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American Airlines Assaults Flight Attendants Aviation Accidents, Safety and Disasters Fines (Penalties) Federal Aviation Administration Heather Wells Remy Tumin American Airlines planes at Washington National Airport in Arlington, Va., in 2021. A Texas passenger is being sued by the Federal Aviation Administration over disruptions she caused during a flight. Erin Schaff/The New York Times What Actually Led to Russia&#8217;s Invasion Of Ukraine? 24/7 Wall St. urn:uuid:9e034d95-c97b-eb99-63aa-af785e8eccba Sun, 16 Jun 2024 23:11:13 -0400 <p>“They don’t give a sh*t about telephone guys. I mean it’s like us with the Ukrainians … they’d never bother a major over a few dead grunts.” Koulikov (Ron Perlman)  It was a throwaway line in an inaccurate World War Two film yet Enemy at the Gate’s quip about Russia’s troublesome past with Ukraine was [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a href="">What Actually Led to Russia&#8217;s Invasion Of Ukraine?</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> <blockquote> <p>“They don’t give a sh*t about telephone guys. I mean it’s like us with the Ukrainians … they’d never bother a major over a few dead grunts.” Koulikov (Ron Perlman) </p> </blockquote> <p>It was a throwaway line in an inaccurate World War Two film yet <em>Enemy at the Gate’s</em> quip about Russia’s troublesome past with Ukraine was on the money. The line was also oddly prescient, delivered just a few years before revolution and conflict came back to Ukraine. The 2022 Russian invasion was the latest chapter in a long and complex history between the two states. This article will examine the origins of Ukrainian national identity, the key events and context of the 20th century, and what led to the invasion.</p> <h2>Why This Matters</h2> <p><img fetchpriority="high" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="Ukraine+military | Responsibility for war crimes of the Russian military is inevitable - address by the President of Ukraine." width="1366" height="911" data-caption="Free people of a free country! The 19th day of our resistance is over. Historical war. Another difficult day, which is still approaching our victory. Approaching peace for Ukraine. As before, the enemy is confused. They did not expect such resistance. They believed in their propaganda, which has been lying about us for decades.They still cant recollect themselves. But they have already begun to understand that they will not achieve anything by war. Their soldiers know this. Their officers are aware of this. They flee the battlefield. They abandon equipment. We take trophies and use them to protect Ukraine. Today, Russian troops are, in fact, one of the suppliers of equipment to our army. They could not imagine such a thing in a nightmare. And I want to tell the Russian soldiers. Those who have already entered our land. And who are just about to be sent to fight against us. Russian conscripts! Listen to me very carefully. Russian officers! You’ve already understood everything. You wi..." data-id="1363232" data-credit="president_of_ukraine / Flickr" data-ccinfo="{&amp;quot;licenseUrl&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;;quot;,&amp;quot;licenseText&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;Public Domain&amp;quot;,&amp;quot;imgTitle&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;Responsibility for war crimes of the Russian military is inevitable - address by the President of Ukraine&amp;quot;,&amp;quot;photoUrl&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;;quot;,&amp;quot;authorUrl&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;;quot;,&amp;quot;authorName&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;President Of Ukraine&amp;quot;,&amp;quot;imgSrc&amp;quot;:&amp;quot;;quot;}" /></p> <p>The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine goes back a long way. Ukraine has only existed as an independent state for just over 30 years. Aside from a brief spell at the end of World War One, Ukraine was under Russian rule for centuries until 1991. To properly understand the current conflict, it’s important to know the historical context. </p> <h2>The 1800s: Autonomy and Repression</h2> <p><img decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="1083316" data-credit="200mm / iStock via Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">At its greatest extent, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s territory included most of modern-day Ukraine. However, the Commonwealth dissolved in the late 18th century by three partitions. After the final carve-up, Ukraine was divided between the Russian Empire and Habsburg Austria. Nationalist movements rose across Europe in the 19th century, and most emphasized linguistic ties. </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">In 1867, the </span><i><span style="font-weight: 400"><a href=",Joseph%20as%20King%20of%20Hungary." target="_blank">Ausgleich</a> </span></i><span style="font-weight: 400">(“compromise”) which established the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary also granted limited rights to other minority national groups in the empire. Ukrainian language and culture grew through schools and political representation. Conversely, the much larger Russian-ruled portion of Ukraine elected to repress any expression of Ukrainian identity. The Ukrainian language, which the Russians called “Little Russian” and any nationalist political activity was banned. </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">The paternalistic view of Ukraine as ‘<a href="" target="_blank">Little Russia</a>’ is still apparent today. Vladimir Putin and other hardliners see Ukrainian identity as a Western imposition that doesn’t truly exist. </span></p> <h2>World War One</h2> <p><img decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="767" data-caption="" data-id="1216958" data-credit="FPG / Archive Photos via Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">Ukraine was an important theater of the <a href="" target="_blank">Eastern Front of World War One</a>. Unlike the static lines of trenches on the Western Front, the Eastern Front was more open. Ukrainians fought on both sides of the conflict. 4.5 million fought for the Russian Empire while around 300,000 Western Ukrainians served the Austro-Hungarian army. Huge numbers of refugees and prisoners of war ended up in Ukraine. </span><span style="font-weight: 400">By July 1917 most of the fighting was over as Russia and Austria-Hungary fought to complete exhaustion. German forces advanced to the Dniester River virtually unopposed. The war caused a seismic shift in the economic and social conditions of a land devastated by the conflict. </span></p> <h2>1917-20: The Ukrainian Revolution </h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="958" height="684" data-caption="" data-id="1060408" data-credit="Wealth of Geeks/" /></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Ukrainian Central Rada</a> (UTsR) was formed in March 1917 as a movement for Ukrainian national liberation. The UTsR formed the Ukrainian government in June 1917 and passed a series of statements on Ukraine’s status. The first of the “universals” declared Ukraine would be an autonomous state within a democratic Russia. The fourth (and final) went much further, forming the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR) in January 1918. </p> <p>The UNR agreed to peace with the Central Powers as part of the Brest-Livosk Treaty which pulled Russia out of the war. The price for peace was steep, Russia lost huge swathes of territory while Ukraine was compelled to send agricultural products to Germany and Austria. When the UNR couldn’t meet that obligation, Germany formed a short-lived puppet state in Ukraine in April 1918. </p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">The UNR returned to power in December 1918 but inherited a precarious strategic position. World War One might have ended but there was no peace in Ukraine which became one of the epicenters of the Russian Civil War. When the dust settled, Ukraine was once again under Moscow’s yoke. In theory, Ukraine was one of the co-equal republics within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) but in practice, things would be more complicated. </span></p> <h2>The Five-Year Plan and Holodomor</h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="582421" data-credit="Hulton Archive / Getty Images" /></p> <p>In 1928, the USSR created a five-year plan to industrialize on a massive scale. Collectivizing agricultural output was a cornerstone of the scheme but one that had disastrous consequences in Ukraine. As most farms in Ukraine were subsistence level, production quotas were impossible to meet. The few farmers who enjoyed a surplus were derided as kulaks and had their property seized. By 1932 the quotas were set at an unachievable level and the state dispatched collectors to root out hidden grain stores. Joseph Stalin used resistance by “saboteurs” as a pretext to crack down on the Ukrainian language and culture. Ukrainians were prohibited from leaving to escape the famine. <span style="font-weight: 400">At least four million Ukrainians, about 13% of the entire population, died during the Holodomor (“death by starvation”). </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">The impact of the Holodomor still affects Russo-Ukrainian relations today. The impact of the Holodomor still affects Russo-Ukrainian relations today. On November 28, 2006, <a href="" target="_blank">Ukraine’s parliament</a> recognized the Holodomor as a genocide. Russia maintains the famine was a nationwide tragedy <a href="" target="_blank">and denies that genocide</a> took place.</span></p> <h2>World War Two</h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="1174772" data-credit="Archive Photos / Archive Photos via Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">As devastating as World War One was for Ukraine, World War Two was even worse. This was especially true for the 1.5 million Jews residing in Ukraine at the time. </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">One of every four</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> Jewish victims of the Holocaust died in Ukraine. Hitler’s goal of </span><i><span style="font-weight: 400">Lebensraum</span></i><span style="font-weight: 400"> (“living space”) meant colonizing the “</span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">incalculable farmlands</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400">” of Ukraine. </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">Ukraine bore the brunt of Army Group South’s advance during Operation Barbarossa in the summer of 1941. Yet some viewed the advancing Germans as liberators and far-right ultranationalists participated in the </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">Lviv Pogrom</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400">. Thousands served in the Galicia Division, an infantry division of the Waffen-SS primarily of Ukrainian volunteers. A veteran of the division caused </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">considerable embarrassment</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> to Canada’s parliament during a visit in September 2023.  </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">Millions more Ukrainians fought for the USSR and died in droves to defeat the Nazis. After the Russians, Ukrainians suffered the heaviest casualties, </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">about 1.6 million</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400">, in the Red Army. Civilians suffered under a brutal occupation that lasted until 1944 when over </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">five million civilians</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> died. The </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">life expectancy</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> for a Ukrainian male in 1941-45 was just 15 (up from 7 in 1933). In 1944, the advancing Soviet forces rounded up and expelled the<a href="" target="_blank"> entire Crimean Tartar</a> community from their homes. Half died on the way to exile. </span></p> <p>Vladimir Putin has used Ukraine&#8217;s complex World War Two experience to justify the 2022 invasion:</p> <blockquote> <p>To this end, we will seek to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.</p> </blockquote> <h2>Crimea: 1954 </h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="1110460" data-credit="FPG / Archive Photos via Getty Images" /></p> <p>In 1954 Nikita Khrushchev chose to mark the 300th anniversary of Ukraine’s incorporation into the Russian Empire with a gift. That present was Crimea. The peninsula was taken from the Ottomans by Catherine the Great in 1783. It seemed an odd move given that, thanks to the 1944 purges against the native Tartars, Russians outnumbered Ukrainians 3-to-1. </p> <p>Khrushchev’s motives behind the award were partly due to his wish to <a href="" target="_blank">move on from the brutal excesses</a> of Stalin’s reign. Additionally, he held <a href="" target="_blank">genuine affection for Ukraine</a> having spent time working there in his youth and marrying a Ukrainian woman. In practical terms, the gesture didn’t have much impact on the Soviet Union but it would have serious unforeseen consequences in the future.</p> <h2>Chornobyl</h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="1105501" data-credit="DeSid / iStock via Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">The 1986 Chornobyl nuclear disaster was made all the worse by the Kremlin’s attempts to cover up the catastrophe. This was a violation of </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the USSR. Just days later, in nearby Kyiv, </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">the May Day celebrations</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> went ahead despite the dangers. The episode served to further undermine confidence in an ailing regime and was yet another chapter in the troubled relations between Russia and Ukraine.</span></p> <h2>Independence and Guarantees </h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="581770" data-credit="Yuri Kozyrev / Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991. A referendum was called for </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">December 1st</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> and 92% of ballots cast were for independence. Along with the rest of the world, Russia recognized Ukraine’s independence the next day. There were a few key questions to be answered in the coming years.</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">One of the first was exactly what to do with the vast number of nuclear and conventional weapons housed in Ukraine. With serious concerns about the loyalty of the men in charge of them, Ukraine </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">opted to part with its nuclear arsenal</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> in exchange for financial aid from the United States and guarantees from Russia. Ukraine signed the </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">Budapest Memorandum</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> in December 1994. Little faith was placed in Russia holding up its side of the bargain. Ukrainian President </span><span style="font-weight: 400">Leonid Kuchma remarked:</span></p> <blockquote> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">If tomorrow Russia goes into the Crimea no one will even raise an eyebrow. Besides…promises, no one ever planned to give Ukraine any guarantees.</span></p> </blockquote> <h2>Crimea and Donbas: 2014-2022</h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="767" data-caption="" data-id="598912" data-credit="Adam Berry / Getty Images" /></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">As the earlier section noted, Ukraine’s connection to Crimea was tenuous. In the 1991 independence referendum, Crimea and Sevastopol City were the major outliers. Where most oblasts voted overwhelmingly for independence, the results were much closer in the peninsula. Many in Crimea favored separation and reintegration with Russia, Yuri Meshkov, a pro-Russian separatist, won the </span><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="font-weight: 400">1994 Crimean election</span></a><span style="font-weight: 400"> to become its first president. A restrained response from Kyiv helped to ease the tensions. The <a href="" target="_blank">1996 Ukrainian Constitution</a> granted Crimea autonomous status.</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">The Crimea question reared its head again in February 2014. Ukraine’s President </span><span style="font-weight: 400"><a href="" target="_blank">Viktor Yanukovych</a> was forced out of office by mass protests after he went back on a deal to join the European Union. Considered a friend of Moscow, Yanukovych’s removal drew outrage from Vladimir Putin. Russia annexed Crimea a few days later. Russian military personnel surrounded the airports and assembly. A disputed referendum claimed <a href="" target="_blank">95% of Crimean voters</a> backed the annexation.</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400">Around the same time, separatist protests in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine escalated into a full-blown conflict.  Russian-backed forces seized territory in Donetsk and Luhansk. With a weakened military and no leader, Ukraine’s response to the crisis was sluggish. The first <a href="" target="_blank">Minsk Protocol</a> in 2014 was supposed to end the fighting but soon collapsed. A second agreement in 2015 also in Minsk was supposed to provide a roadmap to peace. The deal was undermined when Putin recognized the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. Low-level fighting continued up to the 2022 full-scale invasion by Russia which subsumed the conflict. </span></p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p><img loading="lazy" decoding="async" class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="1366" height="768" data-caption="" data-id="1211858" data-credit="Nzpn / iStock via Getty Images" /></p> <p>The antipathy between Russia and Ukraine goes much further than the 2022 invasion. Going back to its incorporation into the Russian Empire, Ukraine has never truly been accepted as a distinct national identity by Russia. That paternalistic view of Ukraine as &#8220;Little Russia&#8221; is still apparent in modern discourse. Similarly, the abject horrors Ukraine experienced in both World Wars and under Soviet rule still inform the present. The outcome of the current conflict is yet to be determined and future predictions tend to be dangerous grounds for the historian but one thing that can be stated with any certainty is that this story is far from over.</p> <div class='fwpPitch' data-site='247wallst' data-link='' data-campaign-name='buffett_dividends' data-utm-source='247wallst' data-utm-campaign='buffett_dividends' data-utm-term='247wallst'><h2>Buffett Missed These Two&hellip;</h2> <p>Warren Buffett loves dividend stocks, and has stuffed Berkshire with some of his favorites.</p> <p>But he overlooked two <a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|what-actually-led-to-russias-invasion-of-ukraine|1396438&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault" Military Michael Muir ‘Could a nefarious caregiver steal her money?’ My mom, 91, has a $5 million portfolio, but leaves her passwords lying around the house. - Top Stories – Sponsored by: CyberTrader urn:uuid:f88d9d83-4910-9f4c-1155-9967f3b5dbd3 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 23:03:00 -0400 “Mom recently had a heart attack and isn’t as sharp as before, and no longer can drive or live independently.” Quentin Fottrell Getty Images ‘He’s an egomaniac’: My husband said he’ll flush his $1.5 million IRA ‘down the toilet’ rather than split it with me in our divorce. 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Here’s what investors need to know. - Top Stories – Sponsored by: CyberTrader urn:uuid:a27f26b3-54ce-7905-2fa9-0f1d2515e0c1 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 16:38:00 -0400 Big tech, not the Federal Reserve, is once again driving the rally across U.S. equities, offering hope to some investors that the stock market could shrug off concerns about the interest-rate outlook to sustain its upward momentum. Isabel Wang MarketWatch photo illustration/Getty Images, iStockphoto 3 AI Stocks to Buy If You Missed NVIDIA&#8217;s Post-Split Rally 24/7 Wall St. urn:uuid:ba195590-319b-b5b2-5524-c18cc982128b Sun, 16 Jun 2024 14:49:51 -0400 <p>NVIDIA&#8216;s (Nasdaq: NVDA) stock keeps soaring after its split. The company closed Friday at $131.88, and its shares are now up a whopping 39% since the company reported earnings. Let me repeat that so it can sink in, NVIDIA closed at an adjusted price of $94.95 on May 22nd before it reported earnings after hours [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a href="">3 AI Stocks to Buy If You Missed NVIDIA&#8217;s Post-Split Rally</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> <p><strong>NVIDIA</strong>&#8216;s (<a href="">Nasdaq: NVDA</a>) stock keeps soaring after its split. The company closed Friday at $131.88, and its shares are now up a whopping 39% since the company reported earnings. Let me repeat that so it can sink in, NVIDIA closed at an adjusted price of $94.95 on May 22nd before it reported earnings after hours and is already past $130 per share! That is an incredible jump for a company of its size.</p> <p>I&#8217;ve previously written about why I thought NVIDIA was likely headed past <a href="">$150 by the end of summer</a>, yet I can see why investors might be looking at NVIDIA&#8217;s meteoric rise and wondering if it&#8217;s time to lighten up on their ownership or are afraid to purchase the stock at these levels. If you&#8217;re looking for AI ideas but want some stocks that haven&#8217;t run up quite as much or are &#8220;cheaper,&#8221; here are three great ideas.</p> <h2>1. Celestica <img fetchpriority="high" decoding="async" class="alignnone" src="" alt="Celstica Logo" width="1280" height="414" data-caption="" data-id="1408257" data-credit="Celestica " /></h2> <p>I previously wrote up <a href="">Celestica as a top AI opportunity in May</a>. The company is an ODM, which in plain English means it will help companies like Google get all the components to build their data centers.  As you can imagine, this has always been kind of a sleepy part of the tech industry, but it&#8217;s now in focus. It&#8217;s not just that the growth of AI is putting more demand on building out data centers, but also their complexity is increasing. For example, features like liquid cooling are now becoming essential.</p> <p>This is great news for <strong>Celestica </strong>(NYSE: CLS) as it has great relationships in the hyperscaler market with customers like Google. As their data center revenue scales (and data centers get more complex in the AI age), Celestica&#8217;s margins are increasing as well. Last quarter sales jumped 20% while operating income (EBIT) surged 114%.</p> <p>And the future looks bright as well. When Celestica last reported earnings they updated 2024 outlook as follows:</p> <ul> <li>Revenue guidance up to $9.1 billion (previous guidance of $8.5 billion)</li> <li>Adjusted operating margin of 6.1% (previously was guided to 5.5% to 6%)</li> <li>Adjusted EPS of $3.30 (previous outlook was $2.70)</li> <li>Adjusted free cash flow of $250 million (previous outlook was $200 million)</li> </ul> <p>The company trades for about 21X trailing earnings (NVIDIA is currently at 77X by comparison), and when I look at their forward estimates I see a stock that Wall Street continues to underestimate. For example, Wall Street estimates still call for &#8220;just&#8221; $9.12 billion in revenue this year, which is only slightly above their raised guidance. With trends behind AI data center build outs continuing to grow stronger, it wouldn&#8217;t surprise me if the company once again raised guidance and Wall Street was forced to continue taking target prices up on the company.</p> <h2>2. Vertiv</h2> <p><img decoding="async" class="alignnone" src="" alt="Vertiv Logo" width="1280" height="315" data-caption="" data-id="1408258" data-credit="Vertiv " /></p> <p>While talking about Celestica I briefly mentioned liquid cooling, which is a market that needs more exploring.</p> <p>According to estimates from JPMorgan&#8217;s research team, components built to cool data centers will have a 54% CAGR from 2023 to 2028. To put that in perspective, that&#8217;s a higher growth rate than most estimates for the actual AI processors like NVIDIA makes!</p> <p>The reason for this growth level is twofold. One, AI chips simply have higher power consumption needs. Second, they generate incredible amounts of heat. In the past, much of the cooling in data centers came from cooling fans, but they simply won&#8217;t provide enough cooling for future chips like NVIDIA&#8217;s B200.</p> <p>Liquid cooling has some major advantages. The first is simply that liquids move heat more effectively than air. Second, it allows data centers to be built more compactly since space isn&#8217;t needed for fans and airflow. Third, it&#8217;s also more power efficient, which is becoming a huge consideration as power is often 40% to 50% the cost of running a data center.</p> <p>The cost of liquid cooling can be a high upfront cost &#8211; think $20,000 to $50,000 per coolant distribution unit (CDUs) &#8211; but for the reasons stated above it&#8217;s becoming essential.</p> <p>The company benefitting the most from this trend is <strong>Vertiv</strong> (<a href="">NYSE: VRT</a>), which is a dominant force in coolant distribution units. If you look at the company&#8217;s chart, you might think you&#8217;ve missed its run. Shares are up 100% year-to-date and 305% over the last year, which is NVIDIA-level performance.</p> <p>And yet, this is a company that could be a good portfolio addition even after these gains. Net income is forecasted at $598 million this year, but that number is projected to rise to $2.14 billion by 2028.</p> <p>The key reason behind that growth is simply what we stated above, the cooling market is growing at a 54% CAGR between 2023 and 2028 and Vertiv&#8217;s profits are growing alongside that market at a CAGR of 36%.</p> <p>If you&#8217;re looking for a company riding a trend that should succeed whether NVIDIA continues gaining share or loses some, Vertiv is a strong contender for a spot in your portfolio.</p> <h2>3. Taiwan Semiconductor</h2> <p><img decoding="async" class="alignnone" src="" alt="Taiwan Semiconductor Logo " width="610" height="481" data-caption="" data-id="1408259" data-credit="Taiwan Semiconductor" /></p> <p><strong>Taiwan Semiconductor </strong>(<a href="">NYSE: TSM)</a> has long been one of my portfolio&#8217;s core holdings. That being said, even this &#8220;late&#8221; into the growth of AI, it&#8217;s a stock I&#8217;m comfortable continuing to add to.</p> <p>The background on the company is they&#8217;re the dominant manufacturer of cutting-edge semiconductors, but let me walk through a few near-term catalysts for the company.</p> <p>1.) Taiwan Semiconductor&#8217;s largest customer is <strong>Apple </strong>(<a href="">Nasdaq: AAPL</a>). Prior to the company&#8217;s WWDC event, I <a href="">predicted its stock would rally through the summer</a> as it became clear AI would generate a coming &#8220;supercycle&#8221; for iPhone upgrades. Lo and behold, Apple&#8217;s stock has been surging in recent weeks as Wall Street ups their estimates on the stock and comes to the same company. This should lead to more profit growth at Taiwan Semiconductor that Wall Street is still behind on adding to their models for the company.</p> <p>2.) TSM&#8217;s CEO recently met with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang and reportedly received his blessing on raising prices. Here&#8217;s what C.C. Wei had to say:</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><em>&#8220;I did complain to Nvidia&#8217;s CEO Jensen Huang &#8212; the &#8216;three trillion guy&#8217; &#8212; that his products are so expensive. I think those products are really valuable for sure, but I am thinking about showing our values as well.&#8221;</em></p> <p>3.) Reports that Taiwan Semi&#8217;s main rival Samsung is having problems ramping cutting-edge semiconductor nodes speak well to Taiwan Semi&#8217;s ability to raise prices <em>and </em>competitive positioning at a time AI is leading to booming demand for advanced chips.</p> <p>Add it all up and my <em>very strong suspicion</em> is that Wall Street is currently underestimating Taiwan Semiconductor&#8217;s profits for the next 12-18 months. As they raise these estimates its stock should continue to gain.</p> <p>Taiwan Semiconductor currently trades for 18.7X 2025 earnings. If Wall Street estimates continue rising, that number could drop to 16X or 17X next year&#8217;s earnings. That&#8217;s cheaper than the S&amp;P 500 average, for one of the most dominant companies in AI.</p> <p><em>Not bad at all. </em></p> <h3>Want Our Top Coverage on AI News? Check Out These Recent Articles</h3> <ul> <li><a href="">The Math on Why NVIDIA Could Become a $4 Trillion Company </a></li> <li><a href="">Why Micron is Leading the #1 AI Growth Market </a></li> <li><a href="">2 AI Stocks that Could See Faster Growth than NVIDIA</a></li> <li><a href="">The Battle Between NVIDIA and Broadcom </a></li> <li><a href="">3 &#8220;No Brainer&#8221; AI Stocks to Buy </a></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div class='fwpPitch' data-site='247wallst' data-link='' data-campaign-name='retire_easy_dividends' data-utm-source='247wallst' data-utm-campaign='retire_easy_dividends' data-utm-term='247wallst'> <h2>The Easy Way To Retire Early</h2> <p>You can retire early from the lottery, luck, or loving family member who leaves you a fortune.</p> <p>But for the rest of us, there are dividends. While everyone chases big name dividend kings, they&rsquo;re missing the real royalty: <a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|3-ai-stocks-to-buy-if-you-missed-nvidias-post-split-rally|1408059&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">dividend legends.</a></p> <p><a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|3-ai-stocks-to-buy-if-you-missed-nvidias-post-split-rally|1408059&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">It&rsquo;s a rare class of overlooked income machines that you could buy and hold &ndash; forever.</a></p> <p><a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|3-ai-stocks-to-buy-if-you-missed-nvidias-post-split-rally|1408059&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">Click here now to see two that could help you retire early</a>, without any luck required.</p> </div> <p>The post <a href="">3 AI Stocks to Buy If You Missed NVIDIA&#8217;s Post-Split Rally</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> Investing Technology Eric Bleeker The growing case to embed climate risk in finance teaching - Financial Markets News urn:uuid:13c3bf0e-3271-6bb6-7d12-d3c2e43af4d1 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 13:00:08 -0400 Four leading finance professors discuss best practice, successful innovations, and important concepts and themes AI in finance is like ‘moving from typewriters to word processors’ - IT urn:uuid:6c3927f3-1b34-284f-0bee-a68f3ae872a1 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 13:00:08 -0400 Tools are set to make some skills redundant and free up time for more value-added tasks ‘Inside Out 2’ Returns Pixar to Box Office Heights NYT > Business Day urn:uuid:358d4205-5bf1-09ab-a74b-fb0a1435b97b Sun, 16 Jun 2024 11:51:25 -0400 The sequel was expected to collect at least $155 million in the United States and Canada over the weekend, about 70 percent more than anticipated. Animated Films Box Office Sales Video Recordings, Downloads and Streaming Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Walt Disney Company Pixar Animation Studios Brooks Barnes Elon Musk defies gravity - IT urn:uuid:f075b9b4-b65d-52b0-fa7d-ed253e6eb0be Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:46:41 -0400 Tesla shareholders back his pay deal, but he should not overplay his hand ‘I’m not experienced with this amount of money’: I’m about to inherit $850,000. What should I do with my windfall? - Top Stories – Sponsored by: CyberTrader urn:uuid:8ef45290-7338-6734-5e04-960de4515833 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:29:00 -0400 ‘I make about $100,000 annually, and I have $50,000 in savings and stocks.” Quentin Fottrell MarketWatch photo illustration/iStockphoto ‘I have worked myself into a sad state of health’: I sold my business for $130,000. Should I pay off my mortgage with a 7.3% interest rate? - Top Stories – Sponsored by: CyberTrader urn:uuid:6dc1a1d9-75c5-a221-5211-1dfb8a54ea7d Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:27:00 -0400 “It may not seem like a lot of money to most people, but this is the first time in my life I am not living paycheck to paycheck.” Quentin Fottrell Getty Images Campaigning parties should tell the truth about debt servicing - Financial Markets News urn:uuid:a4c38ee5-acdc-18b6-4615-cdfa6a4667f3 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:23:55 -0400 Nations face a string of challenges requiring government action — this is top of the list I met a woman on Hinge who says she wants a man who believes in ‘chivalry.’ Is this just code for a free meal? - Top Stories – Sponsored by: CyberTrader urn:uuid:42ff597a-2116-bfc3-5a2b-49fa0c2dfdf0 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 10:10:00 -0400 “She said her ideal date was a man who would give her a choice of three restaurants and take charge of the date.” Quentin Fottrell Getty Images/iStockphoto This American City Is &#8220;Impossibly Unaffordable&#8221; 24/7 Wall St. urn:uuid:1600f539-bb6e-a948-e8f3-12132505f060 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 07:56:15 -0400 <p>The Demographic International Housing Affordability Report examines home prices worldwide. Its metrics indicate that some are “impossibly unaffordable.” Several US cities make the list, led by San Jose, which is also on several other lists of places where housing prices are highest in America. The median price-to-income ratio is the metric to pick “impossibly unaffordable” [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a href="">This American City Is &#8220;Impossibly Unaffordable&#8221;</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> <p>The Demographic International Housing Affordability Report examines home prices worldwide. Its metrics indicate that some are “impossibly unaffordable.” Several US cities make the list, led by San Jose, which is also on several other lists of places where housing prices are highest in America.</p> <p>The median price-to-income ratio is the metric to pick “impossibly unaffordable” cities, which the authors call “median multiple.” Researchers looked at every developed country&#8217;s market worldwide. The US had five of the top 10, followed by Australia, which had three.</p> <p>The US also had several of the most affordable cities. The authors wrote, “ In the US, the most affordable market was Pittsburgh (PA), with a median multiple of 3.1, followed closely by Rochester (NY) and St. Louis (MO-IL) at 3.4, with Cleveland (OH) at 3.5.”</p> <p>At the high end, San Jose’s multiple was 11.9. It was followed by Los Angeles at 10.9, San Francisco at 9.7, and San Diego at 9.1. Honolulu, Miami, and New York were also near the top of the list. <a href="">This city has the most expensive homes.</a></p> <p>The findings are not surprising. The National Association of Realtors releases a quarterly list of median sales prices by city. Last quarter, San Jose topped the list at $1.84 million. It was followed by Anaheim (part of LA) at $1.35, San Francisco at $1.3, and Honolulu at $1.09. These cities are “probably affordable” for only the rich.</p> <div class='fwpPitch' data-site='247wallst' data-link='' data-campaign-name='buffett_dividends' data-utm-source='247wallst' data-utm-campaign='buffett_dividends' data-utm-term='247wallst'> <h2>Buffett Missed These Two&hellip;</h2> <p>Warren Buffett loves dividend stocks, and has stuffed Berkshire with some of his favorites.</p> <p>But he overlooked two <a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|this-american-city-is-impossibly-unaffordable|1408242&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">dividend legends</a> that continue to print checks on a new level, they’re nowhere in his portfolio.</p> <p><a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|this-american-city-is-impossibly-unaffordable|1408242&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">Unlock the two dividend legends Buffett missed in this new free report.</a></p> </div> <p>The post <a href="">This American City Is &#8220;Impossibly Unaffordable&#8221;</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> Housing Douglas A. McIntyre Disney Shareholders Continue To Suffer 24/7 Wall St. urn:uuid:88ea1b36-974e-b07f-e8b7-787833b050a0 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 06:25:36 -0400 <p>A look at the Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS) stock chart shows how long investors have suffered. The shares trade below the S&#38;P 500 year to date, for the last year, and for the most recent two-year period. Despite a very few bright spots, CEO Bob Iger has been unable to pull Disney’s dismal results [&#8230;]</p> <p>The post <a href="">Disney Shareholders Continue To Suffer</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> <p>A look at the Walt Disney Co (<a href="">NYSE: DIS)</a> stock chart shows how long investors have suffered. The shares trade below the S&amp;P 500 year to date, for the last year, and for the most recent two-year period. Despite a very few bright spots, CEO Bob Iger has been unable to pull Disney’s dismal results out of their tailspin.</p> <p>Iger was challenged by raider Nelson Peltz, who fought the Disney board for two seats. The board won, but investors might wish the proxy vote had gone another way. Peltz says he walked <a href="">away with a $1 billion profit</a> on the stock he bought to make the challenge. Disney also posted poor earnings just after Peltz ended his challenge.</p> <p>Peltz&#8217;s attacks on Disney had some merit. Disney’s streaming business has lost billions of dollars since its launch in 2019. This improved in the last quarter, but its subscriber base remains smaller than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are also almost another dozen services that compete with it. All suffer from what is known as “churn,” which means that people cancel, go to another service, and sometimes return. Each subscriber who leaves has to be replaced.</p> <p>Disney also spends billions of dollars a year on feature movie production. Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm were hit machines. Recently, the interest of once loyal filmgoers has cooled.</p> <p>For years, Disney’s revenue and earnings have been based on the theme parks. In its latest earnings release, management said it expected strong financial results to slow. Part of the reason was wage inflation. Another issue was that Americans&#8217; travel had slowed. A recent report by Yahoo says that theme park prices are up 5,000% in the last 50 years.</p> <p>Perhaps the toughest news for investors is that none of Disney&#8217;s problems is likely to improve much soon.</p> <div class='fwpPitch' data-site='247wallst' data-link='' data-campaign-name='buffett_dividends' data-utm-source='247wallst' data-utm-campaign='buffett_dividends' data-utm-term='247wallst'> <h2>Buffett Missed These Two&hellip;</h2> <p>Warren Buffett loves dividend stocks, and has stuffed Berkshire with some of his favorites.</p> <p>But he overlooked two <a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|disney-shareholders-continue-to-suffer|1408240&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">dividend legends</a> that continue to print checks on a new level, they’re nowhere in his portfolio.</p> <p><a href=";utm_source=247wallst&amp;utm_content=desktop|disney-shareholders-continue-to-suffer|1408240&amp;utm_term=247wallst&amp;utm_medium=eoaCTALinkDefault">Unlock the two dividend legends Buffett missed in this new free report.</a></p> </div> <p>The post <a href="">Disney Shareholders Continue To Suffer</a> appeared first on <a href="">24/7 Wall St.</a>.</p> Investing Douglas A. McIntyre US executive pay rises at fastest rate in 14 years - Financial Markets News urn:uuid:237d9628-b601-db62-fad7-471c81041171 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 06:00:07 -0400 Figures follow Elon Musk’s triumph over record $56bn Tesla package Will Lewis Is Said to Have Used Stolen Records as Editor in U.K. NYT > Business Day urn:uuid:0d1fbc11-d158-5bee-4a5d-1e109126eab0 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:43:28 -0400 Years before becoming The Post’s publisher, Will Lewis assigned an article based on stolen phone records, a former reporter said. Lewis, William (1969- ) Winnett, Robert Washington Post Newspapers News and News Media Wiretapping and Other Eavesdropping Devices and Methods Detectives (Private) Media Ethics and Official Misconduct Sunday Times (British Newspaper) Great Britain Justin Scheck and Jo Becker In a Digital Age, High-End Outdoors Magazines Are Thriving in Print NYT > Business Day urn:uuid:2bd5d564-fe16-2a40-f35d-44fb8342ad55 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:02:12 -0400 Titles like Adventure Journal, Mountain Gazette, Summit Journal and Ori are aimed at “people who just don’t want to be on their phones anymore.” Magazines Writing and Writers Content Type: Personal Profile Mountaineering Surfing Skiing Architectural Digest Bitter Southerner, The (Magazine) National Geographic Adventure Surfer (Magazine) Orange County (Calif) John Branch The most recent copy of Adventure Journal works its way up to a conveyor belt. The magazine is part of a burst of small-batch, independent outdoors magazines that are finding analog success. Gabriella Angotti-Jones for The New York Times Coming to a City Near You: A Cricket Stadium? NYT > Business Day urn:uuid:61955b36-50a4-abaf-bd04-5fd8d713a629 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:01:45 -0400 Backers of the sport are negotiating leases and approvals for venues across the United States. Real Estate (Commercial) Stadiums and Arenas Cricket (Game) Athletics and Sports United States Patrick Sisson and Desiree Rios China’s Lust for Durian Is Creating Fortunes in Southeast Asia NYT > Business Day urn:uuid:79ea769a-d1e1-aa34-39e4-6fae53777fb8 Sun, 16 Jun 2024 05:01:45 -0400 Demand for the fruit, known for its rich taste and intense smell, has reshaped parts of Southeast Asia, where it has long been a staple. Protectionism (Trade) International Trade and World Market Politics and Government Agriculture and Farming International Relations Economic Conditions and Trends Consumer Behavior Freight (Cargo) Bangkok (Thailand) China Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Thailand vis-photo Thomas Fuller and Gabriela Bhaskar Durian is to fruit what truffles are to mushrooms: Pound for pound, the fruit has become one of the most expensive on the planet. 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