» Our Lives Are on the Line
06/12/19 12:03 from NYT > Barack Obama
In Texas and across the country, the E.P.A.’s gutting of the Chemical Disaster Rule is a matter of life or death.

» No One Should Have to Breathe These Chemicals
06/12/19 12:03 from NYT > Barack Obama
In Texas and across the country, the E.P.A.’s gutting of the Chemical Disaster Rule is a matter of life or death.

» America Still Has a Story to Tell
06/12/19 06:00 from NYT > Barack Obama
It is a vision of being open to the world and one another, and it’s stronger than you might think.

» America the Hot Mess
06/12/19 06:00 from NYT > Barack Obama
Yet, if you look again, you find a durable past that may just save us yet.

» Is This Thing On? A Look Back at Political Hot Mic Moments
05/12/19 07:42 from NYT > Barack Obama
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada became the latest world leader to have private remarks disseminated worldwide.

» Did We Ever Know the Real Kamala Harris?
03/12/19 15:41 from NYT > Barack Obama
She was crowned the perfect Democrat for 2020. Here’s what doomed her campaign.

» Sanctions May Have Fueled Iran Protests, but Have Yet to Further U.S. Goals
02/12/19 14:48 from NYT > Barack Obama
It is hard to discern a strategy that will accomplish the Trump administration’s objectives: renegotiating the nuclear deal with Iran or dialing back Iran’s malign behavior in the region.

» Why Republicans Will Sidestep Their Garland Rule for the Court in 2020
29/11/19 11:29 from NYT > Barack Obama
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health scare raised the question of how the Senate would handle a Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year.

» Conservative Hypocrisy Makes Its Case at the Supreme Court
26/11/19 11:00 from NYT > Barack Obama
Lawyers on the right are advancing arguments they once rejected on principle.

» How Trump Survives
26/11/19 06:00 from NYT > Barack Obama
The lesson of past impeachments might be that it takes disasters, not just scandals, to remove a president from office.

» Democrats Increasingly Vocal in Calling ‘Medicare for All’ a Political Liability
26/11/19 05:00 from NYT > Barack Obama
Party leaders are describing the health care proposal that appeals to the party’s left as a risky bet that could neutralize one of the Democrats’ prime issues in 2020.

» Obama Urges Democrats to ‘Chill Out’ About 2020 Presidential Field
21/11/19 18:26 from NYT > Barack Obama
Mr. Obama, in his latest remarks about the Democratic primary race, said the party should be focused less on differences among the candidates and more on defeating President Trump.

» Obama Moves Off Political Sidelines, Earlier Than He Expected
20/11/19 13:18 from NYT > Barack Obama
As Democratic presidential candidates gather to debate on Wednesday night, Barack Obama is increasingly pressing a 2020 message: Focus on defeating President Trump and ditch the ideological purity.

» Too Far Left? Some Democratic Candidates Don’t Buy Obama’s Argument
16/11/19 23:07 from NYT > Barack Obama
One day after former President Barack Obama cautioned against being out of touch with voters, Democratic candidates said there was a winner among them.

» Deval Patrick Makes a Late Bid in the 2020 Presidential Campaign
14/11/19 06:25 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
Mr. Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, entered the Democratic primary with less than three months to go before the Iowa caucuses.

» George Soros Says Wall Street Won’t Decide the 2020 Election
25/10/19 06:17 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
The billionaire philanthropist and former trader offered his views on next year’s elections, taxing the rich and putting Wall Street in its place.

» Gates, Clinton, Hastings, Kardashian, Chesky, Muilenburg: DealBook Conference 2019
23/10/19 13:07 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
Andrew Ross Sorkin hosts a series of discussions with some of the biggest newsmakers at the intersection of business and policy at this year’s event.

» N.Y.C. Official Calls for Mandatory Diversity Effort in the Boardroom
11/10/19 06:40 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
The city comptroller will ask companies to adopt a version of the N.F.L.’s “Rooney Rule” and consider women and ethnic minorities for C.E.O. and board spots.

» Tina Tchen, Ex-Obama Aide, Will Take Over Time’s Up
07/10/19 08:30 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
The group was founded by powerful women in Hollywood in the wake of the #MeToo movement. It aims to fight sexual harassment and assault in all industries.

» Elizabeth Warren Lost Her Dream Job but Gained a Path to 2020
21/09/19 05:00 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
She had a plan to take on big banks. In the fight to get it done, she honed the approach to politics that defines her presidential campaign.

» Marca Bristo, Influential Advocate for the Disabled, Dies at 66
08/09/19 16:27 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
Paralyzed in an accident at 23, she devoted her life to changing perceptions of the disabled and was a key player in passing the Americans With Disabilities Act.

» Why Are Democrats Defending Al Sharpton?
31/07/19 15:40 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
They’ve handed Trump an easy win and yoked themselves to a genuine bigot.

» Trump Sets the Terms on Racial Division. Do Democrats Know What to Do?
21/07/19 11:49 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
Democratic candidates universally denounce Mr. Trump’s words, but disagreements exist on how the eventual presidential nominee should best respond on race.

» Harassment, Equality, Power: What Leaders Said at the New Rules Summit
17/06/19 00:00 from NYT > Valerie Jarrett
The conference, hosted last week by The New York Times, explored the progress of women in the workplace.

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