» Women Often Wait to Call Help in a Heart Attack
11/12/18 20:15 from WebMD Health Headlines
Researchers in Switzerland found that women suffering a heart attack typically waited 37 minutes longer than men before calling an ambulance.

» Hidden Dangers in Dust
11/12/18 20:15 from WebMD Health Headlines
Researchers who analyzed dust samples found that in those with higher concentrations of triclosan, bacteria were more likely to have genetic changes indicating antibiotic resistance.

» With Diabetes, Must You Fast for Blood Tests?
11/12/18 20:15 from WebMD Health Headlines
New research shows that up to 22 percent of people with diabetes who fasted for lab tests had a low blood sugar episode (hypoglycemia) while waiting for the test.

» Man Coughs Up Blood Clot In Perfect Image of Lung
11/12/18 20:10 from WebMD Health Headlines
Doctors later inserted a tube down his trachea and into his lungs and found a little bit of blood in branches of his lower part of his right lung.

» Jimmy Dean Sausages Recalled Over Metal Pieces
11/12/18 15:41 from WebMD Health Headlines
The USDA has not released a list of stores where the sausages were sold.

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