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Flash fiction in the Time of COVID-19-
Chuck McCullough In The News!-
Wendy Bell Made It Onto Talkingpointsmemo!-
They Are Not Expendable-
Monster Watch-
There May Be Trouble Ahead-
Trump's Coronavirus Speech And What He Got Wrong (UPDATE)-
Chris Hayes On Trump And Covid-19-
Trump And The House Intelligence Committee-
Character Test For AG Barr-
Meanwhile, Outside (Climate Change, 60 Minutes, And Australian Arson)-
Sick, February 2020 edition-
Senatorial Courage (Mitt Romney) - And Senatorial Cowardice (Pat Toomey)-
Thought For The Day-
Shale gas reserves aren't what they used to be ...-The Wolf Has Arrived. On its business page, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ...
The Fix Is In (As If We Didn't Already Know This)-
Found On Twitter A Few Minutes Ago (A Message To Senator Toomey)-
The Trib's VERY Subtle Reporting Of The Poll Data -
Senator Pat Toomey, When Will He See The Need To Subpoena Bolton?-
Another bad year for energy stocks-In a new report the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysi...
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, Right-Wing Impeachment Distractor-
From Stephen Colbert, Last Night-
Message To Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA)-
America's Radioactive Secret-Oil-and-gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a yea...
Senator Pat Toomey On McConnell's NEW Impeachment Rules-

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