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Democracy Has Prevailed-
In Case You Missed It - The Hill We Climb.-
This Evening - Finally A Human Presidential Voice Speaks About The 400,000-
Some Thoughts To Think About In The Next 28 Hours-
2021: Our story so far-
More News About The Law And Order Party-
Two Slightly Different Messages From Two Leading Republicans In The House-
Article of Impeachment (January, 2021)-
Wendy Bell's NOT Going To Be Happy With YouTube! No, Sirree!-
The Letter Speaker Pelosi Sent To House Members-
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano Is IN THE NEWS About His Involvement In DC Jan 6.-
Wendy Bell Fails To Prove Antifa Participated In The Trump Coup-
Wendy Bell Crossed A Line Today. (She Doxxed A Critic On Air)-
No, Yesterday Was NOT a Protest. It WAS Domestic Terrorism.-
See If You Can Spot The Dissonance (Wendy Bell Fights For "Election Integrity" While Ignoring GOP Election Misdeeds)-
Wendy Bell's Lying About Covid. Again.-
See? There WAS Voter Fraud! Only TRUMP DID IT-
Sedition? Perhaps It Is!-
2020: A brief review-
Something old is ending, something new is beginning-
Wendy Bell Continues With The Wingnut Guests-
Wendy Bell Chats With A Traitor (Who's Also A QAnon Quack)-
Pennsylvania Voter Fraud?? Not So Fast.-
No, Senator Toomey. You Can't Cleanse YOUR Legacy That Easily-
Season of Lights-

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