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Message To Wendy Bell: Pope Francis On "The Jab"-
Leave My Voter Info Alone-
What Hath Wendy Wrought? (97% of PA Covid Deaths Were Unvaccinated)-
Wendy Bell Gets Fact Checked By Alan Dershowitz-
Even George W. Bush Gets It-
Fact-checking WIMKIN on Donald Trump and 9/11-
American History, According To Wendy Bell-
New Radio Gig. Same Old Lying Wendy Bell, The Angel of Death-
Heartless Wendy Bell Gets The Facts Wrong. Again-
REPOST: Pittsburgh's Abortifacient History-
Hey, Wendy Bell! You Might Want To Read This!-
What Reinstatement? (Trump Defenders Need To Answer This Question)-
Robert David Steele, Anti-vaxxer, Dead of Covid (A Message To Wendy Bell)-
Wendy Bell (The A of D) Invites And Dayvoe Responds!-
Wendy Bell. Her BS Board. She's Misleading you. AGAIN.-
Wendy Bell, FORMER Journalist, Gets The Facts Wrong. Again.-
FDA Approval (Prepare To See The Goal Posts Move!)-
Meanwhile, Outside-
PA State Senator Doug Mastriano Helps Spread Medical Misinformation-
Newsflash: Disgraced Former Reporter Wendy Bell Misreads Her Own Research. Again-
A Statewide Vaccine Mandate: Is It Constitutional?-
The Awful Humans At Crack'd Egg -
Video: Candidate Sean Parnell At That QAnon/Anti-vaxx Rally In Beaver County-
State Senator Doug Mastriano, IN THE NEWS-

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