» Success!
05/25/22 22:29 (6 hours ago) from Battle Stance
Just dinged 50 on the Zandalari Troll and the “I want to get those levels” project is done for now. One of every class on the...

» What Happens At Invictus 2952 Stays at Invictus 2952
05/25/22 20:40 (8 hours ago) from Scopique's
Invictus Fleet Week is one of the annual “event-slash-fundraisers” that happens in Star Citizen. While most of the ships are ...

» Enad Global 7 Cancels Its Daybreak Marvel MMO Project
05/25/22 17:15 (11 hours ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Say farewell to any dreams about a Marvel Universe Online landing with Enad Global 7, as they announced in a press release that they were...

» CCP Promises “a very special offer” if you Link Multiple EVE Online Accounts to the Same Email Address
05/25/22 13:15 (15 hours ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Do more with united accounts -CCP marketing email One of the push-backs on the price hike EVE Online players got last week was the fact t...

» Wildermyth: The Order of the Holey Sock
05/25/22 13:00 (15 hours ago) from Bio Break
It’s been a little while since I last booted up Wildermyth for a campaign — perhaps too long. I’ve wanted to take a par...

» Sky Pirates of Tyria
05/25/22 12:24 (16 hours ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good Morning Friends! I find myself being forcefully cheery this morning because I have no clue what is up with me… but Wednesdays ...

» League is just not fun anymore
05/25/22 09:40 (19 hours ago) from Indiecator
Today I vent a little about why I play so little League lately.

» TYOV: Sylvie Cote
05/25/22 04:41 (1 day ago) from JVT Workshop

» I Love LA
05/24/22 21:19 (1 day ago) from Inventory Full
The second instalment of Guild Wars 2 's revised, revamped, restored, Unlimited Edition of Living World, Season One , Chapter who-the-hel...

» The EverQuest II Varsoon Time Locked Expansion Server Launches Today
05/24/22 17:15 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Check another one off of the EverQuest II roadmap that Daybreak gave us back in January, as the Varsoon time locked expansion server they...

» Catching Up on Marvel Unlimited
05/24/22 16:00 (1 day ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
While I have sputtered in my coverage of the new releases from Marvel Unlimited, the service has continued to march on and released dozen...

» LOTRO: A heart goes Yondershire
05/24/22 13:00 (1 day ago) from Bio Break
It took me about a week, start to finish, but I went through the entirety of the new zone in Lord of the Rings Online — Yondershire...

» The Unfixable Problem with New World
05/24/22 12:33 (1 day ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
If you followed me at all last week, you would know that I have been back in New World poking my head through the changes that have been ...

» Hearthstone: Medivh
05/24/22 12:21 (1 day ago) from Book of Jen
Medivh is an alternate hero portrait for the Mage class in Hearthstone. Players can obtain the Medivh portrait by spending in-game curren...

» GTFO: R6CX - Flux (Main)
05/24/22 05:31 (1 day ago) from JVT Workshop

» TYOV: Gabriel Sol
05/24/22 05:22 (1 day ago) from JVT Workshop

» Pride Month is nigh – Games to Check out!
05/24/22 04:07 (2 days ago) from Indiecator
Pride Month is near, which is why I wanted to showcase a bunch of great games to play during the upcoming month of June!

» Partygate
05/23/22 22:38 (2 days ago) from Blog - Contains Moderate Peril
I try to keep my thoughts on political matters to a minimum here at Contains Moderate Peril, mainly because UK politics and the current s...

» Two Rolls of a One
05/23/22 19:00 (2 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I know that with a random factor, there would be a chance, however slight, that we would see games in my tournament roll a 1. I just was ...

» Team Spode goes Vampire in V Rising
05/23/22 17:51 (2 days ago) from The Friendly Necromancer
So after spending a good chunk of last year playing Runes of Magic as a vampire, I thought . . . let's do it again! Of course now I'm not...

» Plus Support
05/23/22 17:36 (2 days ago) from Inventory Full
Shintar has a post up under the declarative title SWTOR's Endgame Is Alts, Not Gear . I haven't played Star Wars: the Old Republic for a ...

» Action in Tenerifis
05/23/22 17:15 (2 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
I managed to have some free time when a big op was planned on Saturday, so was able to actually see some action up in Tenerifis.  This wa...

» Figuring out How to Score the Fourth Quarter
05/23/22 16:00 (2 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
For my Fourth Quarter scoring, I am doing things a bit differently than for the first 3 quarters. There’s more of a subjective nature to ...

» BDO: Fishing Corsair Style
05/23/22 15:02 (2 days ago) from Gaming and Geek Life Blog
Every time I think I’m falling out of BDO, something manages to reel me back in. This time around, it was a special log-in reward c...

» Indietail – Floppy Knights
05/23/22 15:00 (2 days ago) from Indiecator
Floppy Knights is an incredibly adorable and approachable turn-based tactics game with deckbuilding aspects that you gotta check out!

» Blizzard shouldn’t have given up on Diablo III
05/23/22 13:00 (2 days ago) from Bio Break
With Diablo Immortal on the way in less than a month, you’d be totally forgiven for not realizing that Diablo III just celebrated i...

» Quick Look – Scoot Kaboom and the Tomb of Doom (#JustOnePercent 43/100)
05/23/22 13:00 (2 days ago) from Nerd Girl Thoughts
Developer: Janius DigitalRelease Date: June 1, 2021MSRP: $11.99 Disclaimer: This is another title I played for significantly less than th...

» LOTRO Sites of Yondershire Deed
05/23/22 12:46 (2 days ago) from FibroJedi
The Sites of Yondershire Deed in LOTRO sees you travel across most of the area map. From the lowest lake to the highest peak, this deed r...

» An End To Dragons
05/23/22 11:53 (2 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
This weekend I got back on the main story quest for End of Dragons. I am not sure why I ultimately bail at times and have trouble followi...

» What If Being Good Isn’t Enough? Dragonflight and the Looming Specter Of Activision-Blizzard News
05/23/22 07:54 (2 days ago) from Kaylriene
The Dragonflight expansion announcement last month was…odd. It was weird because of a confluence of factors – COVID-19 delays...

» Thousand Year Old Vampire
05/23/22 05:26 (2 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» Interview: Loronline on Documenting the History of ‘The Old Republic’, Balancing MMOs with Real Life, and 7.0
05/23/22 00:23 (3 days ago) from MMO Folklorist
"There are a large number of endgame raiders who are truly some of the kindest people in the community"… Continue reading Interview...

» Close to the goal
05/22/22 23:05 (3 days ago) from Battle Stance
This week (real one this time, not the raid week) was uneventful in a bigger sense, but I got some things wrapped up. The Nightborne Prie...

» Limitations and How They Strengthen Games and Art
05/22/22 20:41 (3 days ago) from Kaylriene
Borderlands 3 is a 125 GB download. I know that because it was the free Epic Games Store title this week and I finally grabbed it (fun...

» SWTOR's Endgame Is Alts, Not Gear
05/22/22 19:15 (3 days ago) from Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog

» The Finale of the Disco and the Start of the Division
05/22/22 19:00 (3 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
The first seeded contest kicks off today, and we get a new victor in one of the Wild Card fights. Will Disco Elysium take a victory dance...

» A Decade in the Shadow of Error 37
05/22/22 17:15 (3 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
What was going on ten years ago?  I mean, I guess you’ll get a full run down in a couple of days with my inevitable May in Review p...

» Back to the Win Column
05/22/22 16:00 (3 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
For 4 games, my Angels team has struggled. They’ve scored some runs and had some well-pitched innings, but they have lost 4 in a row. Tod...

» AggroChat #389 – Always Pay Your Sheep
05/22/22 15:40 (3 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Tonight we are down a Grace and a Kodra but carry on with the long list of topics left over from last week.  We start the show with ...

» Swtor's Endgame Is Alts, Not Gear
05/22/22 14:02 (3 days ago) from Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog

» Bio Break Mix Tape: Veruca Salt, Echobelly, and more!
05/22/22 13:00 (3 days ago) from Bio Break
It’s the start of the week, so why not start it off right with some great tunes? Enjoy your latest Bio Break Mix Tape, a random collectio...

» Lots of reviews this week, eh?
05/22/22 06:00 (3 days ago) from Indiecator
After having procrastinated a lot these past few weeks, I finally was able to push out a few reviews in a row and it actually felt incred...

» Is the Black Desert Comeback Enough
05/21/22 19:00 (4 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
The Shadows wild card match finishes up today with a strong showing from Black Desert Online…but is it going to be enough the overcome th...

» EVE Online and the Return to Expansions
05/21/22 17:15 (4 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
There is a joke about business consultants that says if they go to a company that has a diversified portfolio of products that they will ...

» The Robots are Back!
05/21/22 16:00 (4 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Westworld is such a great show, and I am pleased to see it coming back in June.   The Rundown First off, here are a few things of in...

» Quick Look – Tainted Grail: Conquest (#JustOnePercent 42/100)
05/21/22 13:00 (4 days ago) from Nerd Girl Thoughts
Developer: Awaken Realms DigitalRelease Date: May 27, 2021MSRP: $19.99 Deck-building roguelites are far from my favorite genre, but it fe...

» A Stray Sheep on the ISP troubles, Life, and Entertainment
05/21/22 09:46 (4 days ago) from Indiecator
Hello from the bus! Writing yet another blog posts on my phone is tedious and I hate it. Having to finish this post in 20 minutes aka bef...

» You Wait Seventy Years For A Jubilee And Then Two Come Along At Once
05/20/22 20:03 (5 days ago) from Inventory Full
I was going to skip posting today for the very good reason I didn't have anything in particular I wanted to say. Well, I did have a few i...

» Winter is Starting and Dark is Closing Out
05/20/22 19:00 (5 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
Today is a big day in my Rambling Redshirt’s Gaming Madness tournament. It is the first day of results. But not only do we find out who c...

» A New Supernatural Show
05/20/22 16:18 (5 days ago) from Beyond Tannhauser Gate
I have to say that while I have not seen all of the episodes of Supernatural, I have enjoyed what I have seen, and now it appears there i...

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