traders refusing to open longs is a bearish signal.

» PayPal rumored to be eying acquisition of crypto custodian BitGo
22/10/20 19:24 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Shortly after it was revealed PayPal will launch crypto payments in 2021, rumors are circulating that the payments giant is looking to purchase a digital asset custodian.

» PayPal’s crypto integration means Bitcoin could triple its user base
22/10/20 17:30 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
PayPal’s crypto integration may bode well for Bitcoin price as its user base could triple

» Not everyone in the crypto industry is thrilled about PayPal's recent news
22/10/20 17:22 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
PayPal’s Bitcoin integration is “probably not because they want to spur healthy adoption,” explained SatoshiLabs.

» Blockstack PBC changes its name to 'Hiro'
22/10/20 16:35 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The name is a reference to the protagonist in Neal Stephenson’s novel, Snowcrash.

» As Corporations Build Bitcoin Treasuries, We All Win
22/10/20 15:43 from Bitcoin Magazine
NVK, creator of bitcointreasuries.org, sees corporate bitcoin allocation as not just a good thing for these companies. It benefits every Bitcoiner. The post As Corporations Build Bitcoin Treasuries, We All Win appeared first on Bitcoin M...

» Top traders say Bitcoin log chart points to a 2017-style BTC bull run
22/10/20 15:29 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As Bitcoin price rises to new heights, top traders say the monthly and logarithmic chart signal that BTC is entering a new bull trend.

» For the first time since 2018 Bitcoin balances on exchanges fell below 2.5M
22/10/20 14:49 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin's balance on three popular exchanges decreased by 390k BTC over the past 9 months.

» Bitcoin market sentiment and fundamentals still favor BTC price bulls
22/10/20 14:15 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As Bitcoin briefly surpasses $13,000, its highest price for 2020, market sentiment and fundamentals both favor a prolonged bull market.

» Bitcoin now has a 7% chance of beating $20K highs in the next 2 months
22/10/20 12:40 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin odds are "repricing quickly," says Skew as one analyst highlights the current price pump's "organic" nature.

» Bitcoin officially flippens PayPal
22/10/20 12:31 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The asset has overtaken the network’s market cap following an announcement that PayPal intends to integrate crypto.

» ‘The cryptoruble is the future’ says Russian policymaker
22/10/20 12:24 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The parliament member claimed that there are no anti-blockchain voices in the Russian government

» PayPal Brings Users To Bitcoin, But Not The Bitcoin Network
22/10/20 12:05 from Bitcoin Magazine
The news that PayPal is giving more than 300 million users access to bitcoin is bullish. But it’s not empowering them to truly control their funds. The post PayPal Brings Users To Bitcoin, But Not The Bitcoin Network appeared first on Bi...

» Chainlink brings Verifiable Randomness to Ethereum mainnet, keeps other chains in sight
22/10/20 12:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Sergey Nazarov: there is a demand for Chainlink VRF from other chains like Matic.

» Bitcoin’s brief trip to $13.2K suggests profit-taking price correction
22/10/20 11:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Analysts expect a profit-taking pullback in the Bitcoin market after BTC hits $13,000 upon the PayPal news.

» Paul Tudor Jones says Bitcoin is 'like investing early in Apple or Google'
22/10/20 09:50 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
It scores highly among the possible options to counteract inflation.

» Siemens-backed blockchain energy platform showcases in Germany
22/10/20 09:42 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The German state-funded energy project uses DLT to enable transparent market transactions.

» DLT security standards may turn legacy industries into blockchain innovators
22/10/20 08:59 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Member-led working groups are helping define security standards for tokenized use cases.

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