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Stormy Daniels Back In The News! (Revisiting The Trump/Daniels Pittsburgh Connection)-
ICYMI: This Is What's Happening-
Some Clues As To WHY Bucks County Might NEED An LGBTQ+ Safe Space-
St Sen. Steve Santarsiero Responds To St Sen Mastriano!-
St Sen Doug Mastriano on LGBT+ Youth: NO SHAKESPEARE FOR YOU!!!-
Meanwhile, Outside-
Doug Mastriano Is Lying About Gov. Wolf And Covid. Again.-
St Sen Doug Mastriano - Skipped Town To Avoid Winner's Inauguration Speech-
Wendy Bell, Science Denier-
More Medical Misinformation From St Sen Doug Mastriano-
Mastriano Does It Again!-
Doug Mastriano's Attorney Responds! To ME!!-
Can Someone PLEASE Ask Doug Mastriano About This?-
Doug Tries To Deflect Blame For His Loss.-
This Is What Happened When The PA Republicans Pushed For More Voter Security-
Happy Second Anniversary, Sen Mastriano!-
January 6 Committee Transcripts. Some More Places To Find Doug Mastriano-
Poem: Cardinal-
Timothy Parlatore (Doug Mastriano's Attorney) RESPONDED-
St Sen Transparency Successfully Plays Out The Clock-
More Digging Into The 1/6 Committee Report (An Ongoing Project)-
Merry Christmas 2022-
The January 6 Committee Report Has Been Released (Let's Focus on Doug Mastriano)-
Ok, So The Release Is Delayed - But Look At What The Inquirer Found!-
Today's The Day-

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