» NextEra Energy Partners
03/23/17 01:00 by dennismccain - Investing
NextEra Energy Partners is a growth-oriented limited partnership formed by NextEra Energy Inc. to acquire, manage and own contracted clean energy projects with stable, long-term cash flows. Headquartered in Juno Beach...

» Hong Kong – I Will Miss You Dearly!
03/22/17 11:47 by FI Fighter
When it comes to life, everyone knows that you’ve got to approach things with an open mind. I mean, the more you know about ANYTHING, the more humbled you become and the more you realize that you don’t actually know jack shit...

» Entrepreneurs, Technology & Investing in the Nonprofit Space: Q&A With Fractured Atlas Founder Adam Huttler
03/22/17 11:02 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» Some More Bay Area Quick Thoughts (March 22, 2017)
03/22/17 11:00 by FI Fighter
I’ve got a lot of overseas photos and stories to share with readers! Until I get to that (yup, I’m really behind on my updates, I apologize), here are just a few more thoughts regarding the Bay Area (home sweet home). Lots of...

» How Investors May Misuse Target Date Funds
03/22/17 07:00 by My Journey to Millions
Target date funds have become more and more popular in the past 10 years, growing at a ridiculously rapid pace (from about $10bil in 2006 to $700billion in 2015).  While I think they serve a very valuable purpose for a large amount of in...

» Money Management Through the Eyes of a Boy Scout
03/22/17 05:00 by One Cent At A Time
When I was younger I was in the Boy Scouts. Like many, I started in grade school with the Cub Scouts and moved up the ranks. Ultimately, I fell short of the Eagle rank by one level, but the lessons learned over my scouting career have st...

» Dividend Growth Investing at Work - Banking On Higher Dividends
03/22/17 04:45 by Passive Income Pursuit

» Building Wealth As An Accidental Landlord
03/22/17 04:30 by Retire Before Dad
I thought my timing was perfect. It was 2006. The real estate bubble had burst and property values were plummeting in the D.C. area. After years of seeing other people make a killing off of real estate, it was finally my turn. A few mont...

» Spring Break On A Budget
03/21/17 22:52 by DivHut
Spring Break can be difficult when your family is living on a tight budget. At least you aren’t alone. A recent survey conducted by the MagnifyMoney, an organization that evaluates financial products and lenders across the US, has reveal...

» Back in the Bay Area (March 21, 2017)
03/21/17 15:52 by FI Fighter
Hey everyone! Although I arrived back in the Bay Area late last Tuesday (March 14), it took me a bit longer than expected to get settled, so hence the lack of updates as of late… Anyway, I’m happy to report to you all that I&...

» The Best Free Investing Tools on the Web
03/21/17 12:26 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» 10 Dividend Growth Stocks For March 2017
03/21/17 08:44 by DivGro

» 5 Tips for Establishing Loyal E-Shoppers
03/21/17 06:08 by MoneyAhoy
Article from MoneyAhoy.com We’ve all heard the idiom “the customer is always right.” However, this popular saying has less to do with the actual accuracy of shoppers and more to do with customer service. Even when the customer is dead wr...

» General Mills: Only A Buy If...
03/21/17 04:45 by Passive Income Pursuit

» On the Road #19 Deep Dished in Nicaragua
03/21/17 03:22 by The Dividend Guy Blog
As soon as I can, I’ll update you on my one year trip. I’ve decided to leave everything behind and spend real time with the people that matter the most in my life: my wife and three children. This is my story, I hope it will inspire you ...

» Real Estate Vs. Stocks
03/20/17 05:00 by One Cent At A Time
The two traditional forms of investing when saving for the long term are stocks and real estate. Both have proven to be successful over the past decades and offer a path to financial security, but which is better? Real estate or stocks? ...

» 12 Option Moves to Boost My Investment Income New
03/20/17 04:45 by Passive Income Pursuit

» Reviewing the Efitz Wireless Earphones by Specter Wireless
03/19/17 22:24 by My Journey to Millions
I turn down 90% of the products and books I am offered to review.  Sometimes it is because they aren't applicable to me or my personal finance blog, but more often than not, it is because the accompanying pitch wasn't all that great.  It...

» Updating My Favorite Performance Chart for 2016
03/19/17 18:43 by A Wealth of Common Sense

» Dividend Increases: March 6-10, 2017
03/19/17 09:57 by DivGro

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