» Singer / Songwriter / Producer, Jack Antonoff
16/09/20 16:48 from Pensado's Place
From Producing and Songwriting for top artists like Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, The Chicks, Lorde, and many more, to also showcasing his own talents with Bleachers. Our guest is an absolute star. Please welcome, Jack Antonoff!

» Review: Denon DJ SC6000 & SC6000M Prime
15/09/20 16:47 from DJ TechTools
In light of the recent release of the CDJ-3000, we thought it would be cool to get a DJ unfamiliar with the Prime ecosystem to take a closer look at the competition, specifically the Denon DJ SC6000s. New DJTT contributor Freddie Fiers d...

» Will DJing back-to-back online finally be possible?
13/09/20 19:24 from DJ TechTools
Playing B2B DJ sets online has always seemed impossible. A new group is tackling the technical challenge of back-to-back DJing over the internet. The post Will DJing back-to-back online finally be possible? appeared first on DJ TechTools .

» This is Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000
10/09/20 02:46 from DJ TechTools
After releasing a teaser of their new CDJ last week – Pioneer DJ has officially announced the CDJ-3000. Four years after the CDJ-2000NXS2 was released in early 2016, the media player has been highly anticipated by many DJs. Meet the...

» Why I Left Mailchimp for Drip
09/09/20 11:36 from Passive Promotion
Email is my #1 promotion tool. Always has been. I’d been using FanBridge since 2012, but it didn’t integrate with the WooCommerce shop I added to my site earlier this year. Mailchimp did. Moving all of my FanBridge subscriber...

» [Updated] DJs might soon have to say goodbye to Facebook Live
08/09/20 20:44 from DJ TechTools
Quarantine, coronavirus, lockdown, and the great 2020 gig apocalypse has been hard for DJs and live performers. But the one gasp of solace has been the extraordinary creativity that has been poured into live streaming DJ sets over the la...

» Standalone Maschine+ announced: perform and produce without a computer
08/09/20 13:21 from DJ TechTools
Standalone Maschine+ unit just announced - no computer needed. The post Standalone Maschine+ announced: perform and produce without a computer appeared first on DJ TechTools .

» DJs: you need to say no to gigs if they’re not safe
07/09/20 04:03 from DJ TechTools
In the history of DJing, the DJ has always played a critical role – not just as a musical selector, but also as the room conductor and vibe controller. They’re filling the room with music, but they also have ability, at any ti...

» Denon DJ just leaked their new screenless media player/controller – SC1000?
04/09/20 15:51 from DJ TechTools
When the industry golaith Pioneer DJ dropped their massive news (a new CDJ-3000 teaser) yesterday, it stood to reason that Denon DJ would want to hint at a new product coming out, too. Meet the new screenless Prime player/controller R...

» Pioneer DJ just teased the brand new CDJ-3000 and we analyzed every frame
03/09/20 06:06 from DJ TechTools
Pioneer DJ has teased a brand new CDJ media player on their Instagram account. Here's our close up analysis. The post Pioneer DJ just teased the brand new CDJ-3000 and we analyzed every frame appeared first on DJ TechTools .

» PARTYNEXTDOOR Producer, Hoskins
01/09/20 09:45 from Pensado's Place

» Grammy Award Winning Artist / Producer, Fantastic Negrito
24/08/20 19:35 from Pensado's Place
This week we are joined by Grammy Award Winning Artist/ Producer, Fantastic Negrito. Negrito burst on to the national radar by winning the inaugural NPR Tiny Desk contest in 2015, and has since won Grammys for his first two albums: The L...

» NAMM President & CEO, Joe Lamond
17/08/20 19:12 from Pensado's Place
This week, the President and CEO of NAMM joins us for a big announcement. Please welcome, Joe Lamond!

» How I Promoted My Free CD Offer
10/08/20 11:46 from Passive Promotion
In my last installment, I detailed the mechanics of my free + s/h funnel. If “free + s/h funnel” is gibberish to you, you can get yourself up to speed here. When I started, I had eight titles available on CD. Now I’m do...

» Artist / Producer, Lido
10/08/20 09:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is an Artist / Producer whose credits range from Halsey to Chance the Rapper to Skrillex. Please welcome to The Place, Lido!

» NASA Audio Engineer, Alexandria Perryman
03/08/20 15:31 from Pensado's Place
We’re talking audio for astronauts as we are joined by an Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer for NASA. Please welcome to The Place, Alexandria Perryman!

» Mastering with SoundCloud
28/07/20 16:29 from Pensado's Place
In this week’s episode Philip Nicol of Dolby and Miguel Senquiz of SoundCloud join us to discuss the development of the recently released SoundCloud Mastering technology. From a quick meeting in the hallways of NAMM to a full product rel...

» Engineer, Jaymz Hardy-Martin III
21/07/20 15:05 from Pensado's Place
This week’s guest is Jaume Hardy-Martin III. Over the past 17 yrs in the industry, he has produced records, scored documentaries, recorded and mixed records, and toured the world. His credits include albums by Tupac, MC Lyte, Janet Jacks...

» How I Sold 1000 CDs in 10 Weeks
15/07/20 11:03 from Passive Promotion
Why would anyone buy a CD in 2020? Let me count the ways: Getting stuff in the mail is fun Superior sound quality The artwork, lyrics, and liner notes It has value as a collectible, especially when autographed To support the artist! I fi...

» Grammy Winning Engineer / Producer, Ebonie Smith
14/07/20 15:13 from Pensado's Place
Ebonie Smith is an award-winning music producer, audio engineer and singer-songwriter based in New York City. Ebonie is also the founder and president of Gender Amplified, Inc., an organizationthat celebrates and supports women and girls...

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