» Facebook
02/27/17 01:00 by dennismccain - Investing
I can't imagine another brand as well known as Facebook throughout the world, with the possible exception of  maybe Coca-Cola. I also can't imagine a company more predatory than Facebook with the possible exception of Amazon. Practi...

» Weekly Roundup - February 25, 2017
02/25/17 06:30 by Passive Income Pursuit

» Portfolio Update: Adding to My Best Ideas (February 23, 2017)
02/24/17 19:31 by FI Fighter
Rise of the silver surfer! I was afraid that might happen sooner or later, so as I was sharing with readers last time around, I’ve been making it my focus to try and pick up some more cheap silver stocks while the spot price of sil...

» Cebu – Cebu City (February 24, 2017)
02/24/17 16:10 by FI Fighter
My first full day in Cebu was spent chilling at the Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. For Day 2, it was time we got out there and explored Cebu City. Before heading out to Park Mall for lunch, I grabbed some quick breakfast at one of the ne...

» Cebu – Plantation Bay (February 23, 2017)
02/24/17 15:29 by FI Fighter
I woke up early on Thursday morning in Cebu and couldn’t wait to get out there and explore! It was raining quite heavily throughout the night, but things had calmed down shortly after sunrise. For this day, I had plans to go out to...

» How Will Foreign Exchange Markets React to Trump?
02/24/17 12:25 by DivHut
The following is a guest blog post: 2016 was a decidedly volatile year in terms of currency trading and 2017 could be just as unpredictable. This observation is further heightened due to the fact that (for better or for worse) Donald Tru...

» My ABA Wealth Management Conference Presentation Slides
02/24/17 11:10 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» RWM is Coming to Texas!
02/24/17 10:55 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» Dividend Growth Investing at Work - A Raise Is A Raise No Matter How Small
02/24/17 04:45 by Passive Income Pursuit

» The Ease of Start-Up Funding for Businesses in US
02/24/17 04:00 by One Cent At A Time
Lately, it seems I have taken up the responsibility of convincing people to start their small businesses. I have posted many small business-related stories. Here’s another one, which tells you the sources and ease of receiving your...

» Recent Sells and Buys
02/23/17 19:50 by Average Dividend Yield

» The Network Effect of Ideas & Innovation
02/23/17 18:06 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» 4 Tips to Start Saving for Summer Holiday
02/23/17 16:57 by MoneyAhoy
Article from MoneyAhoy.com Most families struggle to find it in their budget to handle a proper summer holiday. It is not that simple when you’re covering bills and expenses all year long to be able to organize your dream summer outing. ...

» How to Reduce the Cost of Your Business Course
02/23/17 12:17 by DivHut
The following is a guest blog post: Before you enter the business world or become an investor, completing a business course is something you should consider. However, the cost of completing this type of course can be expensive, so itR...

» Options Trading
02/23/17 10:00 by Roadmap2Retire
Recently I noted in a post that I opened up a new Interactive Brokers account in order to trade options more economically. I also shared how to move funds from your broker to IB and get started. Over the last couple of years, I have been...

» Very Busy Update
02/23/17 06:22 by Income Surfer
Whew, what a week. Over the last few weeks I’ve mentioned that things have been a bit hectic…..and we’ve been very busy. First off, we sold our house last week…..and signed a short term apartment lease. While we a...

» Idle Hands
02/23/17 04:45 by Passive Income Pursuit

» Robo Advisors – Is this the perfect solution
02/23/17 02:48 by The Dividend Guy Blog
About a decade ago, a weird beast was created on the stock market. A new type of investment product called the Exchange Traded Fund, mostly known by its abbreviation; ETF. Many financial institutions started by laughing and denigrating E...

» Mobileye
02/23/17 01:00 by dennismccain - Investing
Mobileye is an Israeli technology company that develops vision-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. Mobileye N.V. headquarters and main R&D centre ...

» Cebu – The First Night (February 22, 2017)
02/22/17 18:32 by FI Fighter
Hey everyone, I am now writing to you all from Cebu! I arrived last night, and was initially planning on heading on over to the beaches today, but I woke up to some heavy rainfall this morning… Oh well, that’s just the way th...

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