» Dropbox [Rhythm concept]
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Nice concept. via Burnt Toast Creative

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Created by using only geometric shapes. via Tim Boelaars

» Vogue Living
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Inspiring usage of stone surfaces as textures for the clothing. via Martin Azambuja

» Decemberists
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How lovely is that old Land-cruiser. via DKNG

» Argentina
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Great composition and colors! via Bailey Sullivan

» Dreamer Pool
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Part of a beautiful set of photographs for art direction. via Elena Iv-skaya

» Highlife
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Great colors. via Muti

» Jardin
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Really beautiful and emotive art. via Ekaterina Koroleva

» NATUZZI Harmony
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Beautiful illustration that is part of a heritage animation video for Natuzzi at Salone Del Mobile Milano 2017. via Spiros Halaris

» Valentine’s day cards
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Fun :) via Marylou Faure

» Building a global community of typographic practice
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In 1928, Vincent Steer, the self-described “advertising typographer” behind the book Printing Design and Layout (1934), established the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) in the ...

» How We Built It: African Parks Website
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Over the last few years, we have embraced a systems-based approach to website development. Instead of designing and developing page templates, we focus on defining overall styles for a site and cre...

» Choosing a camera 6.0
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Sometimes you live long enough to wade through changes you saw or never saw coming. Shifts in the reality of getting your job done. Film to tape I saw coming…and the shift to digital (much fu...

» How to Win Followers & Influence People: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits
Posted 25 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Steve Winter: Conservation photojournalist, speaker, and most importantly: social media influencer. A simple endorsement from Steve caused one of our client’s, African Parks’, Instagram following t...

» Setting up a New Widget with Stacks: a 4-Step Guide
Posted 28 days ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Hello and welcome to this quick tutorial about working with Stacks. First of all, you might be wondering: What is Stacks? Stacks is a Drupal 8 module that allows you, or a content editor, to easily...

» What Would Augment Reality? (1-10)
Posted 1 month ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
As the technology industry buzzes about Augmented Reality (AR) applications and hardware, I thought it would be worthwhile to apply Scott Jenson's value > pain theorem to AR gear. That is, "what va...

» See You at Drupal GovCon
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The countdown has begun! Drupal GovCon is only a week and a half away. We’re looking forward to seeing you all July 31st through August 2nd. Every summer we send our team up to Bethesda to learn th...

» Facebook’s Support for Subscriptions Is a Double-Edged Sword
Posted 2 months ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
Campbell Brown, the former NBC and CNN broadcaster who is now Facebook’s head of news partnerships, confirmed in a speech at a digital publishing conference that the social network plans to r...

» Newspaper Group’s Hope for Antitrust Exemption Is a Hail Mary Pass
Posted 2 months ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
The news came by way of a softball pitch of a story from the New York Times: The News Media Alliance — a group formerly known as the Newspaper Association of America — says it plans to ...

» Pictures Can and Do Lie, and GIFs Lie Twice as Loudly
Posted 2 months ago in %SOURCENAMEESCAPED%
If there’s one thing the coverage of Donald Trump has shown time and again, it’s that the mainstream media is more than happy to construct elaborate stories about him, based on nothing ...

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