H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama's Spies

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

We now have an imaginary crime – collusion – with imaginary evidence and ev...

Will the Mullahs' Regime See Its 40th Anniversary?

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

The future of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the light of recent events is extremely b...

Manners, Morals, and Political Correctness

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

Political correctness constitutes a worldview in which manners supersede morals in gove...

President Poker-Player: Obama's Tell

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

In poker, it is not enough to read one's cards; one must also read the other player...

The Origin of Islam's Daily Prayers

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

In short? Plagiarized, like much else in Islam.

Alien Animals in the Kingdom of Man

(May 19, 2018 23:00)

Donald Trump recently called our criminal aliens animals. Here is what he meant.

We’re from the FBI and we’re here to help you, Mr. Trump

(May 19, 2018 20:35)

(Paul Mirengoff) Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, argues that the FBI didn’t sp...

Jazzing up the FBI spying-on-Trump scandal

(May 19, 2018 16:19)

(Paul Mirengoff) The FBI and its friends in the mainstream media want to make the Burea...

Chaos and Demagoguery in the Oval Office?

(May 19, 2018 12:58)

(Steven Hayward) The constant refrain of Trump’s critics on the left and right is...

Release: Former Governor Frank Farrar Endorses Marty Jackley

(May 19, 2018 09:40)

Former Governor Frank Farrar Endorses Marty Jackley BRITTON, SD: South Dakota’s 2...

FBI blows source: Why?

(May 19, 2018 09:36)

(Scott Johnson) In the annals of media stupidity in blind service of their political al...

The Week in Pictures: Animals Edition

(May 19, 2018 05:11)

(Steven Hayward) I don’t get it. Liberals worry all the time about “invasiv...

Oil Prices Are Sky-High: What Happened to Fracking?

(May 19, 2018 02:55)

Remember the good old days when experts decided that the power of the OPEC oil cartel t...

Company plans to gather Gilt Edge data and see whether mine is still viable for gold

(May 19, 2018 00:00)

PIERRE — Different members of the state panel that oversees mining in South Dakota have...

State government ethanol use topped 2 million gallons again

(May 19, 2018 00:00)

PIERRE — State government used about the same amount of ethanol-blended fuels in 2017 a...

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