» The Search for Vivillon
01/27/23 18:15 (6 hours ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
My wife and I are kind of late to the party on this.  We depend on a friend of ours to keep us up to date on Pokemon Go, but she wasnR...

» Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – January 2023
01/27/23 17:16 (7 hours ago) from MMO Folklorist
It's been a quiet month while everyone reflects on the past year and looks ahead to 2023.

» Winding Down Sanctum
01/27/23 14:22 (9 hours ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good Morning Friends! I think I might be in the process of winding down my focus on Path of Exile and the Forbidden Sanctum league. Going...

» Guild Wars 2: The ballad of Eerie Emily
01/27/23 14:00 (10 hours ago) from Bio Break
I may be weird in this, but January always feels like a month that calls for brand-new characters — with the potential of a full ye...

» No kidding: I bought (and sold) an NFT.
01/27/23 13:25 (10 hours ago) from Chasing Dings!
Turns out there might be at least one use case for the things. Related posts: Adventures in Monopoly — Cash Shop Blaugust #27: Be t...

» What's That You Say, Timmy? Astrid's Fallen Down The Old Mineshaft?
01/27/23 10:04 (14 hours ago) from Inventory Full
At the beginning of the week I couldn't think of much to write about. Come the end, I have half a dozen topics roiling around in my head,...

» Atari VCS 1 month later
01/27/23 03:02 (21 hours ago) from The Friendly Necromancer
So, it's been a month, and I've had some time to really mess around with the Atari VCS. Here's some things I've learned from both lurking...

» Warhammer 40K: Darktide
01/26/23 21:41 (1 day ago) from JVT Workshop

» Godot – See The Universe!
01/26/23 21:39 (1 day ago) from Scopique's
A major milestone! With additional refactoring, the Big Bang is getting more efficient. In fact, I now have working jumpgates that allow ...

» Fox News: “Microsoft is coming for our children!!!”
01/26/23 19:09 (1 day ago) from Indiecator
Woke Culture is at it again, I guess...

» First Peek into the Violet Hold
01/26/23 18:15 (1 day ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
I’m doing a bit of catch up here, but that is fine.  The last time we left off with the instance group, we had done a run at Drak&#...

» You've Never Still Got Your Deccies Up? You Have! What Are You Like?!
01/26/23 16:38 (1 day ago) from Inventory Full
When I exited the tutorial in Villagers and Heroes on Tuesday and arrived in the starting city, I was surprised, especially given its nam...

» Game Releases of 2023
01/26/23 13:49 (1 day ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
One of the things that I often do at the beginning of a year is to try and project out some of the things that I think I might be interes...

» Daily Tour: CZ-198
01/25/23 23:20 (2 days ago) from Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog

» AI Doomer Content
01/25/23 22:25 (2 days ago) from Indiecator
Hail to the AI Uprising!

» December Ship Destruction in EVE Online
01/25/23 18:15 (2 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
The EVE Online Monthly Economic Report includes a data dump of all the ships destroyed in that month, which is usually a data set I am to...

» Elder Scrolls Online: Lapping up the plague like there’s no tomorrow
01/25/23 14:00 (2 days ago) from Bio Break
And just like that, I’m back in Elder Scrolls Online for the first time since last spring. It truly did feel like coming home in a ...

» Forever Shifting Focus
01/25/23 13:33 (2 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Good Morning Friends! Sometimes in my life, I fall into a virtuous pattern in life that makes me immensely happy. I am still deeply engag...

» Vault of the Incarnates – Week 3
01/25/23 11:19 (2 days ago) from Battle Stance
Sunday was a quick thing, we killed the first 7 bosses, then went to Heroic for the first and finished just on time, so Tuesday was fully...

» Troublemaker – First Impressions
01/24/23 22:51 (3 days ago) from Indiecator
I spent a lot of time in this demo cause I didn't want to back down from a fight. That means this game is great, right?

» Willow (Season 1)
01/24/23 21:38 (3 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» Oh, I Remember This One! Well, Sort Of...
01/24/23 21:27 (3 days ago) from Inventory Full
Spring is supposed to be the time for having a clear-out, isn't it? When it comes to house and garden I'm no bucker of that trend but it'...

» FI.RE in Flight! Complete Collapse in the Southeast!
01/24/23 18:15 (3 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
I had just gotten around to writing about the fact that there was a war going on between Pandemic Horde and FI.RE coalition down in the s...

» Aul the Crystal King
01/24/23 14:03 (3 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
The Forbidden Sanctum league has apparently had the highest player retention of any league in the last three years. One of the things tha...

» LOTRO: Returning to Treebeard
01/24/23 14:00 (3 days ago) from Bio Break
In under two weeks of doing a regular set of missions, my LOTRO Lore-master climbed from level 32 to 45 without much of a problem. Now it...

» The Outer Worlds: Migrating to Monarch
01/24/23 14:00 (3 days ago) from Bio Break
After a few side quests — and 15 levels — in my back pocket, the crew of the Unreliable finally heads to Monarch to see if we...

» Blaugust Reviews – Humble Choice January 2023 Edition
01/24/23 14:00 (3 days ago) from Nerd Girl Thoughts
I’m filling in for the incomparable UnwiseOwl this month on summing up our group review of the offerings in this month’s Humb...

» Creative writing and OGL controversy #D&D #Starfinder
01/23/23 22:29 (4 days ago) from GamingSF
The podcasts that I listen to while walking / commuting to University have been rather dominated by the Wizards of the Coast – Open...

» "Solved" Board Games
01/23/23 22:09 (4 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire – First Impressions
01/23/23 20:14 (4 days ago) from Indiecator
Today we're checking out a game that proves that the V in Vampire can also stand for Vegan!

» Fortizar Fight in a Wine Dark Pochven
01/23/23 18:15 (4 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
Pochven is the region created at the end of the Triglavian when 27 systems were ripped out of empire space, including Niarja, a key syste...

» Back to the Bubble
01/23/23 17:03 (4 days ago) from Many Welps
The trip back to the Bubble included a bit more sight seeing along the way. It did take quite a bit less time though, mostly because I wa...

» Twelve Years In A Rubber Suit
01/23/23 16:34 (4 days ago) from Inventory Full
Even as I was compiling that list of mmorpgs I remembered playing in 2022, I was aware there had to be some I'd forgotten. One that seems...

» Going on character expeditions in MMOs
01/23/23 14:00 (4 days ago) from Bio Break
Even more nail-biting of a decision to pick a new/different MMO to play is the choice of what character to pursue in a given game. There ...

» Housing Savage Defeated
01/23/23 13:37 (4 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Those who have been around the blog for a while might know that I have been trying to get a house in Final Fantasy XIV for quite a while....

» The Order of the Stick: The Dungeon of Dorukan
01/23/23 13:18 (4 days ago) from Chasing Dings!
Ever like a web comic that satirizes Dungeons and Dragons so much that you wanted to play as those characters in a board game? You're in ...

» The Paladin Rework Of Final Fantasy XIV – Is It What We Can Expect More Of In 7.0?
01/23/23 11:40 (4 days ago) from Kaylriene
Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy XIV brought a fair amount of new content with it, and a lot of stuff to discuss gameplay wise. We start to...

» Warrior Nun and Witcher: Blood Origin
01/22/23 21:50 (5 days ago) from JVT Workshop

» Lone Ruin – What’s Next?
01/22/23 20:13 (5 days ago) from Indiecator
Today I'm taking a look at Lone Ruin's roadmap and giving an update on changes that are coming!

» War in the East Once More
01/22/23 18:15 (5 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
If you are a regular reader of r/eve you have no doubt no doubt noticed an uptick in alliance and coalition level propaganda, which is al...

» AggroChat #419 – Coastal Wizard Decimates Foot
01/22/23 16:43 (5 days ago) from Tales of the Aggronaut
Folks… after a year of trying to win the housing lottery in FFXIV, Belghast finally gets a house and in the same lot number that we used ...

» Bio Break Mix Tape: Electronic, Eleven, and more!
01/22/23 14:00 (5 days ago) from Bio Break
It’s the start of the week, so why not start it off right with some great tunes? Enjoy your latest Bio Break Mix Tape, a random collectio...

» The Stray Sheep – Volunteering to help old friends, Goobers, and other stuff
01/21/23 22:48 (6 days ago) from Indiecator
Today I ramble about life, the word "goober", and helping out Drama Club friends.

» The LOTRO 2023 Roadmap – No Consoles, No UI Updates
01/21/23 18:15 (6 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
The Daybreak thing now is to have an annual roadmap… and, to actually deliver on the roadmaps they publish.  I am very much in favo...

» Can't Leave It Alone, Can You?
01/21/23 17:40 (6 days ago) from Inventory Full
I said I would, so I am. Or I will be. It's taking a while. Four hours, apparently, although it's speeded up some since I took the screen...

» Quick Look – The Serpent Rogue (Humble Choice – January 2023)
01/21/23 14:00 (6 days ago) from Nerd Girl Thoughts
Most months, Humble Choice includes at least one quirky indie title that I’ve never heard of. This month, that title was The Serpen...

» Vault of the Incarnates – Week 2
01/21/23 07:45 (6 days ago) from Battle Stance
Nothing groundbreaking. This week we started on Eranog Heroic, then switched to Normal and did 5 bosses, with one wipe on the Kurog rekil...

» Friday Bullet Points with World of Warcraft and the Lunar New Year
01/20/23 18:15 (7 days ago) from The Ancient Gaming Noob
The lunar new year is upon us, or will be officially this Sunday.  And with that in mind there are a few things that have come up with Wo...

» Map Malaise
01/20/23 16:52 (7 days ago) from Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog

» Lands Ho!
01/20/23 14:54 (7 days ago) from Inventory Full
I read a post at MassivelyOP this morning, where Bree was asking the regulars what their three most-played MMOs of the year might have be...

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