White House: Syria preparing another chemical weapons attack
Jewish organizations disappointed by travel ban ruling
10 things to do today: Work out indoors with Club Marquis...
Your daily guide to community and cultural activities across the Emirates for June 27, 2017, including performances, festivals, art exhibitions, film screeni...
Arrow-3 and Unnamed Project Receive Israel’s Defense Esta...
President Reuven Rivlin told the winners: 'The Israeli public does not know how much it owes you.'
US says it appears Syria planning another chemical weapon...
The White House warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad he and his military would "pay heavy price" if it conducts an attack.
Israeli innovation feeds the world - with more fish protein
Syria may plan another chemical weapons attack: White House
Language Undefined White House's Sean Spicer says Assad 'will pay a heavy price' if he 'conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons'
Qatar tourism sector starts to feel squeeze of blockade
Language Undefined Hotels recorded lower-than-expected visitor numbers over the Eid festival on Sunday
Iranian Foreign Minister calls out Qatar blockade
Language Undefined During visit to Berlin, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: "One day it's Iran, today it's Qatar."
Syria chemical attack may be being prepared, US warns
Syria is planning another chemical attack, the US says, warning it would pay a "heavy price".
Iraq outlines plans to rebuild country, inspire tolerance
Iraqi officials say they are ready to reconstruct the country and heal the populace devastated by the Islamic State.
How US may be facing wider conflict with pro-government f...
BEIRUT // The United States never signed up for a war with the Syrian government or its allies. When Washington intervened in Syria in 2014, the mission was ...
22 million Americans will lose their health insurance by ...
Israeli aircraft strike Gaza targets
1.65 metric tons of beef destroyed in Nahariya
Vizhnitz Girls’ School Fails Three Inspections for Refusi...
As a matter of course, Vizhnitz devotes little or no time to learning about sexual orientation, other than those well known verses in Leviticus that frown on...
Sweet revenge: Egypt blocks website after it slates army'...
Language Undefined Alscene website no longer available in Egypt after release of video criticising 'kahk' made by military-owned company
Trump administration welcomes financial watchdog’s Iran s...
Treasury Department experts prevail as the United States endorses the Financial Action Task Force’s decision to indefinitely suspend countermeasures on Iran.
IAF Retaliates for Rocket Shot from Gaza
According to Arab media the raid in the central Gaza Strip shelled an empty field east of Wadi Gaza, with no casualties reported.
Knesset Permits Olim to Obtain Israeli Passports Upon Arr...
In the 1990s, European countries complained about Israeli citizens with Israeli passports who were engaged in criminal activity, which affected Israel's visa...
Temple Mount activists detained for Knesset protest
Highway 1 traffic back to normal
Marc Zell: Trump has kept his word
Argan oil: the liquid gold changing women's lives in Sout...
In south-western Morocco, groups of women have formed cooperatives to harness the natural wealth of their region, argan oil.
US supreme court partially reinstates Trump travel ban
Washington // The US supreme court has partially reinstated president Donald Trump's travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries, b...
'We need to strengthen the relationship with the Diaspora'
Israel to Build Tunnel-Proof Barriers in Northern Border ...
Tensions between Israel and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization have been rising for some time.
50 Years of Jerusalem’s Reunification Celebrated at UN
Watch: 'Muslims contributed except terror'
World food security risks growing, Chatham House says
More must be done to protect key transport routes like the Panama and Suez canals, researchers warn.
Watch PM Netanyahu at Annual Taglit Birthright Event – ‘T...
Taglit-Birthright is a free 10-day educational trip offered to Jewish young men and women ages 18 to 26.
Bernie Sanders and wife hire lawyers in FBI bank fraud probe
Trump meets Indian PM
Syria war: Air strike on IS prison in Mayadin 'kills dozens'
The US-led coalition says it is looking into reports that more than 40 prisoners are among the dead.
US warns Syria against 'chemical attack'
Syria will pay "a heavy price" if it goes ahead with "potential preparations" for a strike, the US says.
Shin Bet Chief: Hackers Attacking Israel Get Unpleasant S...
Over the past year and a half the security services have succeeded in locating more than 2,000 potential terrorists through the use of technology.
Sweet revenge: Egypt blocks website after ridicule of arm...
Language Undefined Alscene website no longer available in Egypt after release of video criticising 'kahk' made by military-owned company
Fight to defend Regulation Law continues
Erdogan bodyguards 'will not step onto German soil' for G...
Language Undefined Germany's foreign ministry warns Turkey that 12 bodyguards wanted for a US brawl will not be allowed into the country
Cyclist killed in Haifa accident
Boy travels from Morocco to Spain under bus
Language Undefined The boy who travelled at least 230 km holding onto the bottom of the bus is in good condition, authorities said
The holy alliance between Netanyahu and the ultra-Orthodox
With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ceding to all their demands, Israel's ultra-Orthodox parties are in no hurry to dismantle his government.
US senator vows to block Gulf arms sales until crisis over
Language Undefined Threat from Bob Corker, chairman of foreign relations committee, comes after Trump announced Saudi arms deal and plan to create 'Arab Nato'
Deputy Treasurer: Reform not really interested in Kotel
Syria war: Scores killed in US air attack on IS jail, say...
Language Undefined At least 57 dead in air strike in Mayadeen near Deir Ezzor, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
Pedestrian seriously injured in accident in Tel Aviv
30 years since Edelstein's release from a Soviet prison
Hamas: Building in Jerusalem 'promotes terror'
US Launches Cyber Security Partnership With Israel
“Cyber security is about risk management; at the end of the day, network technology will never be completely secure.”
ISIS-affiliated terrorists claim Gaza rocket attack
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