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Just This-
The Latest Rightwing Crazie Theory (Of Course Wendy Bell's Pushing It)-
This *is* America-
PA State Senator (And Now GOP Candidate For PA Gov) Doug Mastriano and January FIFTH-
The 14th Amendment And Doug Mastriano-
Hey Thanks, Wendy! (Trump Counties Have Higher Covid Mortality Than Biden Counties)-
Disgraced Trump Ally Rudy Giuliani Testified Before 1/6 Committee-
PA State Senator Doug Mastriano - The Company He Keeps (Ivan Raiklin)-
Ok, Now We Go To Work (PA State Senator Doug Mastriano, Now The GOP Candiate for Governor of PA)-
Some Questions About PA State Senator Doug Mastriano's Aide Grant Clarkson-
Happy Birthday, Tucker Carlson!!-
Why I Voted for Conor Lamb-
Pennsylvania Republicans In Disarray Over Doug Mastriano-
When A Local Crazie Hosts A National Crazie - BOOM, A Crazie Conspiracy Theory!-
And Now, A Message From The Lancet-
Representative Scott Perry Subpoenaed!-
Uh-oh. MORE Eastman Emails! (Does Doug Mastriano Know??)-
Why, WTAE, WHY?-
PA State Senator Doug Mastriano Talks Treason! With Steven Bannon! (Projection Ensues)-
Quick Wendy Blogpost -
The Day After Mother's Day - A Personal Story-
More On Mastriano's Meltdown-
Wendy Bell Gaslights Trump's Attempted Coup-
QAnon Doug's Meltdown-
Snowflake Doug In The NEWS!-

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