» Iqaluit mayor not ruling out alcohol ban
18/06/24 21:59 from Eye on the Arctic
‘We need some help from [the RCMP] on public intoxication to make sure the laws are abided by,’ mayor says

» Fossil Fuel Advocate Wants ‘Complete Reset’ of Energy Policy After Trudeau
18/06/24 20:55 from DeSmogBlog
Asked what impacts new leadership in Canada and the US may have on the fossil fuel sector, one fossil fuel company president at the Global Energy Show in Calgary said he hoped for a total reset on environmental policy. Concerning the pro...

» Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction - Southeast Asia (Online Training)
18/06/24 20:55 from PreventionWeb
This is an interactive online course on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

» A stark divide in Texas shows what climate change looks like
18/06/24 19:56 from Yale Climate Connections
Part of the state has received record-breaking rainfall. But in drought-stricken west Texas, parched soil is blowing away. The post A stark divide in Texas shows what climate change looks like appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» Skolt Sámi met to discuss the repatriation of human remains
18/06/24 18:57 from Eye on the Arctic
By Hannah Thule The Skolt Sámi who attended the forums in Finnish-Norwegian boarder villages Neiden and Nellim expressed a wish

» Advertencia de tormenta tropical para Texas y México
18/06/24 18:57 from Yale Climate Connections
Se espera que la perturbación en el Golfo de México se convierta en la Tormenta Tropical Alberto y toque tierra para la noche del miércoles; las lluvias del sistema han causado la muerte de 11 personas en El Salvador y 2 en Guatemala. Th...

» Tropical storm warnings up for Texas and Mexico for Potential Tropical Cyclone 1
18/06/24 16:24 from Yale Climate Connections
The large disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to become Tropical Storm Alberto and make landfall by Wednesday night; rains from the system have killed 11 in El Salvador and 2 in Guatemala. The post Tropical storm warnings up fo...

» Is Earth really getting too hot for people to survive? A scientist explains extreme heat and the role of climate change
18/06/24 15:33 from PreventionWeb
Many countries have seen extremely hot weather lately, but in most of the inhabited world, it’s never going to get “too hot for people to live here,” especially in relatively dry climates.

» Steering climate risk: How banks can be future-ready
18/06/24 15:32 from PreventionWeb
Many of the sectors that are vulnerable to climate change, such as agriculture, infrastructure, and energy, are heavily dependent on the banking sector for financing.

» expert reaction to study finding certain proteins in the blood may help predict Parkinson’s up to 7 years before motor symptoms
18/06/24 15:10 from Science Media Centre » Briefings
A study published in Nature Communications looks at identifying blood biomarkers to predict Parkinson’s disease.   Professor Ray Chaudhuri, Professor of Movement … read more

» Coalition of labor and Native leaders throws its weight behind Alaska Congresswoman
18/06/24 13:32 from Eye on the Arctic
A new organization called Alaska Jobs Coalition has launched a $500,000 ad campaign to support Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola. The online

» When the unthinkable happens while you're passing through unfamiliar territory. SIGNALERT offers a way to be better prepared for risks during the 2024 Olympic games.
18/06/24 13:06 from PreventionWeb
You're traveling in France, in Paris, to the Olympic Games sites, on vacation or for work. Would you know how to react in the event of a catastrophic event or danger caused by natural phenomena or human action?

» Good Neighbors International
18/06/24 12:39 from PreventionWeb
Good Neighbors is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 in South Korea. It is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) specializing in children's rights and is active in 47 countries worldwide.

» An earthquake changed the course of the ganges. Could it happen again?
18/06/24 12:34 from PreventionWeb
2,500 years ago, an earthquake changed the course of the mighty Ganges River, a new study shows. The region remains vulnerable to a similar event now.

» Deadly and growing impact of air pollution laid bare in new UNICEF-backed report
18/06/24 12:00 from UN News
The State of Global Air (SoGA) report published in partnership with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warns on Wednesday that air pollution is increasingly impacting human health - and is now the second leading global risk factor for prema...

» Integrating Virtual Reality technology in locust survey for sustainable locust control and management
18/06/24 11:26 from PreventionWeb
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, in collaboration with Georgia State University, is developing a novel training approach using Virtual Reality (VR) to teach teams about locust surveys and controls during breed...

» FAO empowers Kenyan desert locust frontline counties in surveillance and reporting
18/06/24 11:25 from PreventionWeb
Kenya is currently free from desert locust. However, developing capacities should continue so that the country is always prepared to manage any invasion. Garissa, Isiolo, Marsabit, Samburu, and Wajir remain frontline desert locust invasi...

» Can mirrors help fight the threat of extreme heat?
18/06/24 11:24 from PreventionWeb
Most of the homes within these settlements are built using zinc-coated corrugated metal sheets, which rust, erode and trap in heat from the sun, making heatwaves increasingly dangerous for residents.

» Social protection and jobs for climate change challenges: current practice and future opportunities
18/06/24 11:22 from PreventionWeb
The Discussion Paper reviews the current and potential roles of social protection and jobs (SPJ) policies and mechanisms in supporting address the challenges related to climate change.

» The nature-based solutions opportunity scan: Leveraging Earth observation data to identify investment opportunities in NBS for climate resilience in cities and coasts across the world
18/06/24 11:22 from PreventionWeb
This report summarizes how the Nature-Based Solutions Opportunity Scan supports the World Bank, its clients, and development partners to identify NBS investment opportunities, understand the associated benefits, and integrate interventio...

» Keeping people at the centre of risk data initiatives
18/06/24 11:12 from PreventionWeb
The BIPAD Portal was developed to meet the need to convey information to the community about the technical aspects of engineering that are vital to ensure disaster resiliency.

» Fellowship helps doctors and nurses take action on climate change
18/06/24 11:00 from Yale Climate Connections
Fellows have pushed their hospitals to reduce pollution, planted trees to reduce urban heat, and developed community organizing and communication skills. The post Fellowship helps doctors and nurses take action on climate change appeared...

» 12 climate books to bring with you on summer vacation
18/06/24 11:00 from Yale Climate Connections
From sports to thrillers to photography, these books make for quick and entertaining reads. The post 12 climate books to bring with you on summer vacation appeared first on Yale Climate Connections .

» The Real Cowboys of Alberta Battle Zombie Coal Mine
18/06/24 11:00 from DeSmogBlog
Ranchers in southwest Alberta are contending with one of the worst droughts on record and a dwindling mountain snowpack. However, the latest threat to critical rivers near the Crowsnest Pass is being served up not by climate change but t...

» ISF continues to support Nagaland’s climate risk insurance program with further premium subsidy support
18/06/24 10:56 from PreventionWeb
To enhance Nagaland's ability to respond to natural disaster events, the InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) co-funded the development and implementation of a parametric insurance solution.

» Thunderstorms for some, but sunshine for many
18/06/24 10:54 from Met Office News Feed
The Met Office has issued a yellow severe weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

» Is climate change hurting your skin?
18/06/24 10:38 from PreventionWeb
Skincare has always been more challenging in the summer. And climate change has raised the level of difficulty, with frequent hot spells and more exposure to pollution from wildfires that can damage our skin.

» Rings of fire: Heat risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics
18/06/24 10:24 from PreventionWeb
Leading heat physiologists Professor Mike Tipton and Dr Jo Corbett warn that intense heat at the Paris Olympics could lead to competitors collapsing and in worst-case scenarios dying during the Games.

» Rings of fire: Heat risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics
18/06/24 10:14 from PreventionWeb
This report will be published a month out from what will undoubtedly be a memorable Paris 2024 Olympic Games, when once again the world gathers to be captivated by some of the very best of human qualities.

» FrontRunners Athletes
18/06/24 10:11 from PreventionWeb
FrontRunners is a movement led by athletes, for all Australians. FrontRunners is calling for serious climate action now, to protect the future for all.

» British Association for Sustainable Sport (BASIS)
18/06/24 10:06 from PreventionWeb
BASIS is the sustainability hub for the UK sports industry. It is a not-for-profit committed to delivering a positive impact for sport at every level, and harnessing the power of sport to make a difference for all.

» Labour Ignores Coal Mine-Shaped Elephant in the Room
18/06/24 09:05 from DeSmogBlog
Labour has been urged to clarify its stance on the UK’s first deep coal mine in more than 30 years – as it fights an election campaign that has put clean energy at the fore. The proposed mine in Whitehaven, Cumbria, would extract 2.8 mil...

» Creating family-friendly conferences in geosciences: a new study needs your help!
18/06/24 08:30 from Latest posts from EGU blogs
Do you think managing a scientific career and having a family is difficult? Would you like to see more family support at conferences? So do we! ‘We’ are Lisa Schielicke, Leonie Esters, and Elena Päffgen from the Meteorological Department...

» In North Macedonia, an Ancient Lake Faces Modern Threats
18/06/24 07:51 from Yale E360
Lake Ohrid, at 2 million years old, may be the most biodiverse lake of its size in the world, teeming with fish, snails, crustaceans, and more. But tourism development along the edges of the lake and nutrient pollution are clouding its f...

» The Promise of Precision Agriculture Is Slowly Coming to Fruition
18/06/24 07:10 from Undark
Precision agriculture has long promised to provide more granular data — and new technology to use it — for farmers facing pressure to increase yields while being more environmentally friendly. It’s had some successes, but some of t...

» A Dose of Antacids, a Quaint British Bay, and a Public Relations Fiasco
18/06/24 07:05 from Hakai Magazine
Senara Wilson Hodges was nervous. It was April 2023 and she had shown up early to a meeting of the local council in St. Ives, a bucolic seaside community of some 10,000 souls in southwest England. Wilson Hodges, a keen ...

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