» NYU Offers First Crypto Major in US, Sees Exponential Increase in Interest
19/09/18 19:50 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
New York University, a prestigious college found in 1831, has started to offer the first crypto major course in the US. Adjunct professor Andrew Hinkes told CBS New York in an interview that the institution is helping students understand...

» Coinbase Hires Former Fannie Mae Exec as New Chief Legal Officer
19/09/18 19:29 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto exchange Coinbase has hired former Fannie Mae executive Brian Brooks to lead its legal, compliance and government affairs

» ConsenSys Initiative Empowers Students to Use Blockchain for Social Good
19/09/18 18:55 from Bitcoin Magazine
ConsenSys Social Impact — a program designed to build blockchain-based solutions for global humanitarian issues — is partnering with MakerDAO and optiMize to launch a new Blockchain for Social Impact Incubator at the University of Michig...

» Hackers Nab $58,000 from Cryptocurrency Exchange by Trading Fake EOS Tokens
19/09/18 18:50 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Hackers were able to steal nearly $58,000 worth of cryptocurrency from the Newdex exchange by exploiting a vulnerability in the exchange, according to TheNextWeb. The hackers flooded the Newdex exchange with fake EOS tokens they created ...

» Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, IOTA: Price Analysis, September 19
19/09/18 18:17 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The crypto markets keep struggling amidst a similarly mixed outlook from the regulators – what do the charts tell us?

» Crypto Exchange Poloniex Dumps Eight Underperforming Coins
19/09/18 18:10 from Bitcoin Magazine
Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex is delisting eight coins: BitcoinDark (BTCD), Bitmark (BTM), Einsteinium , (EMC2), Gridcoin (GRC), NeosCoin (NEOS), PotCoin (POT), VeriCoin (VRC) and BitcoinPlus (XBC). The announcement was made today, Se...

» Newsflash: Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Hacked, $59 Million in Losses
19/09/18 18:01 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif was the victim of a major hack last week, local media sources have reported and the company has now confirmed. The hack, which occurred on Sept. 14 but was not discovered until Sept. 17, saw the hack...

» NY Crypto Exchange Report Bearish for Bitcoin ETF Plans
19/09/18 17:30 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
A new report drafted by the New York attorney general’s office (OAG) alleges that a significant number of cryptocurrency exchanges may be vulnerable to market manipulation, a finding that could prove ominous for hopes among investors tha...

» Bitcoin's Price Swings to Nearly $6,500 in Volatile Trading Hour
19/09/18 17:25 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin's volatility was on full display Wednesday when its price swung in a dramatic fashion.

» New Multibank-Backed Venture to Leverage Blockchain for Commodity Trading
19/09/18 17:12 from Bitcoin Magazine
A new venture involving institutional heavy hitters from across banking, trading and energy sectors is tapping into the Ethereum blockchain to settle commodity trades. Headquartered in Switzerland, the initiative called komgo SA brings t...

» Texas State Securities Board Hits Russian Hoaxers with Cease-and-Desist Orders
19/09/18 17:05 from Bitcoin Magazine
Texas Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles has issued emergency ordinances against three separate fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes linked to Russian scammers. The orders were issued on September 18, 2018, against DGBK Ltd., an offshor...

» Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked, $59 Million in Losses Reported
19/09/18 17:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
In a September 14 security breach, hackers reportedly stole $59 million worth of crypto from Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif

» Coinbase Hires Fannie Mae Executive as Chief Legal Officer
19/09/18 16:45 from CoinDesk
Coinbase has hired former Fannie Mae executive Brian Brooks as its new chief legal officer.

» Copyright on Blockchain, Explained
19/09/18 16:41 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
You may think that blockchain is the savior of copyright protection, but unfortunately, everything isn’t as clear cut as it may seem

» This Third-Party DApp Lets You Tokenize Your CryptoKitties
19/09/18 16:35 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
So you spent upwards of $100,000 to purchase one of the hottest digital felines on CryptoKitties — now what? That’s the question plaguing many users of CryptoKitties, which remains the most popular decentralized application (dApp) ...

» Bitcoin Core Developers Move to Fix Denial-of-Service Software Bug
19/09/18 16:01 from CoinDesk
An abnormally severe bug has been discovered in bitcoin's software, with possible ramifications for lightning users.

» Ethereum-Based Brave Already Considered as Viable Alternative to Chrome
19/09/18 15:35 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The go-to narrative for critics outside of the cryptocurrency space is to claim that decentralized systems and dApps have no active user bases. Ethereum-based Brave Browser is already being considered as a viable alternative to existing ...

» Europol: Bitcoin Remains Cybercriminals’ First Choice, But Privacy-Focused Alts Will Rise
19/09/18 15:25 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A new cybercrime report from Europol predicts cybercriminals will increasingly use anonymity-focused altcoins, even as Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto for now

» Huobi Joins Russian Financial Services Platform to Share Notes on Crypto Regulation
19/09/18 14:49 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As Huobi becomes a Russian innovation fund resident, the country works towards creating legal framework for crypto assets

» US Financial Giant PNC to Use Ripple Technology for International Payments
19/09/18 14:30 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
PNC, rated one of top ten U.S. banks, will use Ripple-powered xCurrent for business customers’ transactions

» New York Like an ‘Abusive, Controlling Ex’: Kraken CEO Jesse Powell
19/09/18 14:21 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Jesse Powell, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, has lobbed another bomb at the state of New York in regard to the latter’s stance toward the crypto industry and Kraken in particular. Writing on Twitter, Powell compared New York̵...

» Crypto Markets Hold Supporting Levels With Small Fluctuations, BTC Trades Around $6,300
19/09/18 14:15 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto markets hold supporting levels with some minor fluctuations, Bitcoin is trading around $6,300

» 3D Printed Gun Advocate Cody Wilson Charged With Child Sexual Assault
19/09/18 14:07 from CoinDesk
Cody Wilson, founder of the 3D printed gun company Defense Distributed and cryptocurrency advocate, has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

» Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Detections Up Almost 500 Percent in 2018: Report
19/09/18 13:45 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Researchers claim that a tool allegedly stolen from the NSA is behind a major uptick in crypto mining malware

» Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Stabilizes in $6200-$6400 Zone
19/09/18 13:20 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Bitcoin price on Wednesday consolidated sideways against the US Dollar, rangebound between two critical levels defined by $6,200 and $6,400. The BTC/USD kickstarted the day forming lows towards 6316-fiat. The early Asian trading session ...

» Summer Is Ending: Will Ethereum’s ERC-20 Pass the Governance to ERC-777?
19/09/18 13:20 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
An improved version of ERC-20: Recalling the promise given by an Ethereum developer Jordi Baylina to introduce the ERC-777 standard in summer

» Commodity Traders, Major Banks Back New Blockchain Platform
19/09/18 13:02 from CoinDesk
A group of commodity traders and financial institutions have unveiled a new blockchain venture.

» Abu Dhabi Regulator Calls for International Cryptocurrency Regulation Effort
19/09/18 12:50 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
An official from Abu Dhabi’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority has called for international crypto regulation

» Former Twitch Senior Vice President of Marketing Joins Crypto Startup Kin as CMO
19/09/18 12:40 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto startup Kin Ecosystem Foundation has appointed the former executive of Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch as chief marketing officer

» ‘More Ridiculous than Bitcoin’: Pot Stocks Go Parabolic as Crypto Markets Cool
19/09/18 12:15 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The cryptocurrency markets are nine months into a bear market, but the animal spirits that drove the bitcoin price to nearly $20,000 haven’t disappeared. Rather, it seems that they have found a new outlet — pot stocks. Pot Goes Boo...

» Europol Warns of Crypto Hacks and Mining Malware in Latest Report
19/09/18 12:00 from CoinDesk
Europol has warned against the rising threats of cryptocurrency hacks and mining malware in a new report.

» Crypto Future of E-Commerce Is in The Hands of Asian Players
19/09/18 11:45 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Here’s how Asia uses blockchain and stablecoins to become the most advanced region for e-commerce

» Top Ten US Bank Joins Ripple Blockchain RippleNet for Cross-Border Payments
19/09/18 11:26 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
PNC Bank, the 9th largest bank in the United States by assets, has joined Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network RippleNet in what is a noteworthy addition for the San Francisco-based fintech. With over $380 billion in assets, Pittsburg-...

» Startup Launches Blockchain Powered Electric Vehicles That Mine Cryptocurrency
19/09/18 11:25 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A green energy blockchain company in Singapore is developing a platform to rent electric vehicles that mine cryptocurrency #SPONSORED

» Texas Securities Watchdog Takes Action Against 3 Alleged Crypto Frauds
19/09/18 11:00 from CoinDesk
The Texas State Securities Board has taken emergency action against three crypto investment schemes it alleges are attempting to hoax local investors.

» Bitcoin Hasn’t Funded any Terror Attacks in Europe, Europol Report Reveals
19/09/18 10:34 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Bitcoin and similar digital assets were not used to fund any of the recent terror attacks in Europe, finds a Europol report that paints a clear picture of the contribution of cryptocurrencies to online crime. The 72-page long study [PDF]...

» US Banking Giant PNC Becomes Latest to Adopt Ripple's xCurrent
19/09/18 09:59 from CoinDesk
PNC Bank's Treasury Management division is to begin accepting cross-border transactions using Ripple's xCurrent product.

» ‘Not High-Performance’: Tradeshift CEO Prudent on Blockchain Supply Chain Potential
19/09/18 09:50 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Tradeshift CEO thinks supply chains cannot benefit from at-scale blockchain deployment in the technology’s current state

» Cryptocurrency Exchange OKCoin Expands U.S. Offerings with Five New Coins
19/09/18 09:49 from Bitcoin Magazine
Following a successful launch in California only a few months ago, the U.S. branch of cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin is adding five new coins to its listings. Those coins include Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Stellar lumens (XLM), Zcash (...

» 20% of Coinbase Trades are Made by the Cryptocurrency Exchange Itself
19/09/18 09:40 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
When trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, investors have little-to-no information about the person trading against them, that is, the person on the other side of their buy and sell orders. Subject to the geographic restrictions of the e...

» Binance Reveals Plan to Launch Crypto Exchanges on Almost Every Continent
19/09/18 09:25 from CoinDesk
Binance CEO and founder Zhao Changpeng announced an ambitious plan to build 5-10 fiat-to-crypto exchanges in the next year.

» Major Banks, Industry Players to Launch Blockchain-Based Commodities Platform
19/09/18 09:25 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Major global banks and industry players have launched a joint Swiss-based venture that will oversee a new blockchain-based platform for financing commodity trading

» Leading UK Port Operator Seeks to Improve Shipping Logistics via Blockchain
19/09/18 09:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
British port operator Associated British Ports to test blockchain as a solution for faster and more secure shipments

» US Regulator Acts Against Crypto Firm Falsely Claiming to Represent Coinbase, Cointelegraph
19/09/18 08:46 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Texas Securities Commission has issued an emergency cease and desist order against a Russian crypto firm that misappropriated Coinbase and Cointelegraph materials

» Proper Regulations Will Boost Confidence in Cryptocurrency Sector: Abu Dhabi Regulator
19/09/18 08:36 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The regulatory chief of Abu Dhabi’s international financial center and free zone has called for tighter regulations for cryptocurrency trading and ICOs while recognizing the growing global industry. Nearly a year after issuing its guidel...

» R3's Hearn and Brown Say Enterprise Blockchain's Day of Reckoning Is Here
19/09/18 08:00 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin apostate Mike Hearn and his R3 colleague Richard Gendal Brown view the enterprise blockchain game as, if not quite zero-sum, something close.

» Singapore’s Crypto Market Blooms as Korea’s Largest Exchange Moves In
19/09/18 07:51 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Dunamu, the parent company of South Korea’s largest crypto exchange Upbit, has officially announced the launch of Upbit Singapore, which will be fully operational by October. Upbit Singapore CEO Alex Kim explained in an official statemen...

» Singapore: Central Bank Refutes Fake Articles Claiming its Chairman Invested $1 Bln in BTC
19/09/18 07:43 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Fake news hoaxes claiming Singapore’s central bank chairman invested $1 billion in BTC draws formal response the bank

» Bitcoin Price Lacks Direction After Defense of $6,200
19/09/18 07:00 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin has again entered range-bound trading following a defense of $6,200 yesterday.

» Ripple Rises Again in 10% Jump , Bitcoin Volumes up 26% to $4 Billion
19/09/18 06:58 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) have surged by more than 10 percent in the past 24 hours while Bitcoin maintained stability, leading the recovery of the crypto market. Earlier this week, the valuation of the crypto market dropped to $190 ...

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