» South Korean Beachgoers Can Now Use Bitcoin to Pay for Services
08/08/20 21:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Haeundae Beach System in Busan is part of a pilot project that aims to offer crypto payment solutions to beachgoers in the summertime.

» Price Highs, Bull Runs, and Thieves: Bad Crypto News of the Week
08/08/20 20:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Check out this week’s Bad Crypto podcast.

» Massive Short Squeeze Prompts Chainlink (LINK) Price to Rally 52%
08/08/20 19:46 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A massive short squeeze in the futures market is the likely reason behind Chainlink (LINK) price surging by 52% on Saturday.

» Cryptocurrency Cards: An Unnecessary Solution That Should Be Stopped
08/08/20 19:30 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
It is high time for traditional financial institutions to see that the crypto industry has matured enough and does not possess high risks.

» Kava Labs Partners with BNB48 Club to Raise BNB DeFi Awareness
08/08/20 18:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Kava Labs partners with BNB48 Club to raise awareness of BNB DeFi opportunities.

» Real Estate Blockchain Firm Ubitquity to Build Tokenized Title Platform
08/08/20 17:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Real estate blockchain platform developer Ubitquity partners with Rainier Title to build a tokenized title application.

» Cryptocurrency News From Japan: August 2 - August 8 in Review
08/08/20 15:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Coincheck's CEO expressed optimism toward the company's upcoming shareholder meeting app, GMO Coin announced negative leverage trading fees and more headlined news from Japan this past week.

» Polish Financial Watchdog Impersonated by Crypto Scammers
08/08/20 14:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The PFSA warns scammers are asking people to send cryptos to verify a transaction’s legality before depositing them in a fake investment fund.

» Chinese State Grid Launches Blockchain-Based Blackout Insurance Policy
08/08/20 13:30 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Zhejiang province issued its first blackout insurance policy backed by a blockchain platform.

» Mobile DeFi and the Shift Toward Self-Sovereignty
08/08/20 13:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Decentralized technology is liberating yet intimidating to crypto-beginners. How can DeFi projects ease this transition for users?

» BTC and ETH Crypto Derivatives in Demand, Market Expected to Grow Further
08/08/20 12:42 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Options interest and volumes reach their all-time highs, with derivatives markets exploding as market sentiments remain bullish on BTC and ETH.

» Bitcoin is Almost as Big as Bank of America
08/08/20 11:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As crypto prices continue climbing, Bitcoin's market cap has almost reach par with Bank of America's market cap.

» The Price of Bitcoin Is Facing Its Final Resistance Zone Before $15K
08/08/20 10:41 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The price of Bitcoin has successfully tested a new support zone before the weekend but will it be enough to finally push above $12,000?

» Russia Is Set to Create a New Regime for Tokenized Securities
08/08/20 10:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The new Russian “crypto” law provides a regulatory regime for tokenized securities and has no regulation for cryptocurrencies.

» Richard Stallman: A Discussion on Freedom, Privacy & Cryptocurrencies
08/08/20 10:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Dr. Stallman spent most of his time advocating for free software, but nowadays, he has been adopting a critical stance on cryptocurrencies.

» Slow But Steady: FATF Review Highlights Crypto Exchanges’ Struggle to Meet AML Standards
08/08/20 09:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Compliance with FATF’s travel rule presents major technical difficulties, but the blockchain industry is best-equipped to overcome them.

» Title Token for Blockchain Estate Registry, Part 3
08/08/20 06:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Discussing cross-blockchain protocol that enables the use of ledgers in an interoperable bundle.

» Ransomware Attacks Demanding Crypto Are Unfortunately Here to Stay
08/08/20 03:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Ransomware attacks are increasingly becoming the norm as the world struggles with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

» Major South Korean Bank Joins the Crypto Custody Business
07/08/20 22:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
We’re suddenly seeing banks lining up to support crypto custody, and KB Kookmin Bank is looking to get in on the action.

» Bullish Bitcoin Price Trend Intact Even After BTC Retests $11.4K Support
07/08/20 21:48 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
After dropping 4.89% to confirm $11.4K as support, Bitcoin price is slowly making its way back toward $11.8K.

» Adam Back: Some ICOs Funded Useful Research Despite Being Unethical
07/08/20 19:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Adam Back admitted that some ICOs might have funded useful research, but still contends that they are deeply unethical.

» An Official North Dakota Cryptocurrency Could Be on the Horizon
07/08/20 17:09 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Following the early 2019 initiation of North Dakota's deep dive into blockchain use cases, a state representative who was a leader in the study, mentioned a future digital asset concept for the region.

» Law Decoded: Tech as an Arena for International Conflict, July 31–August 7
07/08/20 16:53 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As Trump clamps down on Chinese social media in the U.S., tech in general becomes subject to nationalism.

» OneCoin Co-Founder Escapes 90-Year Jail Term Following Court Settlement
07/08/20 16:37 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Konstantin Ignatov is probably breathing a sigh of relief today.

» OneCoin Founder’s Brother Is Dismissed From Civil Class Action
07/08/20 16:37 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Brother of OneCoin’s missing founder, Konstantin Ignatov is no longer one of key figures in a civil case brought by OneCoin victims.

» Monero’s Hashrate Experienced Its Largest Single Day Gains Ever
07/08/20 15:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Monero has experienced its biggest single day gain in hashrate since its creation back in 2014.

» Price Analysis 8/7: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, LINK, BNB, CRO
07/08/20 14:26 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin and altcoins might consolidate or correct marginally for a few days before a possible breakout to the upside.

» California's Attorney General Warns People to Be Wary of Crypto Scams
07/08/20 14:12 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
California authorities recently came out with a fresh cautionary statement on crypto crime.

» Ethereum Developers Discuss Potential Ways to Avoid ETC’s Fate
07/08/20 13:54 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
After a string of 51% attacks on Ethereum Classic, developers from its core chain rival, Ethereum, discuss ways of avoiding the same fate.

» No One Knows Why Binance.US Is Down Right Now
07/08/20 13:15 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Binance's U.S. trading platform has gone down unexpectedly.

» Bitcoin Price Briefly Crashes to $11.2K After US Jobs Data Disappoints
07/08/20 13:07 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The price of Bitcoin briefly crashed to $11,219 on Bitstamp after disappointing job data hit markets.

» 6 Questions for Paul Veradittakit of Pantera Capital
07/08/20 12:21 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
“I would love to invest into a consumer-facing application that could get blockchain-usage into the mainstream. Initially consumers wouldn’t know that blockchain is actually powering the application, thus removing the friction and educat...

» Iran One-Ups the United States? Tehran Seeks Crypto Mining Dominance
07/08/20 12:15 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Iran’s government OKs power plants mining crypto as the country moves forward with a national strategy for cryptocurrency mining.

» VeChain’s Latest Blockchain Application Makes Food Safer
07/08/20 11:18 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The VeChain Foundation announced a blockchain-based food safety solution based on its Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, ToolChain.

» Bitcoin Market ‘Much Different Now’ as New BTC Wallets Approach 2017 Highs
07/08/20 10:37 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
As the price of Bitcoin consolidates under a key resistance level, on-chain data show an optimistic trend.

» FINRA: An Unnecessary, Unqualified Digital Asset Regulator
07/08/20 09:42 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s new request for digital assets activities adds more confusion to the regulatory environment.

» Bitcoin Price Continues Rally, Positive Sentiment Is Off the Charts
07/08/20 09:20 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Since late July, positive tweets about Bitcoin have increased substantially, signifying growing interest in its price.

» Blockchain Energy Trading Pilot Using Bitcoin Sidechain Goes Live in LA
07/08/20 09:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A U.S. startup is setting up a blockchain energy trading pilot in Los Angeles to promote electric van sharing.

» Authorities Find Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farm in Kyrgyzstan Free Economic Zone
07/08/20 09:00 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Government authorities and executives at Free Economic Zone “Bishkek” are reportedly involved in running a large-scale illegal mining farm.

» Here’s What’s Actually Going on With the SEC and Republic’s STO
07/08/20 08:53 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Republic is trying to swap one SEC exemption for another to move its security token from the private to public markets.

» North Korea Reportedly Using Altcoins to Convert $1.5B in Stolen Funds to Cash
07/08/20 06:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
North Korean hackers are reportedly using untraceable altcoins to convert stolen cryptocurrencies into cash.

» Winklevoss: US Dollar Is Now a 'Funny Money' Endorsement of Bitcoin
07/08/20 05:13 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Coronavirus stimulus failures show just how irrelevant the dollar supply has become and this “a wakeup call” for those not looking at Bitcoin, Cameron Winklevoss argues.

» Winklevoss: US Dollar Is Now a ‘Funny Money’ Endorsement of Bitcoin
07/08/20 05:13 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Coronavirus stimulus failures show just how irrelevant the dollar supply has become and this “a wakeup call” for those not looking at Bitcoin, Cameron Winklevoss argues.

» 'Crypto Mom' SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce Voted in Until 2025
07/08/20 05:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Pierce’s successful confirmation was announced on Aug. 6 in a statement from SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and fellow Commissioners.

» ‘Crypto Mom’ SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce Voted in Until 2025
07/08/20 05:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Pierce’s successful confirmation was announced on Aug. 6 in a statement from SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and fellow Commissioners.

» ‘Crypto Mom’ SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Voted in Until 2025
07/08/20 05:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Peirce’s successful confirmation was announced on Aug. 6 in a statement from SEC Chairman Jay Clayton and fellow Commissioners.

» Bitcoin Dominance Slides to 12-Month Low as Crypto Market Cap Tests Resistance
07/08/20 04:20 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bitcoin’s dominance has fallen to a 12-month low despite its recent rally, signaling renewed strength in the altcoins markets.

» Analysis: Most DeFi Tokens Are Concentrated In Hands of Top 500 Holders
07/08/20 02:04 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
A new analysis suggests the token supplies for most DeFi projects are not widely distributed, with up to 99% held by the top 500 addresses.

» Why is the ETC Price Steady Despite Risk of Further 51% Attacks?
07/08/20 01:39 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Despite suffering its second 51% in a week, and major exchanges disabling deposit, withdrawal, and some trading services, Ethereum Classic is up 2% over yesterday.

» Altcoins Account for One Third of Total Crypto Mining Power Usage
07/08/20 01:16 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
An analysis of the 20 largest crypto assets by market cap determined that Bitcoin mining accounted for only 66% of total power consumption.

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