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This Is The Oath Senator Pat Toomey Took-
Um, Senator Toomey? It's WRONG To Mislead Your Constituents Like This-
The Grief of Climate Science-What do you do when you know too much? The story in Mother Jones appeare...
Fact-Checking Trump's White House Page-
Whenever Donald Trump Speaks, He's Lying.-
And We're Being Lied To. Again (Trump's "Evidence" Supporting His Attack)-
My First Post of 2020-
The Petrochemical Build-Out: Not What It's Cracked Up to Be-Recent analysis has indicated that the proposed building of additional c...
My Latest At The Current-
Meanwhile, Outside-
Joyeux Noel et bonne année de Kiko’s House à vous-STATE THEATER, NEWARK, DELAWARE (ca. 1980)
IMPEACHMENT Message From 750 Historians-
From Conor Lamb-
Time - Person Of The Year-
Barr Keeps Covering For Trump's Crimes. The Time Has Come To Impeach Him.-DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES N ow that Donald Trump has been whacked with...
Rep. Reschenthaler Hearts Trump's War Crime Pardons-
Richard Codor's Cartoon du Jour -MORE HERE .
The False Dawn Of Impeachment: Has Trump Broken America Beyond Repair? -CHRISTINA ANIMASHAUN / VOX T hese should be heady days for anyone who de...
Letter to Congress from Legal Scholars-
Barr, Giuliani Show Why Trump Poses A Present & Continuing Threat To America-BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP-GETTY IMAGES T he truth is the most precious co...
On Friends Lost: 'Ere The Bonnie Boat Was Won As We Sailed Into The Mystic' -YOUTUBE (A REGRETTABLY ANNUAL SUBMISSION.) S o there you are approaching...
A Watershed Day: Dems Lower The Boom, Repubs Regroup & Trump Squawks -MARK WILSON / GETTY IMAGES I t is a huge moment when Democrats and Repub...
Read The Impeachment Inquiry Report-

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