» Diabetics' troubles no big deal to Liberals
23/10/17 14:57 from Canada stories
If the Trudeau Liberals want to see diabetes up close and personal, they should visit a hospital where the worst elements of this disease are front and centre.

» Trudeau peacekeeping pledge pitiful as troop deployment hits new low according to new U.N. data
23/10/17 14:56 from Canada stories
The Trudeau Liberals may have promised to ramp up Canada’s involvement in peacekeeping, but new UN figures show that Canada had fewer peacekeepers deployed on missions in September than at any point in recent memory — including under the...

» Britain hands over Franklin Expedition wreckage to Canada
23/10/17 14:26 from Canada stories
Britain says it will give Canada the two shipwrecks once commanded by John Franklin that lie at the heart of one of this country’s most compelling Arctic myths.

» Ontario Civil Liberties Association accuses Dalhousie of censorship over 'white fragility' investigation
23/10/17 13:03 from Canada stories
A Canadian civil liberties group is accusing Dalhousie University of censoring the political expression of a student leader under investigation for her social media comments.

» Niqab will become bigger problem in years to come
23/10/17 12:46 from Canada stories
The niqab conversation in Canada isn’t going away anytime soon. Don’t think that whatever happens with Quebec’s Bill 62, whether it lives or dies, is going to neatly solve the issue and put it to bed for good.

» Trudeau names ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar
23/10/17 12:27 from Canada stories
Former Ontario premier Bob Rae has been named a special envoy to Myanmar.

» 'The U.S. is not a dictatorship': Liberal MP urges congress to act on NAFTA
23/10/17 11:22 from Canada stories
Donald Trump needs to butt out as a hovering presence over the North American Free Trade Agreement talks and U.S. lawmakers must come clean about what they really think of the deal, says a veteran Liberal MP.

» Ouch! Liberals accused of pricking diabetics with tax changes
23/10/17 10:27 from Canada stories
Health groups joined forces on Sunday with the Conservative opposition to accuse the Liberal government of trying to raise tax revenue on the backs of vulnerable diabetics.

» Montreal woman believes son abducted in Peru
22/10/17 23:34 from Canada stories
A Canadian woman who is searching for her missing son in Peru says that authorities in the country are considering the possibility that her son was abducted.

» Trudeau’s red ink record
22/10/17 19:36 from Canada stories
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on track to increase Canada’ federal debt at a record pace, says a new study by the Fraser Institute.

» Breast-fondling boss to be jailed on weekends for sex assault
22/10/17 19:32 from Canada stories
He was her supervisor and sexually abused her for months — repeatedly groping her and making sexual comments, all under the guise of joking around.

» Death threats for refusing to hate Israel
22/10/17 16:49 from Canada stories
Just a few years ago, Yahya Mohamid was living in a northern Israeli town controlled by the Islamic movement and like everyone else in Umm el-Fahm, had been indoctrinated to hate Israel.

» Time to toss the ethics commissioner off the bus
22/10/17 10:16 from Canada stories
During one of testier exchanges during the Morneau Affair -- capitalized here to designate an official scandal -- the NDP's ethics and deputy finance critic, Nathan Cullen, accused Justin Trudeau of throwing the ethics commissioner under...

» No winning ticket for Saturday's $30M Lotto 649 jackpot
22/10/17 09:17 from Canada stories
No winning ticket was sold for the $30 million jackpot in Saturday night’s Lotto 649 draw.

» Bill 62 shows Trudeau's Islamophobia hypocrisy
21/10/17 16:35 from Canada stories
The hypocrisy Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau displayed last week regarding his often-stated commitment to rooting out “Islamophobia” in Canada is breathtaking.

» Alberta mother pleads guilty after child left in freezing car
21/10/17 11:40 from Canada stories
A southern Alberta mother who left her child in a locked and freezing SUV while the woman went drinking has pleaded guilty to failing to provide the necessaries of life.

» No winning ticket for Friday night’s $10M Lotto Max jackpot
21/10/17 09:14 from Canada stories
No winning ticket was sold for Friday night’s $10 million Lotto Max jackpot.

» Canadian busted in Chicago sex abuse probe
20/10/17 18:38 from Canada stories
A Canadian man wanted for a slew of sex assault allegations in suburban Chicago has been extradited to Illinois to face the music.

» Dalhousie student leader Masuma Khan faces backlash over ’white fragility’ comments
20/10/17 17:59 from Canada stories
A Dalhousie University student leader says she’s facing a backlash for criticizing “white fragility” and standing with Indigenous Peoples on Canada 150 celebrations.

» Quebec court rules long-gun registry legal as Liberals seek to make federal data available
20/10/17 15:28 from Canada stories
Quebec’s long-gun registry doesn’t infringe on federal jurisdiction, says a judge who has rejected a motion seeking to see it shelved.

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