Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Near Yemen’s Capital Kill Civi...
After a lull, warplanes hit targets around Sana, including a hotel where at least 30 agricultural workers were said to be dead or wounded.
Iraqi forces recapture several districts of Tal Afar
Author:  AFP Thu, 2017-08-24 23:42 ID:  1503511814224037900 TAL AFAR: Iraqi forces on Wednesday recaptured several districts and advanced toward th...
Glick: I do not intend to be the Prime Minister's guinea pig
Egypt acts to preserve Jewish heritage
The Ministry of Antiquities has begun preservation and renovation of Eliyahu Hanavi in Alexandria, one of the biggest synagogues in the Middle East.
PFLP threatens to harm Knesset members
After victory over ISIS, Mosul discovers the cost: Homes ...
No one has said how many died during the fierce urban battles, but there are grim clues.
Saudi police release teenager detained for doing Macarena
The 14-year-old was summoned for questioning in Mecca over a video of him dancing in the street.
Title: Yaakov and the Secret of Acra Fortress
How many people know the lineage of King Antiochus, known formally as Antiochus IV Epiphanes?
Israel's culture minister pressures theater over Palestin...
An event hosted by the Arab-Hebrew Theater in Jaffa supporting Israeli-Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour generated a harsh reaction by Israel's Culture Minister...
Israel watches tag-team operation against ISIS nervously
All the regional forces engaging in the fight against ISIS are Israel's enemies, but so is ISIS - what is the Jewish state to do?
New UAE tax raises price of some products by 200 percent
Language Undefined The tax will affect retail prices, which means consumers will pay for the increases
Driver of suspicious Rotterdam van detained
What Does An Open Door Look Like?
The communication methods of the Deafblind community are as varied as the individuals themselves.
Egyptian leaders meet Kushner following U.S. aid cut
Arab resident of Issawiyya injured in stabbing during brawl
Mosaic from 1,500 years ago discovered in Jerusalem
The well-preserved find is believed to be from the floor of a hostel for the city's religious pilgrims.
North Korea Announces New Warheads, Solid Fuel Rocket Eng...
Kim Jong Un instructed the Institute "to produce more solid-fuel rocket engines and rocket warhead tips."
Rotterdam: Rock concert cancelled over terror threat
How serious are Iranian nuclear threats?
The country has said it would be able to start enriching uranium within five days of a dissolution of the landmark nuclear deal.
Civilians under greater threat as Raqqa fight intensifies...
Author:  Reuters Thu, 2017-08-24 03:01 ID:  1503533307428069700 BEIRUT: Amnesty International said on Thursday a US-led coalition campaign to oust ...
Russia ambassador found dead in pool at Khartoum home: of...
Author:  AFP Wed, 2017-08-23 23:13 ID:  1503520036264787000 KHARTOUM: Russia’s ambassador to Sudan, Mirgayas Shirinsky, was found dead in the pool ...
Lebanese Army nears victory over Daesh
Author:  NAJIA HOUSSARI Thu, 2017-08-24 05:50 ID:  1503532493815571400 BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army needs to liberate Martbia, Siraj Hiqab Al-Shir and...
PA pessimistic as Kushner visits
Senate Majority Leader: Committed to working with Trump
Russian ambassador to Sudan found dead in swimming pool
Author:  AFP Wed, 2017-08-23 23:13 ID:  1503520036264787000 KHARTOUM: Russia’s ambassador to Sudan, veteran diplomat Mirgayas Shirinsky, was found ...
Qatar to return its ambassador to Iran: Foreign ministry
Language Undefined In effort to strengthen ties with Iran, Qatar's foreign ministry says 'its ambassador to Tehran will return to resume his diplomatic duties'
US science envoy to Middle East resigns over Trump's Char...
Language Undefined Daniel Kammen cryptically writes 'IMPEACH' in resignation letter and says he stands with Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour
Planning Ahead
Now other than it being very frustrating we must learn to contemplate on those times and see beyond the moment of distress to a higher force.
As Syria war tightens, US and Russia military hotlines hu...
Language Undefined As forces backed by Russia and US scramble to capture what is left of IS territory, risk of accidental contact increases
Mattis in Turkey with critical regional agenda
Author:  MENEKSE TOKYAY Thu, 2017-08-24 03:00 ID:  1503523497285075700 ANKARA: US Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Ankara Wednesday for ta...
Concert cancelled in Netherlands because of 'terrorist th...
Language Undefined Rotterdam police arrested Spanish driver of van loaded with gas canisters that was parked near large music venue
Traffic accident on 443 highway, three lightly wounded
Saudi-led coalition airstrike kills dozens in Yemen ahead...
Official warns that the number of dead could rise amid conflicting reports about the identity of the victims.
China set to open world's fastest train
Coalition chairman's daughter marries
Kushner and Greenblatt land in Israel
In about face, Egyptian Foreign Minister will meet with K...
IDF nabs Gaza infiltrator
Rotterdam incident not connected to attacks in Catalonia
MK's allowed a one-time visit to Temple Mount next week
Trump to meet Malaysian PM next month
KRG doubles down on independence vote after Baghdad meeting
A visit by a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad amid strong regional and international objections to a Kurdish independence referendum failed to convince the Iraq...
PM's former superintendent now a state witness?
Concert cancelled in Netherlands because of 'terrorist th...
Language Undefined Rotterdam police arrested Spanish driver of van but anti-terrorist force sources said there was no link to terrorism
Iran a greater threat than Daesh, says Netanyahu
Author:  Reuters Thu, 2017-08-24 23:07 ID:  1503512178494079000 SOCHI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Russian President Vladimir ...
Former FBI Director Comey lands new job at Howard University
Bomb threat at Brandeis University
Jerusalem man arrested for shoplifting from convenience s...
Turkish foundation helps Syrians recover from devastation...
The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation is restoring mosques in the Syrian province of Aleppo, recruiting preachers and teachers and providing hundreds of job opportu...
Hamas leader: Rafah crossing to be opened intermittently
Egyptian intelligence is reportedly making the opening of the crossing conditional on security in the Sinai peninsula.
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