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Anthony Fauci Defends Science.-
Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!-
Wendy Bell AGAIN Misleads Her Public On Vaccine Safety (UK Edition)-
More 1/6 Committee Subpoenas. Is PA State Senator Mastriano Worried?-
Don't Get Mommy Mad (Wendy Bell On Kyle Rittenhouse)-
Meanwhile, Outside-
Wendy Bell Does NOT Support Law Enforcement. (Wendy HATES The FBI)-
Non-Economist Wendy Bell Attempts To Refute Actual Economists-
How Many More Americans Died Because Of Donald Trump?-
An Open Letter To Doug Mastriano About Steve Bannon-
Wendy Bell, The Virus, And that CDC FOIA Letter-
More On Sean Parnell's Political Troubles (And The Moral Corruption of The GOP)-
Presidents are not kings, and [Donald Trump] is not President.-
Wendy Bell Misuses The VAERS Data. Again.-
"Pro-life" Wendy Bell Misleading On Covid Vaccines. Again. (UPDATED)-
Jon Snags Wendy Bell In (Yet Another) Hypocrisy-
More On Sean Parnell's Domestic Issues-
Unfit. Sean Parnell Is Unfit.-
Um...If Everett Stern Is Right, This Is YUGE (A Question for Doug Mastriano)-
More On Sean Parnell's Bad Relationship...With The Media. (Am I Gonna Get Sued, Too?)-
It's A Day On Planet Earth - And That Means Wendy Bell Is Misleading Her Audience-
But Wait. I Thought That Wendy Bell Was An Award Winning Journalist!-
If They Engaged In Insurrection...The Constitution Has A Solution.-
Uh-Oh. Sean Parnell Made It Onto CNN (And Not In A Good Way)-
Leave My Voter Info Alone-

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