» Louisiana LNG Could Be ‘Nail in the Coffin’ for Local Fishermen
02/03/24 14:00 from DeSmogBlog
This story originally was published on Gas Outlook. (Cameron, Louisiana) — Phillip Dyson has been a commercial fisherman in Cameron, Louisiana for 49 years. His father fished before him, and his son and grandson also fish, shrimp, and oy...

» Alberta’s Wind and Solar Regulations Put More Than 6,000 Jobs at Risk, Critics Say
01/03/24 23:05 from DeSmogBlog
As Alberta’s moratorium on renewable energy development comes to an end, Premier Danielle Smith has announced a new set of regulations critics argue will handicap the province’s economy. The province has outlined 13 new regulations...

» Arctic Council resumes working group meetings, held virtually
01/03/24 20:37 from Eye on the Arctic
The Arctic Council is inching back to towards its regular sustainability work, with the resumption of virtual working group meetings.

» Yukon gov’t to spend 3 years remediating abandoned Minto mine site
01/03/24 18:30 from Eye on the Arctic
By Gabrielle Plonka · CBC News Remediation to proceed even if the site is sold to another company, officials say The Yukon

» Meat Industry Using ‘Misinformation’ to Block Dietary Change, Report Finds
01/03/24 18:14 from DeSmogBlog
The agriculture sector has spent millions of dollars on discrediting plant-based diets, a new report has claimed.  The report, published by the consumer advocacy organisation Freedom Food Alliance on Thursday (29 February), found that mu...

» Back to the Sundarbans
01/03/24 15:39 from State of the Planet
As par of our trip studying land subsidence and elevation changes, we boarded a boat to travel through the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest.

» As NATO forces move north for exercise, Northern Fleet sails out frigates
01/03/24 15:36 from Eye on the Arctic
“Planned combat training tasks,” the Northern Fleet says as the two frigates “Admiral Kasatonov” and “Admiral Gorshkov” this week left

» Cambodian Offset Project Led to Arrests, Evictions of Indigenous People, Report Alleges
01/03/24 15:29 from Yale E360
Indigenous people in southern Cambodia faced forced evictions and criminal charges after their ancestral lands were marked out for a carbon offset project, a new report alleges. Read more on E360 →

» Inclusion of migrants and refugees in preparedness and response to biological disasters: Case study of the COVID-19 pandemic
01/03/24 15:18 from PreventionWeb
This paper provides evidence, recommendations, and lessons about good practice that can inform and strengthen responses to COVID-19, a crisis that will continue, for the foreseeable future, to have complex impacts on migrants and migrati...

» Australia: The State of Weather and Climate Extremes 2023
01/03/24 15:00 from PreventionWeb
This report provides a summary of selected significant extreme weather and climate events which occurred across Australia in 2023.

» Social impacts of the American Red Cross (ARC) disaster interventions: a scoping review
01/03/24 14:46 from PreventionWeb
This scoping review aims to address both issues by summarizing and evaluating the social impact of the American Red Cross (ARC’s) national disaster interventions.

» Cureus: Journal of Medical Science (Springer)
01/03/24 14:44 from PreventionWeb
Cureus: Journal of Medical Science is a web-based peer-reviewed open access general medical journal using prepublication peer review.

» Ingeniería del Agua (IA)
01/03/24 14:37 from PreventionWeb
The journal Ingeniería del AguaJournal aims to promote the dissemination and discussion of scientific advances in Water Engineering in Spanish and Portuguese.

» ‘Communicating the right message’ the focus for Fijian authorities during disasters
01/03/24 14:24 from PreventionWeb
This podcast explores ways of getting the messaging and translations right when it comes to disasters in the Pacific.

» Anticipatory action: a proactive approach to disaster risk management
01/03/24 14:16 from PreventionWeb
You can learn how to act before a crisis hits by taking the IFRC’s new online course on anticipatory action.

» 4th Annual Gobeshona Global Conference
01/03/24 14:12 from PreventionWeb
The fourth annual Gobeshona Global Conference focused on monitoring Locally- Led Adaptation (LLA) and resilience organized by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development will be held virtually soon in 2024.

» Climate Pulse, C3S’s new tool to monitor the state of our climate at a glance
01/03/24 14:07 from PreventionWeb
C3S has released Climate Pulse, an interactive and intuitive tool displaying key global-average surface air temperature and sea surface temperature data, enabling users to better understand how our climate is changing.

» Energy report says N.W.T. climate projects saved more than $12M on diesel in 2023
01/03/24 14:03 from Eye on the Arctic
Energy initiatives report estimates offset of 8.4M litres of diesel in 2023 The N.W.T. government is forecasting that efforts to reduce

» Reef Remodeling: How Reef Carpets Could Change How We View Reef Restoration
01/03/24 14:00 from envirobites
Coral reefs are one of the most important marine ecosystems in the world, but climate change and other stressors are pushing on their wellbeing and leading to degradation. That’s where reef restoration comes in, where scientists and volu...

» Zombie climate myths that refuse to die (feat. Bob Henson)
01/03/24 13:57 from Yale Climate Connections
As soon as you kill one of these climate change myths, another rises from the dead. The post Zombie climate myths that refuse to die (feat. Bob Henson) appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» Launch of the Gender Action Plan to support the implementation of the SFDRR 2015-2030
01/03/24 13:44 from PreventionWeb
The Sendai GAP has been created to accelerate the efforts of all local, national, regional and international actors towards achieving the goal, outcome and targets of the Sendai Framework by 2030 with specific attention to gender.

» Programme to enhance climate change resilience gets $6.9m
01/03/24 13:06 from PreventionWeb
A programme to increase Jamaica’s resilience to climate change through enhancing adaptive capacity across priority sectors has been given a budgetary allocation of $6.9 million.

» Prioritizing strategies for building the resilience of public health systems to disasters across multiple communities and countries
01/03/24 12:54 from PreventionWeb
This study demonstrates how the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction Public Health System Resilience Scorecard provides methods for identifying, ranking, and prioritizing a set of strategies for strengthening the resilience of public h...

» Climate change could shorten the life span of U.S. bridges
01/03/24 12:53 from PreventionWeb
Rising seas, heavy precipitation, and extreme heat are causing corrosion, buckling, and cracking in bridges across the United States.

» expert reaction to study looking at a daily fibre supplement and muscle function and cognition in over-60s
01/03/24 12:34 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
A study published in Nature Communications looks at fibre supplements, muscle function and cognition in over 60s.   Prof David Curtis, … read more

» Zimbabwe country climate and development report
01/03/24 12:32 from PreventionWeb
This Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR) identifies a path forward for Zimbabwe by linking demand from global green value chains to significant reserves of energy transition minerals (ETMs).

» United for resilience: Mercy Corps’ collaboration with the Civil Defense Directorate in Jordan
01/03/24 12:06 from PreventionWeb
Today is World Civil Defense Day, honouring the dedication and efforts of civil defense organizations and their partners in protecting people, homes and businesses from disasters and emergencies.

» Efficiënter grondstofgebruik crux voor milieu én ontwikkeling
01/03/24 12:00 from News - PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Zonder nieuw beleid ligt het gebruik van grondstoffen in 60 procent hoger in 2060 dan nu. Om doelen rond klimaat, biodiversiteit en vervuiling te halen is het belangrijk deze groei te beperken.

» Is marijuana bad for the climate?
01/03/24 12:00 from Yale Climate Connections
Indoor cannabis farms consume lots of electricity, boosting their carbon footprints. The post Is marijuana bad for the climate? appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» World News in Brief: Another month of extreme heat, Sudan exodus continues into Chad, Zero Discrimination Day
01/03/24 12:00 from UN News
February saw more extreme heat and unusually high temperatures in both hemispheres, the UN weather agency (WMO) said on Friday.

» From AI to fast fashion, ‘world’s environment parliament’ adopts bold action plans
01/03/24 12:00 from UN News
The UN Environment Assembly adopted a ministerial declaration as it wrapped up on Friday in the Kenyan capital, together with 17 resolutions and decisions aimed at redefining the way humankind interacts with nature.

» Scientists create new idea on how to hack a warming planet: Drying the upper atmosphere
01/03/24 11:51 from PreventionWeb
Government scientists have cooked up a new concept for how to potentially cool an overheating Earth: Fiddle with the upper atmosphere to make it a bit drier.

» Collaboration for nature: Launch of UK NbS Knowledge Hub
01/03/24 11:49 from PreventionWeb
A new NbS Knowledge Hub to help scale nature-based solutions in the UK has been launched today, developed by researchers from the Nature-based Solutions Initiative (NbSI) and Agile Initiative as part of a 12-month interdisciplinary resea...

» GeoTalk: Gillian D’Souza reflects on her time as EGU’s Media Relations Manager
01/03/24 11:45 from Latest posts from EGU blogs
Gillian D’Souza is the European Geosciences Union’s outgoing Media Relations Manager. During her time at EGU Gillian deftly handled the Union’s media interaction and made strides in developing how the Union works with journalists. With G...

» Climate change disrupts seasonal flow of rivers
01/03/24 11:36 from PreventionWeb
Climate change is disrupting the seasonal flow of rivers in the far northern latitudes of America, Russia and Europe, posing a threat to water security and ecosystems, according to new research.

» Mapping sinking land for tribal resilience in Louisiana
01/03/24 11:27 from PreventionWeb
The Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi Chitimacha Choctaw Tribe has been losing land to the sea, which could hamper efforts to gain federal recognition.

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