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(UPDATED) Hell To The Chief: Donald Trump's Disastrous First 100 Days In Office-THE ASSOCIATED PRESS T he first 100 days of the Donald Trump presidency ...
Top Comments: Phipps Conservatory Edition (Photo Heavy)-On aster Monday, Hubby had the day off, so we went off to Pittsburgh to ...
Hey, working class Trump voters. Remember when Trump promised tax cuts for you and not the rich?-Donald Trump, The Today Show , April 21, 2016: Q: Do you believe in rais...
Happy Birthday Sergei Prokofiev!-
National Poetry Month: Planned posts-
Open thread for night owls: After online smears, lawmaker calls internet troll's grandma-Democratic Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims had a message for an inter...
Republicans Exempt Selves From Obamacare Cuts-Because of course they would! Republican legislators want to keep popula...
PA Senator to Female Journalist on Bill to Cut Planned Parenthood? 'Alright, I'm Done With You'-That is what Pennsylvania State Senator John Eichelberger told a female ...
Please Note-
Hey, Remember When Conservatives COMPLAINED About Executive "Overreach"?-
National poetry Month: Francesco Marciuliano, I Could Pee On This-
My ELEVENTH Open Letter To Senator Pat Toomey-
Hillary's Unfortunate But Unforgivable Role In The Great American Catastrophe-I am reserving most of my surfeit of post-election bad feelings for Dona...
National Poetry Month: Emily Dickinson, Before I got my eye put out –-
The return of Blogfest-
ANNOUNCEMENT: Podcamp Discussion-
Lliacs and lawnmowing-
National Poetry Month: Poets in their own words-
Donald Trump's Earth Day Statement - It Doesn't Say What You Think It Says.-
National Poetry Month: Walt Whitman, When I Heard the Learn'd Astonomer-
Because "There is no Planet B"-
Today, In Oakland-
National Poetry Month: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner-
PA-Gov: PA Dems Ad Slams Trump Wannabe Scott Wagner's (R) Opposition To Raising The Minimum Wage-Hit him hard : x YouTube Video The Pennsylvania Democratic Party release...
Meanwhile, Outside...-

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