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Ok, One Last Post About Chuck McCullough-
First steps back-
Another McCullough In The News!-
A Chapter Closes - Chuck McCullough-
More On Charles P. (Chuck) Mccullough (UPDATED)-
Note to St Barnabas: I'm Not Sure This Is A Good Topic For Wendy Bell.-
Meanwhile, Outside...-
Trump Responds To CNN-
Reporting On CNN's "COVID WAR – The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out."-
Wendy Bell Gaslights The Public At The Americans For Freedom Rally!-
Right Wing Rally! Look Who's There!-
Wendy Bell Interviews An Insurrectionist (Adjacent?) PA Legislator!-
Rose Tennent Is Back On The Air!-
Some Thoughts On "Cancel Culture"-
The Pandemic: Year One-
In Case You Missed It - President Biden, Last Night.-
This Is Not Surprising (Wendy Bell's Transphobia)-
Wendy Bell Gets Fact-Checked AGAIN-
Some Poll Data (On President Biden, His Management of Covid-19 and the Covid Relief Bill)-
How Representative Guy Reschenthaler Pushed The Big Lie That The Election Was Stolen!-
And Now That It's March 5...-
MARCH 4! It's MARCH 4th!-
Countdown to March 4 (Tomorrow's The Day!)-

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