» The Effects of High Unemployment
15/09/17 08:00 from What's New at Article Weekly
By Peter DeHaan Ten years ago, the unemployment rate was running high. Businesses needing to hire found themselves in a “buyer’s market.” This was what I wrote back then: There are plenty of people looking for work. This results in ̷...

» Avoid Leadership Pitfalls: Direction Versus Speed
31/08/17 12:22 from What's New at Article Weekly
On a Fast Train to the Wrong Destination? By Elizabeth McCormick Have you ever had a day where your wheels spin a bit slower? Have you noticed your team not putting the usual miles in at the office? Could it … Continue reading →

» What’s Your Copyright IQ?
24/08/17 15:43 from What's New at Article Weekly
By Andrew A. Gonzalez, Esq. In the old days, the Power of the Press was a luxury reserved for those with a press. Today, anyone with a desktop computer and an internet connection can become an electronic publisher. Before the … Con...

» Managers Become Leaders with a Shift in Focus
24/08/17 15:11 from What's New at Article Weekly
By Brian Braudis Senior leadership at the corporate headquarters of a large retail chain was entertaining succession planning. What started out as an exercise turned into a sweeping new protocol for transitioning managers into leaders. F...

» Reaching the Professional Summit
22/08/17 14:45 from What's New at Article Weekly
Three Pillars to Redefine and Understand Success  By Lei Wang Stephanie is in her early fifties. She has been a business consultant for twenty years and worked her way up from a junior associate all the way to one of … Continue rea...

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