» Belgium Contributes To World Food Programme Blockchain Project
20/04/18 21:29 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Belgian government is contributing to the World Food Programme’s Blockchain project for distributing donations. #NEWS

» Taiwanese Gov’t Plans To Release Anti-Money Laundering Regulations For Crypto In November
20/04/18 20:46 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Taiwan will introduce new regulations later this year to prevent cryptocurrencies from becoming instruments for money laundering. #NEWS

» JPMorgan Tests the Waters for Debt Issuance on a Blockchain
20/04/18 20:15 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
For a bank that has distanced itself from cryptocurrencies, JPMorgan is sure fond of the blockchain. The biggest US bank based on assets joined forces with the National Bank of Canada, among others, to develop an application based on its...

» Russian Supreme Court Orders To Review Bitcoin Website Ban
20/04/18 18:49 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
The Russian Supreme Court has ruled to review an appeal to a Bitcoin-related website ban, which was ordered in summer 2016. #NEWS

» “Venture Capital Working Group” Seeks Select Cryptocurrency “Safe Harbor”
20/04/18 17:39 from Bitcoin Magazine
Several venture capitalists (VCs) and entrepreneurs have been petitioning federal authorities to see certain virtual currencies in a “different light.” Right now, many cryptocurrencies are in danger of being classified as “securities,” w...

» Crypto ‘Doesn’t Pass Test Of What A Currency Should Be’, Says Likely NY Fed President
20/04/18 17:26 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
John Williams, the expected future president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, said crypto ‘doesn’t pass the basic test of what a currency should be’. #NEWS

» Free Crypto Trading App Robinhood Launches in Colorado with Bitcoin, Ethereum
20/04/18 17:24 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The competitive landscape for cryptocurrencies is heating up in the United States. Zero-commission startup exchange Robinhood just announced on Twitter its expansion into Colorado. The trading platform unveiled commision-free trading for...

» Cofounder’s FINRA Suspension Could Hold Consequences for Tezos
20/04/18 17:19 from Bitcoin Magazine
When Arthur Breitman, cofounder of Tezos, published a white paper on the cryptocurrency project in September 2014, he listed the author as L.M. Goodman. Later, when Breitman disclosed that he was the real author behind the work, many won...

» Don't Believe What You Read About Quebec's Chief Scientist and Crypto
20/04/18 16:25 from CoinDesk
Reports this week erroneously suggested that Quebec's Chief Scientist dismissed concerns about the illicit usage of bitcoin, his office said.

» Quebec's Chief Scientist Denies Dismissing Crypto Concerns
20/04/18 16:25 from CoinDesk
Reports this week erroneously suggested that Quebec's Chief Scientist dismissed concerns about the illicit usage of bitcoin, his office said.

» Crimea Plans Cryptocurrency Fund to Circumvent Sanctions, Woo Foreign Investors
20/04/18 16:15 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Crimean authorities want to launch a cryptocurrency fund for foreign investors to circumvent the economic sanctions currently in place against the Russian-occupied territory. Georgy Muradov, the deputy prime minister of Crimea, revealed ...

» Amazon Web Services Releases Blockchain Frameworks For Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric
20/04/18 15:39 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Amazon Web Services launches a tool allowing users to create Blockchain DApps on Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. #NEWS

» Dilbert Lampoons Corporate Blockchain Ignorance in Comic Strip
20/04/18 15:14 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Dilbert creator Scott Adams is at it again. The comic strip, known for its satirical portrayals of corporate office life, on Friday parodied ignorance about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In this latest strip, Adams jabs at ...

» Russia's Supreme Court Orders Review of Crypto Website Ban
20/04/18 14:50 from CoinDesk
Russia's supreme court has ordered a municipal court in St. Petersburg to consider an appeal from a blocked cryptocurrency information site.

» European Union Votes for Closer Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
20/04/18 14:11 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
With a majority vote, the European Parliament has reached an agreement to enforce closer regulation of cryptocurrencies. A December 2017 agreement with the European Council that proposed closer regulation of cryptocurrencies to prevent t...

» DOJ Charges ICO Co-Founder With Securities Fraud
20/04/18 13:53 from CoinDesk
The Department of Justice has unveiled fraud charges against a co-founder of cryptocurrency startup Centra.

» Bitmain Will ‘Burn’ 12% of Bitcoin Cash Txn Fee, Calls on Other Miners to Follow
20/04/18 13:11 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturer and mining pool operator Bitmain has announced that it will destroy a portion of the transaction fees that it accrues from mining Bitcoin Cash blocks in a bid to support the economic health of the n...

» LedgerX's Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Is Up 7X Since Launch
20/04/18 12:35 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin trading platform LedgerX now sees $7.5 million traded weekly in options products, up from $1 million during its first week.

» Bitcoin Set For First Biweekly Gain This Year, Buying Strongest Since March 2017
20/04/18 12:22 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Bloomberg reports that Bitcoin is poised for its first back-to-back weekly gain of 2018, up almost 29% over the two-week period. #NEWS

» Startup Jobs Site AngelList Reports Doubling Of Crypto Jobs Since New Year
20/04/18 12:02 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
AngelList jokes that “startups aren’t watching the markets” as number of crypto-related jobs doubles since January, despite the market crash. #NEWS

» US Regulators Asked Not to Classify Ethereum as a Security: NYT Report
20/04/18 11:56 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
A trade group representing venture capital firms that invest in cryptocurrencies has requested that US securities regulators provide formal assurance that ether, the native currency of the Ethereum platform, is not a security. As CCN rep...

» Stellar Run: XLM, IOTA, ADA Spike in Good Week for Altcoins
20/04/18 11:45 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin may be inching up of late but the market for alternative cryptocurrencies remains a choppy sea of big winners and losers.

» AWS Is Making Hyperledger and Ethereum Easier to Use
20/04/18 11:15 from CoinDesk
The cloud computing giant's offering comes just as Digital Asset, another enterprise blockchain firm, announces a developer kit for smart contracts.

» Tezos Founder Sanctioned by Regulator for Allegations of Past Misconduct
20/04/18 11:10 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman has been sanctioned by a top Wall Street regulator in connection with allegations that he violated regulations for securities professionals while working at Morgan Stanley. According to Reuters, the Finan...

» JPMorgan Tests Its Quorum Blockchain Platform After Year Of Development
20/04/18 10:22 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
JPMorgan’s Quorum Blockchain platform tested this week, as JPMorgan considers spinning off the platform into its own entity #NEWS

» Ethereum’s Buterin: Altcoin Valuations ‘Far Ahead Of Accomplishments’
20/04/18 10:06 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Tron’s product has not convinced Vitalik Buterin, he said as part of a mainstream press interview. #NEWS

» JPMorgan Trial Puts Debt Issuance on a Blockchain
20/04/18 10:00 from CoinDesk
JPMorgan Chase has partnered with National Bank of Canada and others to trial a blockchain platform aimed to improve the debt issuance process.

» Ripple Price Rallies 20% to Headline Surging Cryptocurrency Markets
20/04/18 09:55 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
The cryptocurrency markets continued their post-tax day climb on Friday, as 97 of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies posted gains against the US dollar. The rally enabled the Bitcoin price to crack the $8,500 barrier, but the Ripple price ...

» MEPs Vote In Favor Of Tighter AML Regulations For Crypto Trading
20/04/18 09:02 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
MEPs vote in favor of amending EU AML transparency laws, which will put an end to anonymity in the crypto trading sphere. #NEWS

» Bitcoin Bull Trap? Not So, Says Lesser-Known Price Indicator
20/04/18 09:00 from CoinDesk
A lesser-known bitcoin indicator appears to be undergoing a notable change, one that could signal where the crypto asset's price is heading.

» Fake News: World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Binance Isn’t Adding Dollar Pairs
20/04/18 08:52 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has stayed ahead of the curve in recent months with plans to work with banks and potentially introduce fiat trading pairs, something that is sure to make a big impact on the mar...

» Global Chip Manufacturer Expects Lower Profit Due To Uncertain Crypto Mining Demand
20/04/18 08:46 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Global chip manufacturing giant attributes lower 2H18 revenue forecast in part to changing cryptocurrency mining landscape. #NEWS

» Taiwan Eyes November Deadline for Bitcoin AML Regulation
20/04/18 08:40 from CoinDesk
Taiwan will formally regulate bitcoin under anti-money laundering rules by the end of the year, says its minister of justice.

» Crypto Markets See More Gains In The Wake Of America’s Tax Day
20/04/18 08:18 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Crypto markets see growth across the board, BTC and ETH up, and Ripple way up with 20 percent growth over a 24 hour period. #NEWS

» Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Breaks $8,500 in New April High
20/04/18 08:09 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Bitcoin price continues to make gains near the end of the week to trade above $8,500 for the first time in April. Sticking with its momentum, the world’s first cryptocurrency broke beyond $8,500 (Bitfinex) on Friday’s trading period, a f...

» IOTA-Fueled Electric Vehicle Charging Station Unveiled in the Netherlands
20/04/18 07:42 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
An electric vehicle charging station in the Netherlands is now using IOTA’s Tangle technology for feeless machine-to-machine communication. ElaadNL, a solar- and wind power- fueled smart-charging initiative by the Dutch grid operat...

» FINRA Fines Tezos Cofounder $20k For Morgan Stanley Disclosure Failures
20/04/18 07:16 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
Tezos cofounder Arthur Breitman has received a $20,000 fine and cannot engage with broker-dealers for two years, Reuters reports. #NEWS

» Russian Media: Telegram Was Banned Due To ICO, Not ‘Keys And Terrorism’
20/04/18 07:05 from CoinTelegraph.Com News
FSB employee tells his colleagues that Telegram ban is due to the company’s crypto plans, nothing to do with terrorism, according to Russian media reports. #NEWS

» EU Parliament Votes for Closer Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
20/04/18 07:01 from CoinDesk
The European Parliament has voted for regulations to prevent the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering and terrorism financing.

» South Korea Dismantles $24 Million Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme
20/04/18 06:24 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
A South Korean court has fined two individuals found guilty of operating a bitcoin pyramid scheme that amassed over 26 billion won, approx. $24 million, from investors. In a ruling on April 19, Judge Hwang Jin-jin of the Incheon District...

» Bitcoin Resistance Rises to $8,460 After Unconvincing Breakout
20/04/18 06:15 from CoinDesk
Bitcoin saw small gains last night, but the weak move did little to further the bull case.

» Xunlei Launches Blockchain Platform Amid Ongoing 'ICO' Lawsuits
20/04/18 05:00 from CoinDesk
China-based cloud network provider Xunlei has launched a blockchain platform, undeterred by ongoing allegations it held an unlawful ICO.

» Cloud Giant Xunlei Claims Blockchain Advance With 'ThunderChain'
20/04/18 05:00 from CoinDesk
China-based cloud network provider Xunlei has launched a blockchain platform, undeterred by ongoing allegations it held an unlawful ICO.

» Tezos Co-Founder Sanctioned By US Financial Watchdog
20/04/18 04:20 from CoinDesk
Arthur Breitman, co-founder of cryptocurrency project Tezos, has been barred by FINRA from any association with broker-dealers for two years.

» Cryptocurrency Market Surges to $365 Billion, Start of a Bull Rally?
20/04/18 04:16 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Throughout this week, as CCN reported, the cryptocurrency market has been eyeing a move towards the $350 billion region. Earlier today, on April 20, strong performances of major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum have led the val...

» Blockchain Slump? Banks May Be Fatigued But Insurers Are Pumped
20/04/18 03:10 from CoinDesk
Giving progress reports on their blockchain projects, bankers come across browbeaten and anxious, while their cousins in insurance sound spritely.

» Bitcoin Helps Square’s Stock Bounce
20/04/18 03:00 from CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News » News
Jack Dorsey’s decision to support bitcoin trading in the Square Cash app is paying off. Payments platform Square Inc, of which Dorsey is at the helm, got a boost on Wednesday after Wall Street analysts said BTC trading would bolste...

» Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme Allegedly Hoaxed $20 Million In South Korea
20/04/18 01:00 from CoinDesk
Two suspects from South Korea have allegedly used a pyramid scheme that involves bitcoin to swindle $20 billion from investors in the country.

» Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme Amassed $20 Million in South Korea
20/04/18 01:00 from CoinDesk
Two men in South Korea have been sentenced for building a bitcoin pyramid scheme that swindled around $20 million from investors.

» Bad Checks: Twitter's Identity Crisis Is Costing Users More Than Bitcoin
19/04/18 23:00 from CoinDesk
Twitter's blue check mark verification system is falling under the pressure of the complicated crypto world.

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