» Income Alpha
09/21/17 19:02 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» 2 Recent Buys
09/21/17 07:00 by Roadmap2Retire
Last week I added to one existing position and initiated a new position. For the first purchase: I added to my position in Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (AQN.TO). The stock price has come under a bit of pressure lately, and I mana...

» Recent Stock Purchase September 2017
09/21/17 06:55 by DivHut
With three weeks of September under our collective belts it was getting time for me to pull the trigger on my monthly dividend stock buy. As I always say, there is never a perfect time to buy. You just have to look at your portfolio, see...

» 10 Life-Altering Money Moves You Can Start Today
09/21/17 04:30 by Retire Before Dad
Very few decisions during your time on this earth actually change the trajectory of your life. After a party in 2007, I scanned the huge Evite email list to try to find a woman I met there. Then I ‘stalked’ her on Facebook an...

» Micron Technology
09/21/17 01:00 by dennismccain - Investing
Micron Technology, Inc. provides semiconductor systems worldwide. The company operates through four segments: Compute and Networking Business Unit, Storage Business Unit, Mobile Business Unit, and Embedded Business Unit. It offers DDR3 a...

» 10 Dividend Growth Stocks For September 2017
09/21/17 00:05 by DivGro

» Commodities Are Meant For Trading, Not Investing
09/20/17 11:52 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» Tempting Targets and Real Estate Purgatory
09/20/17 09:43 by Income Surfer
We are still running around like crazy, but the pace is less frantic this week than the past two. The home inspections took place this week. The fun thing there is that the results are loaded with catch-22s and it is not clear that we wi...

» I'm Back...
09/20/17 04:30 by Passive Income Pursuit

» Five Tips For Staying Within Your Business Travel Budget
09/20/17 02:04 by DivHut
The following is a guest blog post: For most companies, the days of unlimited employee travel expenses are over. If you are traveling for work, you are most likely working with a fairly tight budget. While there are plenty of guides for ...

» Social Proof in the Markets
09/19/17 13:52 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» Best Places for Your Loan Need
09/19/17 04:00 by One Cent At A Time
Most people know that it’s always better to rely on their own finance but today it’s quite hard to avoid using different loan services. There are different kinds of loans and consumers use them for different purposes. For example, gettin...

» 5 Alternatives To Pay Day Loans
09/19/17 01:07 by DivHut
The following is a guest blog post: Most of us experience some financial struggles at one time or another, and often, it means we have to think of ways to get some form of credit to see us through a big bill or unexpected expense. There ...

» Manipulating the Genome
09/19/17 01:00 by dennismccain - Investing
As most will agree, the search for the medical cures of tomorrow will ultimately be found inside the Human Genome. And those cures will be treated by editing the gene sequences to eliminate the defective sequences. Today we're just scrat...

» Pension Account – 2 Buys in the Techno Sector
09/18/17 10:26 by The Dividend Guy Blog
Last week, I told you I was getting ready to invest $100K in the stock market. You who told me to wait, I appreciate your concerns I know, the stock market is high, but my premise is that it will continue to rise. If you want to bring hi...

» Blockchain – The Next Onslaught of Disruption
09/18/17 07:00 by Roadmap2Retire
The hype of cryptocurrencies has almost reached fever-pitch as commentators see the meteoric rise of Bitcoin as a bubble. Whether it is a bubble or just the start of a new norm, is anyone’s guess. I can see it going both ways, but ...

» How to Build Garage Sports Gym on a Budget
09/18/17 05:00 by One Cent At A Time
Forking out a lot of cash every month to work out? Would you rather train at home? If so, then I’d say we’re pretty similar! The cost of owning quality training equipment might turn you away from this initiative; indeed, the costs might ...

» 6 Dividend Increases: September 11-15, 2017
09/18/17 00:53 by DivGro

» How Millennials Can Prepare For the Next Financial Crisis
09/17/17 19:16 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» The Storm
09/16/17 07:09 by Income Surfer
Where has the past week gone?! It was a wild week, but it turned out pretty well in the Tampa Bay area. Certainly, much better than it could have. The flood prone areas are still flooded, and the coastal areas lost a ton of trees…....

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