» Proper API Storage Tank Maintenance
24/02/21 12:00 from Industrial Fire World
With tanks, original blueprints and drawings should be kept as reference points. These documents can be used to compare notes and measurements such as steel thickness. 

» Having Fun Teaching Hazmat Training
24/02/21 12:00 from Industrial Fire World
For hazmat training to be absorbed into the brain as both information and hands-on skills it has to be interesting and fun. How do you achieve that?

» Preplanning and Training for Aircraft Fires
24/02/21 12:00 from Industrial Fire World
Lexington Blue Grass Airport’s aircraft fire preplan, and response goes beyond training its own ARF members. The department also trains local partners in certified ARF response.

» MSA Lists Products Eligible for COVID-19 PPE Funding
24/02/21 11:36 from Industrial Fire World
MSA lists approved PPE for COVID-19 funding in a recent blog titled, “PPE Funding for COVID-19: What the Latest Executive Order Includes.”

» Train Tanker Cars Burst Into Flames After Being Hit By 18-Wheeler
23/02/21 17:05 from Industrial Fire World
A train and an 18-wheeler truck have collided on FM 2095 in Cameron, causing a large explosion and fire.

» Fire Crews Rescue Man After Fall Into Grain Elevator
23/02/21 14:27 from Industrial Fire World
Emergency responders rescued a man after he fell about 19 feet in a grain elevator at a local processing plant, according to the Spokane Valley (Washington) Fire Department.

» Fire-Dex Named 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Honoree
23/02/21 12:00 from Industrial Fire World
Fire-Dex, a family-owned global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters and first responders, announces its recognition as a 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Honoree.

» Senate Bill Would Ban PFAS Foams
23/02/21 12:00 from Industrial Fire World
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York has introduced a bill that would ban the use of firefighting foam that contains cancer-causing PFAS chemicals.

» The Unified Industrial Fire Department of Rotterdam Invests in Mobile System to Fight Tank Fires
17/02/21 14:02 from Industrial Fire World
The department’s new mobile system relies on submersible pumps, drones, and remote-control monitors to keep firefighters at a safe distance as they extinguish tank fires.

» IFW Introduces Robotics Column
17/02/21 14:00 from Industrial Fire World
In this article series, author Mike Kahn will delve into the various components of drones and their payloads, and how and when to deploy drones in firefighting applications.

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