» Ook controversiële opties nodig voor klimaatneutraal Nederland in 2050
24/04/24 12:00 from News - PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Het is technisch haalbaar: Nederland klimaatneutraal in 2050, inclusief de hier getankte bunkerbrandstof voor lucht- en zeescheepvaart.

» expert reaction to survey of tech experts on concerns of AI deepfakes use in the general election, as published by BCS
23/04/24 23:10 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
Scientists react to a deepfakes and AI survey published by BCS.    Dr Andrew Rogoyski, Director of Innovation and Partnerships … read more

» expert reaction to study looking at emulsifiers and type 2 diabetes
23/04/24 22:40 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
A study published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology looks at food additive emulsifiers and risk of type 2 diabetes.    … read more

» Denmark’s Arctic, North Atlantic focus: Canada among new defence attaché posts
23/04/24 20:19 from Eye on the Arctic
Denmark continued to strengthen its Arctic and North Atlantic security focus this month with the announcement of five new defence

» Meet the Woman Pioneering Sustainable Change in Fashion
23/04/24 20:05 from State of the Planet
Maxine Bédat advocates for improved transparency and sustainability goals within the apparel industry.

» Diversão ao sol: uma nova geração de protetores solares amigos dos corais
23/04/24 18:45 from Reefbites
By Danielle Moloney  Edited by Jasmine Haskell Translated by Ana Carolina Grillo Reviewed by Jessica Bleuel Photo courtesy of savethereef.org. Introdução Recifes de coral são uma das atrações turísticas mais populares no mundo todo. As r...

» Review board recommends wind farm at western Nunavut mine be approved
23/04/24 18:24 from Eye on the Arctic
B2Gold’s proposal includes 13 wind turbines on the Back River gold mine A wind farm could be coming to a

» Enhanced financial services for improved climate resilience: Some insights from the economic theory
23/04/24 15:46 from PreventionWeb
The global protection gap related to climate shocks and disasters keeps growing. Improving access to financial services for resilience has become a policy question among development partners and developing countries.

» N.W.T. updates its emergency plan ahead of ‘high-risk season’
23/04/24 15:30 from Eye on the Arctic
By Emma Tranter · CBC News  No major changes to plan before after-action review of last year’s wildfires is complete The government

» Russia’s Defence Ministry says new mini-sub can dive to 11,000 meters depth
23/04/24 14:17 from Eye on the Arctic
It will be operated by GUGI, the notorious deep sea espionage and sabotage unit of the Russian military. A group

» Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir appointed rector of the University of Akureyri
23/04/24 13:33 from News - Arctic Portal - The Arctic Gateway
Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir has been appointed rector of the University of Akureyri as of July 1 st .

» City of Yellowknife, feds announce $8.4M to spur new housing development
23/04/24 12:58 from Eye on the Arctic
By Robert Holden · CBC News  Funding aimed at helping city cut housing red tape The City of Yellowknife has announced a

» Record-breaking heat and humidity predicted for tropics this summer
23/04/24 12:46 from PreventionWeb
A new statistical analysis of the interaction between El Niño and rising global temperatures due to climate change concludes that the approaching summer in the tropics has nearly a 7 in 10 chance of breaking records for temperature and h...

» New tools from NOAA and CDC show people their risk from heat as another hot summer looms
23/04/24 12:32 from PreventionWeb
The tools are part of a broader government initiative to better prepare the country for heat waves, which are increasing in frequency, intensity and duration as a result of climate change.

» Scientists trigger mini-earthquakes in the lab
23/04/24 12:24 from PreventionWeb
By studying a miniature version of the ground in the lab, scientists at the UvA Institute of Physics have demonstrated how earthquakes and landslides can be triggered by a small external shock wave.

» Vastly bigger than the Black Summer: 84 million hectares of northern Australia burned in 2023
23/04/24 12:21 from PreventionWeb
My research shows the 2023 fires burned more than 84 million hectares of desert and savannah in northern Australia. This is larger than the whole of New South Wales, or more than three times the size of the United Kingdom.

» WMO report: Asia hit hardest by climate change and extreme weather
23/04/24 12:00 from UN News
Asia remained the world’s most disaster-affected region in 2023 due to weather, climate and water-related hazards. Storms and floods have hit the hardest, a new report published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Tuesday r...

» UN chief calls for all hands on deck at Climate Promise 2025 launch
23/04/24 12:00 from UN News
Top UN officials launched a fresh global campaign to tackle the climate emergency on Tuesday, with social media influencers, Indigenous leaders and corporate giants showing what they’ve done and what’s to come.

» A million years without a megaslide
23/04/24 11:52 from PreventionWeb
A new study goes deep into the Gulf of Alaska to examine the sixth-largest underwater landslide and investigate why a similar event hasn’t happened since.

» Feedback loop that is melting ice shelves in West Antarctica revealed
23/04/24 11:35 from PreventionWeb
New research has uncovered a feedback loop that may be accelerating the melting of the floating portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, pushing up global sea levels.

» Exploring heat risk adaptation governance: A case study of the UK
23/04/24 11:24 from PreventionWeb
This paper assesses the state of heat risk governance in the UK through an analysis of the Adverse Weather and Health Plan (AWHP) launched in 2023, which replaces the former Heatwave Plan (HWP) for England.

» State of the climate in Asia 2023
23/04/24 11:04 from PreventionWeb
This report provides the status of key climate indicators and latest data and information on impacts, risks and policy from United Nations agencies.

» 44% of Latinos live in U.S. counties with a high flood risk
23/04/24 11:00 from Yale Climate Connections
Compared to just 35% of non-Latinos. The post 44% of Latinos live in U.S. counties with a high flood risk appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» How to talk to a climate doomer (even if that doomer is you)
23/04/24 11:00 from Yale Climate Connections
It’s not too late to tackle climate change, but sometimes it sure feels that way. The post How to talk to a climate doomer (even if that doomer is you) appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» Can Aging U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Withstand More Extreme Weather?
23/04/24 09:55 from Yale E360
To reach its climate goals, the Biden administration aims to extend the lives of U.S. nuclear reactors. But a new report finds regulators have not studied whether increasingly extreme weather could threaten the safety or viability of pow...

» Anticipatory finance: An introductory guide
23/04/24 09:45 from PreventionWeb
The guide aims to help the reader understand what Anticipatory Action (AA) is and what benefits it offers; explain the different potential sources of AA finance available in a country; present real-world examples; and identify risks and ...

» 7 stories of optimism this week (15.04.24-22.04.24)
23/04/24 08:57 from Conservation Optimism
Here is the perfect antidote to Monday blues: a weekly round-up of what went right in the conservation world! The post 7 stories of optimism this week (15.04.24-22.04.24) appeared first on Conservation Optimism .

» Information Systems Officer, P4, Bangkok
23/04/24 08:52 from PreventionWeb
This position, located within the Communication, Advocacy, Knowledge Management and ICT section of UNDRR, works in close guidance from the UNDRR Bonn office, Risk Knowledge Branch, and will be based in Bangkok, Thailand.

» expert reaction to journalists’ questions about obesity drugs and fertility
23/04/24 08:30 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
Scientists react to questions raised about obesity drugs and fertility.    Prof Ying Cheong, Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Honorary … read more

» Information Systems Officer (2 positions), P3, Bangkok
23/04/24 08:13 from PreventionWeb
This position, located within the Communication, Advocacy, Knowledge Management and ICT section within UNDRR, works with close guidance from the UNDRR Bonn office, Risk Knowledge Branch, and will be based in Bangkok, Thailand.

» Amid Water Crisis, Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Unevenly
23/04/24 07:21 from Undark
Propelled by the draining of local aquifers, Mexico City’s land is sinking fast. New research surveys how uneven changes in the landscape are impacting the sprawling transportation system — a problem that could impact millions on t...

» The Waning Reign of the Wetland Architect We Barely Know (Hint: Not a Beaver)
23/04/24 07:05 from Hakai Magazine
When I was a teenager, my parents bought a home near an old farm pond in Bangor, Maine. A family of muskrats lived there and would go about their business as I lazed on the dock; I didn’t pay them ...

» The economic commitment of climate change
23/04/24 02:28 from PreventionWeb
Here researchers use recent empirical findings from more than 1,600 regions worldwide over the past 40 years to project sub-national damages from temperature and precipitation, including daily variability and extremes.

» Samoa’s dengue outbreak – Expert Reaction
23/04/24 01:17 from Science Media Centre
Samoa will fumigate schools and hospitals in an effort to kill mosquitoes carrying the potentially life-threatening dengue virus. The Pacific Island country […] The post Samoa’s dengue outbreak – Expert Reaction appeare...

» Towards the removal of sites in East Africa from the List of World Heritage in Danger
22/04/24 23:25 from World Heritage Centre News
Experts from East Africa gathered in Nairobi for a workshop to discuss current challenges posed at the World Heritage sites in danger in Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Africa, despite its rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage,...

» expert reaction to observational study finding that being treated by a female physician is associated with lower risk of death
22/04/24 21:10 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine looks at the sex of physicians and risk of patient death.    Dr Gavin … read more

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