» Production / Songwriting Duo, Noise Club
01/06/20 14:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guests are a dynamic duo who have graced artists like Adam Lambert, Zedd, Hailee Seinfeld, and many more. Please welcome to The Place, Noise Club!

» Rekordbox 6.0.1 detects where the vocals are in tracks, adds Auto Upload, Beatsource LINK support
27/05/20 03:53 from DJ TechTools
Shortly after the release of the long-anticipated Rekordbox 6, a new update has been released for Pioneer DJ’s industry-leading DJ software. The latest version, rekordbox 6.0.1, comes with three new offerings: support for Beatsourc...

» Skrillex Mix Engineer / Producer / Mastering Engineer, Tom Norris
25/05/20 09:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is a triple threat - Grammy Nominated Producer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer. His talents have led him to collaborate with artists such as Skrillex, Lady Gaga, Zedd, Grimes, The Weeknd, and more. Please welcome to The Place, Tom...

» InMusic acquired Stanton: here’s what the acquisition could mean for DJs
22/05/20 14:45 from DJ TechTools
This week, InMusic announced that they’re buying Stanton and bringing it into their brand family. It’s an interesting decision to purchase Stanton (previously owned by Gibson) right now, especially consdiering how many other ...

» How I’m Promoting My Spotify Playlist with Instagram Stories Ads
20/05/20 18:17 from Passive Promotion
If you were wondering how I found your work, it was through Spotify. I was looking for vocal synthwave playlists. Yours had the most followers and I really enjoyed the first song. a new fan My Spotify playlist is getting a lot of action ...

» Future DJ Gear Concepts: Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000
18/05/20 20:38 from DJ TechTools
Over the past few years, Pioneer DJ’s CDJ has slowly descended from being an innovative, powerful tool to an outdated piece of gear. CDJs continue to get heavy use in club settings, but we suspect that the lack of a new flagship player m...

» Solange Knowles Engineer / Producer, Mikaelin “Blue” BlueSpruce
18/05/20 09:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is a multi-genre bad ass. His credits include artists like Solange Knowles, Mariah Carey, Nas, Skepta, Dev Hynes, as well as the Hamilton mixtape, and much more. Please welcome to The Place, Mikaelin "Blue" BlueSpruce!

» Akai’s new MPC Live II: a standalone tool with built-in monitors
14/05/20 03:40 from DJ TechTools
Akai Professional is back with a new piece of gear: the launch of the MPC Live II. The latest member of the MPC family is the first of its kind to offer a unique, handy feature for producers everywhere: built-in stereo monitors. It also ...

» Apple releases major Logic Pro X update with Live Loops, Step Sequencer
12/05/20 19:29 from DJ TechTools
Apple’s Logic Pro X saw a huge update today – referred to as the “biggest update” to the production software since its launch in 2013, by Apple themselves – with its latest edition, 10.5. Some of the most notable additi...

» Moog releases new synthesizer: The Subharmonicon
12/05/20 16:59 from DJ TechTools
Moog is back with the launch of their newest synthesizer: the Subharmonicon. It’s a semi-modular polyrhythmic analog synth with a 6-tone sound engine and a multi-layered clock generator. The Subharmonicon was built, according to Mo...

» Numark introduces new Serato controllers: Mixtrack Platinum FX & Pro FX
12/05/20 09:59 from DJ TechTools
Numark is making quarantine for DJs a bit more exciting today, launching two brand-new Serato DJ controllers: the Mixtrack Platinum FX and Mixtrack Pro FX. Built to appeal to both beginner and advanced DJs alike, these controllers sit an...

» Maroon 5 Producer / Engineer, Noah Passovoy
12/05/20 09:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is a Producer / Engineer who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Maroon 5. Herb lovingly calls him the 6th member of Maroon 5. Please welcome to The Place, Noah Passovoy!

» David Morales talks gear, crate digging, and his favorite rotary mixer
09/05/20 20:06 from DJ TechTools
With an upbringing attending iconic clubs like the Paradise Garage and the Loft, David Morales has had a long history with the music world. We had the opportunity to sit down with this legend to talk shop, learn about his crate digging h...

» AuSounds Executive President / CMO, Marcus Sanchez
04/05/20 09:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is the Executive President and CMO of Ausounds - a US-based premium audio manufacturing company that designs headphones & audio products for music creators and music lovers alike. Marcus Sanchez is a dynamic music and mark...

» Justin Bieber Producer / Music Director / Artist, HARV
27/04/20 16:49 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is a triple threat - Producer / Artist / Musical Director who was recently credited by Billboard for helping Justin Bieber to create a new format for R&B. Please welcome to The Place, HARV!

» Chief Engineer for Dr. Dre, Quentin Gilkey
21/04/20 07:00 from Pensado's Place
Our guest is Dr. Dre's personal engineer as well as the Chief Engineer for Aftermath Records. Please welcome, Quentin Gilkey!

» What Artists Should Know About SubmitHub
15/04/20 15:21 from Passive Promotion
In March of 2016, I published what quickly became my most popular post: These 59 Music Blogs Will Listen to Your Song, Guaranteed. Four years later it’s up to 1100+, and also includes radio stations, YouTube and Twitch channels, Sp...

» Ask Dave and Herb
13/04/20 16:03 from Pensado's Place
You've got questions - we got answers. Please enjoy our first ever virtual Ask Dave and Herb episode!

» 2020 NAMM Panel (Alex Tumay, Louis Bell, FINNEAS)
06/04/20 14:48 from Pensado's Place
The 2020 NAMM Show was an absolute blast. Please enjoy our discussion with hitmakers Alex Tumay, Louis Bell, and FINNEAS!

» Talented Women of Audio
30/03/20 16:21 from Pensado's Place
For those who do not know, the month of March is Women's Month. We have had the pleasure of sitting at the desk with a number of talented women in the audio space from studio directors, composers, executives, front of house engineers, mi...

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