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Doug Mastriano Made It Onto The Late Show With Stephen Colbert!-
Yes, Things ARE That Bad In The Mastriano Fasting Campaign -
Because Of Course. Doug Mastriano on Abortion and Murder-
Uh-oh. Doug's In A Tough Spot. Maybe The Sword Of David Could Spur Things Along!!-
And Now, A Word From The Lincoln Project-
Doug Mastriano Is Trying To Hide His Extreme History. Again.-
September 21-
Hey, Remember This? (Doug Mastriano Dressed As A Traitor)-
St Sen Doug Mastriano Dog-Whistles. Again. And Gets Caught By Jake Tapper.-
Doug Mastriano And The Company He Keeps-
Meanwhile, Outside-
Subpoenas, Subpoenas, and More Subpoenas! (Is Doug Mastriano Getting More Nervous?)-
St Sen Mastriano's Prayer-
Doug Mastriano's Military Dog Whistle.-
Legal Happenings That Might (MIGHT) Worry Sen Doug Mastriano-
How About NOW, Doug? (Question For PA St Sen Doug Mastriano)-
PA State Sen Doug Mastriano Gaslights About Trump -
Well, Well, Look Who Showed Up!! Judge Patricia McCullough! Details Inside!-
Stop The Assault On American Democracy (Local Mastriano Edition)-
More On Mastriano's Security Detail!-
How About NOW, Sen Mastriano? Do You STILL Support Donald Trump?-
Maybe NOW? Would Doug Mastriano Amend His Support of Donald Trump NOW?!?!?!-
Uh-oh. These Graphics Are Embarrassing-
Well, THIS is Embarrassing (Mastriano and that Carelton Poll)-
Doug Mastriano Is Still Lying About The Nursing Homes-

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