Danish review of Feed Digest

Anyone speak Danish? Could you translate a seemingly good review of FeedDigest in Danish for me? The writer links to some interesting examples, particularly this page which appears to be powered by a FeedDigest RSS feed.


  1. I’d be happy to…will try to do it this evening, but please let me know if it’s already been done!

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  2. Petter Næss:

    Here’s a translation of the Danish article…I leave it to you to add the links. Cheers, PN

    Make your own alert-service

    Feed Digest is a service that can combine several different feeds into one. This means that you can splice your favorite feeds into a single feed and read them all at once in your newsreader.

    But Feed Digest can do more! You can also search for specific words and phrases in the combined feed and in this way filter for feed items that contain the chosen word.

    For example, one could splice together business news feeds from various news sources and filter for the word “TDC” to get a list of news items that discuss TDC.

    In addition to filtering items you can also remove duplicates in Feed Digest, so that the same news story is displayed only once if it occurs several times with the same title or url.

    I’ve made an example where I have taken feeds from each of the newssearch services Yahoo, MSN and Eniro, using the search term “bibliotek” (library), and spliced them together using Feed Digest. Furthermore, I’ve instructed Feed Digest to remove duplicates from the feeds. In this way I can monitor, via my newsreader, what many of the daily news sources are writing about libraries.

    I’ve added this new combined feed to Bibfeed, so that news is now presented alongside the many blog entries from various library blogs.

    The free version (of Feed Digest) allows you to make up to 5 combined feeds (digests) containing up to 3 feeds each, otherwise you need to upgrade to the commercial version.

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  3. Excellent, many thanks Petter!

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