» World of Warcraft Dragonflight Launches on November 28th – And A Note About FOMO
09/30/22 22:10 (13 hours ago) from Kaylriene
Well, they did it. (Tentatively, at least.) Yesterday, Blizzard announced a November 28th launch date for Dragonflight, the 9th expansion...

» Sidenote: Hot Boosts, ARC, and RTX 40 Cache
09/30/22 20:32 (14 hours ago) from Kaylriene
I have 3 small tech stories I wanted to talk about, but none of them felt like a post of their own (although I did start a… Read mo...

» September in Review
09/30/22 18:15 (17 hours ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
The Site Last month I was on about email subscriptions and how they appeared to have broken for a stretch, then started back up.  Well, t...

» Syp’s gaming goals for October 2022
09/30/22 13:00 (22 hours ago) from Bio Break
September 2022 in review So something very interesting has been happening organically in my gaming life over the past few months that rel...

» Nerd Girl Goals – October 2022
09/30/22 13:00 (22 hours ago) from Nerd Girl Thoughts
Now that autumn is well and truly here, spooky season is most definitely upon us, and I have dragged my sorry butt through the nightmare ...

» The Death of Stadia
09/30/22 12:46 (22 hours ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Yesterday The Verge broke the story that Google is shuttering Stadia and will be refunding all purchases. I guess it is good on Google fo...

» Give Me A Reason. Yeah, That'll Do.
09/30/22 11:37 (23 hours ago) from Inventory Full
I haven't played Cyberpunk 2077 . I'd like to but my PC won't run it. Well, technically it will. I just benchmarked it at PCGameBenchmark...

» World of Warcraft Dragonflight is Launching November 28th
09/30/22 02:15 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Companies seem to be in the mood to get announcements in before the end of the month, no doubt to be able to claim they did them in Q3 of...

» September 2022: COVIDED
09/30/22 00:23 (1 day ago) from JVT Workshop

» Google Stadia to Shut Down on January 18, 2023
09/29/22 23:15 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir! -Willy Wonka describing when a thin client application shuts down When the news hit yesterday t...

» University Schedule Scheduling Rant
09/29/22 21:41 (1 day ago) from Indiecator
God damnit.

» Faction Warfare Updates are Kicking Off in EVE Online
09/29/22 17:45 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Promised at Fanfest back in early May and occasionally hinted at over the summer, the beginning of the Faction Warfare updates have final...

» FFXIV Conjurer Hunting Log Rank 5
09/29/22 15:22 (1 day ago) from FibroJedi
Post Sections Hide Show When Can I Start Rank 5? Hunting Log Targets Well, if you’ve followed any of my other guides, welcome to th...

» LOTRO Announces the Before the Shadows Mini-Expansion
09/29/22 15:15 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
The lesson from EverQuest and EverQuest II is that having some new content to sell every year is a money making deal.  Even now EQII is w...

» LOTRO: Song-struck with Minstrel changes
09/29/22 13:00 (1 day ago) from Bio Break
It’s back to a week leveling through Gondor with my Minstrel in LOTRO! Look at me, fiercely trying to put out of my mind the impend...

» Installing Steam Deck Plugins
09/29/22 12:58 (1 day ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good Morning Friends! I have to admit I have slowed down a bit on my whole “Steam Deck Nonsense” largely because I will not g...

» Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy comes highly recommended
09/29/22 12:52 (1 day ago) from Chasing Dings!
So I was chatting with Terra yesterday and… wait, no, keep reading. Because I think we’re in the future now. OpenAI’s G...

» Expansions, Pandas, Events... It's All Happening In EQII
09/29/22 11:21 (1 day ago) from Inventory Full
So, we know the name of the next EverQuest II expansion at last. It's Renewal of Ro . Jenn Chan slipped it in at the end of her latest Pr...

» Warframe: Saryn and Trinity
09/28/22 23:28 (2 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» Starting up a new game…
09/28/22 21:05 (2 days ago) from Indiecator
When in doubt, let others make the choice for ya but starting up a new game often feels daunting to me.

» Dynamic Item Properties
09/28/22 18:55 (2 days ago) from Scopique's
I’ve had a time, I’ll tell you wut. My original category system got broken out into a classification and category system, wit...

» Two Hundred and Fifty Million Skill Points
09/28/22 17:15 (2 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Back to New Eden again and another milestone moment as my main character in EVE Online hit 250 million skill points.  I carry on with thi...

» Treasure Laden Steed
09/28/22 14:30 (2 days ago) from FibroJedi
The Treasure Laden Steed was one of the first LOTRO Mounts my now-main character acquired. And I love it. No, not for the many gold bags ...

» Treasure Laden Goat
09/28/22 14:12 (2 days ago) from FibroJedi
Channel your inner Dwarf if you’re not one outwardly! Rock up anywhere with a Treasure Laden Goat that is as its name suggests. As ...

» Battle Bards Episode 217: Legend of Edda
09/28/22 14:00 (2 days ago) from Bio Break
Chances are you’ve never heard of today’s featured MMO — or its quirky little soundtrack! So why not come along with Sy...

» Cave-Claw Steed
09/28/22 13:57 (2 days ago) from FibroJedi
For those times you want to don the Wooden Cave-Claw Mask and pretend to be a giant Cave-Claw riding its four-legged counterpart you have...

» LOTRO Missions
09/28/22 13:35 (2 days ago) from FibroJedi
Missions in LOTRO have unique quests and story, and offer an alternative way to level. Find out more here

» RIFT: You’re Scarwood Reaching
09/28/22 13:00 (2 days ago) from Bio Break
As I reached level 32 in Iron Pine Peak, I was grappling with immense dissatisfaction over my Druid/Inquisitor build. Sure, I had tons of...

» Cyberpunk needs a Taxi System
09/28/22 12:26 (2 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good Morning Friends. Sometimes in a game, it is the little things that you really enjoy. Last night I had this thought about how much I ...

» What Is Convincing Enough To Try An MMO A Second Time?
09/28/22 04:35 (3 days ago) from Kaylriene
A topic that I found interesting was sparked by Belghast’s recent entries on trying the New World PTR testing for a massive, game-c...

» Warframe: Inaros Prime and the Void Raider
09/27/22 22:36 (3 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» So, I took a “break”… sort of?
09/27/22 21:50 (3 days ago) from Indiecator
Sorta made progress on that writing slump thanks to a little break.

» Gained In Translation
09/27/22 19:26 (3 days ago) from Inventory Full
Despite having teed up today's post as some kind of in-depth analysis, it will in fact be a few screenshots interleaved with a short para...

» On the First Boat to Borean Tundra
09/27/22 17:15 (3 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Between a meeting that ended early and a visit to the dentist I found myself in the right place at the right time to be there when Wrath ...

» Cataloging a Star System
09/27/22 14:24 (3 days ago) from Scopique's
This post is really more for my own edification than anything else. I’ve been spending many hours these past few days trying to get...

» Guild Wars 2: A Virtuoso in training
09/27/22 13:00 (3 days ago) from Bio Break
For this week’s Guild Wars 2 adventure, I decided to create a new Mesmer and set her on a journey toward becoming a Virtuoso. IR...

» The Second Death of G4
09/27/22 12:51 (3 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
This is going to be a bit of an odd topic, but it is a whirlwind of half-remembered memories, expectations, and the second death of G4. S...

» Wrath Classic Launch
09/27/22 12:41 (3 days ago) from Endgame Viable
There’s a bit (ha!) of buzz going around about World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King Classic launch today. When in doubt...

» The Batman (2022) and The Invisible Guest (2016)
09/26/22 22:46 (4 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» My One-Sided Argument with Raid: Shadow Legend’s Marketing Department
09/26/22 22:26 (4 days ago) from Chasing Dings!
Some may tilt at windmills. I tilt at lazy marketers for mobile games. But I pick which giants I joust; mine is Raid: Shadow Legends. I p...

» Star Ocean: The Divine Force: The Demo: The Review, but what if it was written like Dear Abby?
09/26/22 21:54 (4 days ago) from Chasing Dings!
It might go a little like this. But what if the Avengers were talking about it, or it was being reviewed by Siskel & Ebert? Keep read...

» There's Coming Back and There's Going Back...
09/26/22 20:35 (4 days ago) from Inventory Full
Well... it seems I'm back playing Chimeraland again, at least for the next week or two, so I guess that " Come back, we missed you " offe...

» Wrath of the Lich King Classic Launch Day
09/26/22 17:15 (4 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
It will be here soon, in less than five hours from the time this post goes live if everything goes to plan.  It is Wrath of the Lich King...

» Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles – An Interview with Leonardo Castanho from Little Leo Games!
09/26/22 16:17 (4 days ago) from Indiecator
Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles, the dice-based roguelike deckbuilder is coming out soon - and in anticipation of that release, I got to ask th...

» Solutions of Recursion
09/26/22 16:03 (4 days ago) from Scopique's
Ugh. I don’t know why this problem became a problem, or why I went after the most obvious yet least approachable solution out of th...

» WoW and Season 4 goals
09/26/22 14:43 (4 days ago) from Battle Stance
Thanks to my awesome M+ group I got my Season 4 mount on Friday ! Managed to do 2 19s and then one of the instances I was completely miss...

» Steam Deck Emulation
09/26/22 13:39 (4 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good morning friends! Friday and throughout the weekend I attempted to mark another thing off my Steam Deck ToDo list. This morning I am ...

» WoW Classic: Pulling the ripcord on engineering
09/26/22 13:00 (4 days ago) from Bio Break
Nothing like making huge, last-minute changes right before a major expansion launch to get the heart rate going! But what the heck, I was...

» Jeweller's Helm
09/26/22 12:55 (4 days ago) from FibroJedi
The LOTRO Jeweller's Helm is a whole-head helmet with a small magnifying scope for checking out those gems you dug up. Or your Cave-Claw ...

» Treasure Hunter's Rucksack
09/26/22 12:45 (4 days ago) from FibroJedi
The LOTRO Treasure Hunter's Rucksack is a simple, open back, full to the brim of gold coins and inviting to any nearby thief.

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