03/13Female Dog has Cute Pigtails - Hysterical
03/12Food Sourcing and Reproductive Success Improve Magpie Cognition
03/05Comical Raccoon Tycoon
03/05Seller Scam Hidden by eBay and Paypal
02/28Dog Wants to Eat Sweet Pancakes
02/26Humans Not the First Upright Ape to do Rock Art
02/20Chickens Do a Good Country Line Dance
02/20Genes from Wild Rice in Northern Australia
02/14Cat in a Paper Bin - Farcical
02/13Getting Close to Nature Improves Your Wellbeing and Health
02/07Bear is Upset by tree - Amusing
02/06Citric Acid Cycle Skeleton Was Clothed by Life
02/01Raccoon Owes Money But It is Well Spent
01/30Arms Dealer Prime Minister is an Idiot Airhead
01/24Dog Not Care About Scared Cat
01/23Updated Divorce Laws to Make Men Equal
01/17Frog Rides Beetle, Matching Pair
01/16Human Genders are Different so Equality Will Fail
01/10Elvis Dog Puts on an Act
01/09Algorithms the Basis of Artificial Intelligence Make Biased Decisions
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