» World’s Number Four Telecoms Provider Files Blockchain Contract Storage Paten
20/07/18 05:36 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The world’s fourth-largest telecoms provider could store and encrypt contracts using blockchain, according to a recent patent filing

» ‘I’d Like to See Us Test $5,000’: BitMEX CEO Pragmatic on Bitcoin Price Rise
20/07/18 05:22 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
If Bitcoin goes to $5,000 this year, it can also go to $50,000 by year’s end, says BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes

» Korea’s Financial Regulator Will Establish a Positive Cryptocurrency Policy Body
20/07/18 04:55 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
South Korea’s primary financial regulator will establish a new policy-making body centered on nurturing Korea’s fintech industry with a specific focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) i...

» The 'Dark DAO' Threat: Vote Vulnerability Could Undermine Crypto Elections
20/07/18 04:00 from CoinDesk
According to researchers at Cornell, blockchains utilizing on-chain voting – such as EOS and Tezos – are vulnerable to certain vote buying attacks.

» Vietnam’s Central Bank Approves Call to Suspend Import of Cryptocurrency Miners
20/07/18 03:56 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Vietnam is closing in on a sweeping move to – temporarily – ban the import of ASIC cryptocurrency mining equipment after the central bank approved the proposed plan. The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the country’s central bank, is in agre...

» UK Begins Research on Law Reform for Use of Blockchain Smart Contracts
20/07/18 02:00 from CoinDesk
The U.K. Law Commission has launched research looking at reforms that would clarify the use of blockchain-based smart contracts under British law.

» Huobi Launches Huobi Cloud for Establishing and Operating Digital Assets Exchanges
19/07/18 22:39 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Huobi Group has launched the new Huobi Cloud platform to help partners build and operate of digital asset exchanges on top of Huobi’s existing platform

» Japan: Internal Affairs Minister Denies Involvement in Crypto-Related Gov’t Investigation
19/07/18 22:28 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Japan’s Internal Affairs minister has denied her participation in a government investigation into the operation of a unregistered crypto exchange

» Decentralized Recruitment Marketplace to Protect Workers From Inflation
19/07/18 22:05 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
An Australian startup has launched the beta of its decentralized marketplace for labor hiring. The company aims to protect workers from inflation and enhance transparency in wages #SPONSORED

» A Japanese Telecom Giant Wants to Use Blockchain to Store Contracts
19/07/18 22:00 from CoinDesk
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone is looking to invent a new contract agreements system based on blockchain technology.

» Encrypted Email Service Tutonata Tests Cryptocurrency For Payments
19/07/18 21:30 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Tutanota, a provider of an encrypted email service, has begun to accept donations in bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and monero in order to test payment processing using cryptocurrencies, the company announced in a blog post. The German fir...

» Chip Manufacturer Cuts Revenue Forecast Due to Weak Demand for Crypto Miners, Again
19/07/18 21:20 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Global semiconductor manufacturer TSMC has agained lowered its annual revenue forecast due to slowing demand from cryptocurrency miners

» Quebec Approves Energy Rate Hikes for Bitcoin Mining Firms
19/07/18 20:30 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Bitcoin mining firms looking to set up shop in Quebec will now have to pay more for electricity. This is after the energy regulator of the Canadian province, Régie de l’énergie, gave the region’s utility firm, Hydro-Quebec, the go-ahead ...

» Credit Rating Firm Backs $8 Million Fundraise for Crypto Alternative
19/07/18 20:00 from CoinDesk
A blockchain startup has raised $8 million in a seed funding round with a mission to develop a protocol to serve the unbanked.

» CFTC Issues New Warning on Utility Tokens & Other Cryptocurrencies
19/07/18 19:30 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has issued another warning to consumers, advising them to exercise caution and carry out comprehensive research before investing in any cryptocurrencies, including those adver...

» HSBC Global Head of Digital Says the Bank Is ‘Cautiously Looking’ at Crypto Investment
19/07/18 19:17 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
HSBC's Global Head Of Digital said that at this stage the bank does not recognize crypto as a genuine investment asset, but is “cautiously looking”

» A Basic Guide to the Digital Age: Breaking Down Congress’ Crypto Hearing
19/07/18 18:56 from Bitcoin Magazine
Yesterday, Congress addressed in two full hearings why it’s time to start taking a closer look at why and how digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, are impacting U.S. marketplaces. The following condensed information is a run-down ...

» Coinbase CEO Tops Rihanna in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List
19/07/18 18:35 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The cryptocurrency industry is now having a huge impact on contemporary culture, gaining recognition not only as a part of the financial industry but as a considerable cultural and economic force in its own right. If the latest 40 Under ...

» The State Bank of Vietnam Suspends Import of Crypto Mining Hardware
19/07/18 18:17 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The State Bank of Vietnam will suspend imports of cryptocurrency mining hardware to prevent the use of crypto as payment

» OKEx, Malta Stock Exchange Partner to Develop Security Token Trading Platform
19/07/18 17:40 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Malta continues to be at the forefront of the crypto space with OKEx, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announcing a partnership with the Malta Stock Exchange to create a new security token trading platform. The ...

» Congressman's Call for Crypto Ban Sparks Social Uproar
19/07/18 17:30 from CoinDesk
In the span of a few hours, it became Crypto Twitter vs U.S. Representative Brad Sherman.

» You Can't Ban Math: Crypto Unites to Call Out Clueless Congressman
19/07/18 17:30 from CoinDesk
In the span of a few hours, it became Crypto Twitter vs U.S. Representative Brad Sherman.

» Major Insurers Take the Plunge to Underwrite Risk in the Crypto Space
19/07/18 17:18 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Big-name insurers are increasingly offering crypto-specific coverage for those able to pay the premium, according to a Bloomberg report

» Dala Adds Stellar Blockchain to Ecosystem, Reveals Multi-Chain Strategy
19/07/18 17:07 from Bitcoin Magazine
Dala  has officially announced a new multi-chain strategy that will include Stellar , the technology behind the seventh largest cryptocurrency (lumens) by market cap. Dala is looking to create the most decentralized financial system avai...

» Barclays Seeks Twin Blockchain Patents for Banking Services
19/07/18 16:45 from CoinDesk
Barclays Bank proposed using blockchain to make various banking processes more efficient in a pair of patent applications.

» Billionaire Investor Says No One Wants to Buy Bitcoin, Market Shows Otherwise
19/07/18 16:45 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Ken Griffin, a billionaire hedge fund manager at Citadel, has said that not a single portfolio manager he knows is interested in the crypto market. At the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York, Griffin said: “I don’t have a singl...

» JPMorgan Wants to Use Blockchain to Issue ICO Tokens
19/07/18 15:42 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
American investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is pursuing a patent for a distributed system that uses blockchain technology to issue virtual depository receipts that sound suspiciously like initial coin offering (ICO) tokens. JPMorgan...

» It Took Just A Day for Tron's Founder to Win His Own Blockchain's Election
19/07/18 15:37 from CoinDesk
After announcing his candidacy just one day ago, Tron founder Justin Sun has already been elected to run a node in the network.

» Malta Stock Exchange Partners With OKEx to Launch Security Tokens Platform
19/07/18 15:19 from Bitcoin Magazine
The Maltese government is gradually building a global market for cryptocurrencies as it continues to assert itself as the world's blockchain island with crypto-friendly regulations . Thanks to such accommodating legislation, cryptocurren...

» Wall Street Exec Mike Novogratz: Crypto, Blockchain Mass Adoption Is ‘5 to 6 Years Away’
19/07/18 14:53 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Mike Novogratz has predicted that mass adoption of crypto and blockchain industry is coming no earlier than in “five to six years”

» Bermuda Is Quickly Gaining Favor as a Jurisdiction of Choice for Digital Assets
19/07/18 14:23 from Bitcoin Magazine
Bermuda is well known as a global center for financial services as the island operates the largest reinsurance market in the world. Now, Bermuda is aggressively diving into the fintech sector with two clear objectives: to promote the isl...

» Barclays Pursues Blockchain Patents to Create Digital Currency Network
19/07/18 14:12 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Barclays, the UK’s biggest bank, has applied for three U.S. patents that collectively outline a system that uses blockchain technology to combine the pseudonymity of cryptocurrency with the legacy financial system and its KYC/AML r...

» Malta Stock Exchange Inks Deals to Build Security Token Exchanges
19/07/18 14:00 from CoinDesk
A new arm of the Malta Stock Exchange is partnering with Neufund to launch a stock exchange for tokenized securities and crypto assets.

» Institutional Investors Are in Love With Bitcoin, Grayscale Report Reveals
19/07/18 13:52 from Bitcoin Magazine
In its recent Digital Asset Investment Report , Grayscale Investments LLC, an investment company that specializes in cryptocurrency funds, revealed that it has raised $250 million through new asset investments in this year alone. The inv...

» Barclays Files Two Digital Currency and Blockchain Patents with U.S. Patent Office
19/07/18 13:42 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Barclays has filed two patent applications relating to the transfer of digital currency and blockchain, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today

» Coinbase Tokenized Securities Approval: U-Turn or Just a Matter of Time?
19/07/18 13:30 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Despite having to retract last week’s approval statement, is it just a matter of time until Coinbase gets approval to list tokenized securities?

» World's Top Four Auditors Join Taiwan-Led Trial for Blockchain Fiscal Audit System
19/07/18 13:18 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The world's four largest auditing firms will work with 20 Taiwanese banks to test a blockchain solution for auditing interim financial reports

» Bitcoin Rally Converts Staunch Bear, Sees Price Breaking Above US$8,000
19/07/18 13:11 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Whether it is FOMO or a conscious judgment, bitcoin bears seem to be fastening their seatbelts for a ride to the moon too. According to Boris Schlossberg, the managing director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management, the fact that bitcoin...

» Ethereum Scaling Solution Raiden Releases Last Testnet Before Launch
19/07/18 13:00 from CoinDesk
The team behind the Raiden, which creates payment channels to help ethereum scale, has launched the final testnet before the tech goes live.

» Crypto Markets Experience Slight Dip But Still Hold Weekly Gains
19/07/18 12:43 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto markets are slighting bouncing around today but still holding relatively stable weekly gains

» Report: Blockchain Spending to Hit Nearly $12 Billion By 2022
19/07/18 12:10 from CoinDesk
Spending on blockchain solutions is forecasted to increase annually at a growth rate of close to 75 percent through 2022, according to a new report.

» Fmr. Trump Advisor Steve Bannon is Building a Utility Token for the Global Populist Movement
19/07/18 12:09 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon may no longer have an office down the hall from the U.S. president, but he still thinks he can have a profound impact on the world — using cryptocurrency. Bannon, who served as White House Chief St...

» Fmr. Trump Advisor Steve Bannon is Building a Utility Token Cryptocurrency
19/07/18 12:01 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon may no longer have an office down the hall from the U.S. president, but he still thinks he can have a profound impact on the world — using cryptocurrency. Bannon, who served as White House Chief St...

» Enigma’s Guy Zyskind: ‘I’m Pro-Whatever Kind of Blockchain Fits Decentralization Ideals’
19/07/18 11:41 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Meet Enigma’s Guy Zyskind and find out why he thinks most current blockchain protocols will not be around in 10 years, and why he wishes he had entered crypto back in 2010

» JPMorgan Files New Patent for Virtual Receipts on Distributed System
19/07/18 11:25 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
JPMorgan files new blockchain-based patent for the purposes of ownership tracking and transfer

» Bitcoin Will Prove It Never Had Any Substance, Claims Billionaire Skeptic Howard Marks
19/07/18 11:05 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Billionaire Howard Marks, the co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, said bitcoin will eventually fizzle out and prove once and for all that it never had any substance. Marks, whose net worth tops $1.9 billion, made the scathing remar...

» Ex-Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Is Making a Cryptocurrency
19/07/18 11:05 from CoinDesk
Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, confirmed Wednesday that he is working on a cryptocurrency of his own.

» Singapore: Gov’t Owned CrimsonLogic Launches Global Cross-Border Blockchain Platform
19/07/18 10:23 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Southeast Asian support for blockchain continues from Singapore with release of new cross-border network

» US Consumer Finance Watchdog Opens Regulatory Sandbox to Blockchain
19/07/18 10:20 from CoinDesk
The CFPB is launching a regulatory sandbox to encourage innovation in new tech such as blockchain, acting head Mick Mulvaney announced Wednesday.

» Bitcoin Price Has Finally Bottomed: Digital Currency Group Founder Barry Silbert
19/07/18 10:06 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Seven months into a severe cryptocurrency market downturn, the bears have finally run out of steam, leaving the bitcoin price primed for a breakout. That’s according to Barry Silbert, founder of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), perhaps ...

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